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Sam Mendes’s Revolutionary Road is a film set in the 1950’s and decidedly so, but that is just happenstance because the story it tells could happen anywhere, in any time period. The setting, though elaborately, meticulously and unobtrusively staged, is just the gilding on this suburban tragedy of restlessness, shaky ideals and marriage at levels of disintegration that prove combustible. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet join forces again as Frank and April Wheeler, a seemingly harmonious white picket fence family who have achieved the American Dream. Cute little house in a sunny neighbourhood, two adorable , he has a rat race office job while she plays homemaker. Idyllic, right? Anything but. These two are monumentally unhappy in ways that prove complex enough to haunt the viewer later on. She’s unwilling to hammer down that last corner of settled life and give up on further dreams, he simultaneously hates and depends on his worker bee employment like a security blanket. They make plans. Life, and the both of them get in the way. It’s kind of a vague premise to just read about in a review or synopsis and you have to watch the thing to get its rhythm and timbre, but what it has to say is important, heartbreaking and timeless. Leo and Kate follow up their sweet, innocent tragedy of Titanic with a love story eons removed, a bitter tale of two people who’d love each other if they didn’t hate each other so much, and hate each other if they didn’t love each other so much. It’s a tricky, multilayered pair of performances to nail in tandem but they’re there in synergistic equilibrium and both give what might be their finest work. Suburbia is populated by supporting characters who revolve around them cautiously but never get fully sucked in to their destructive orbit. They’re played by the sterling likes of Kathy Bates, David Harbour, Kathryn Hahn, Dylan Baker, Jay O. Sanders, Max Baker and Michael Shannon in a fierce cameo as a sort of Greek Chorus type individual who comments on this couple’s plight with acidic abandon. Mendes chooses locations over a soundstage which is always tricky, but the level of authenticity you get once that is pulled off

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Sábados dos filmes Originais netflix / netflixbrasil Filme de Hoje | Estrada Sem Lei(The Highwaymen) Frank Hamer (Kevin Costner) e Maney Gault (Woody Harrelson) são dois policiais aposentados quando Bonnie e Clyde começam sua onda de assaltos e assassinatos. Porém, quando o FBI se mostra incapaz de capturar os bandidos, eles são recrutados como investigadores especiais para resolver o caso. Direção:John Lee Hancock Roteiro:John Fusco Elenco:Kevin Costner,Woody Harrelson e Kathy Bates Música: Thomas Newman Gênero: Drama Duração:132 minutos Classificação indicativa:14 anos Lançamento:10 de março de 2019

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Well this was a bit of a moment 🤯 Was lucky enough to meet one of my all time musical heroes and inspirations tonight. Film composing legend and all round delightful chap Thomas Newman. He was incredibly kind and I felt very fortunate that I was able to tell him how a few particular scores of his really shaped my own musical journey. It was gratifying to know those films were as enjoyable for him musically, as they were for me as a listener thomasnewman filmcomposer composerlife whatatreat meetyourheroes lalife photography musicians musicproducer orchestral legend musicroyalty music

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Such a pleasure to meet with one of my most admiring film composers Thomas Newman tonight A true legend who created so many beautiful scores in the film history. Thanks for sharing all the thoughts and experiences which keep inspiring me as a filmmaker. • • • thomasnewman filmscore composition scoring music film

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Mi escena favorita. Ante la perspectiva de una muerte segura, el arrepentimiento surge no para obtener el perdón de los vivos, sino el descanso eterno. El miedo a lo desconocido, a no saber qué hay después, solo le deja con la esperanza de que se asemeje a la mejor época de su vida; antes de los crímenes y la desgracia. La intimidad de la conversación, con Arlen Bitterbuck buscando consuelo en un Paul Edgecomb que sabe bien que solo puede ofrecerle su compañía, en la oscuridad de la celda y con la hermosa música de Thomas Newman conduciéndote al desgarro emocional, me mata Porque esta película no trata sobre castigos, sino de perdones y redención thegreenmile lamillaverde milagrosinesperados tomhanks stephenking frankdarabont movie cine thomasnewman moviestowatch movieclip movies drama actor cinema

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🎶 “The Inside Out” - Thomas Newman (Cinderella Man) 🎶 🎹

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Watched thehighwaymen over the weekend and it was the best Netflix film I've seen. And the soundtrack 😍 thomasnewman

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Late night music thoughts: the first seven notes of this track stop my heart every time. I’ve been a loyal fan of Thomas Newman since the infamous plastic bag scene in American Beauty, but he breaks most of his very predictable patterns for the first 17 seconds of this piece and it’s my favorite thing he’s ever written.

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🎶 “Voice Of God” - Thomas Newman (The Horse Whisperer) 🎶 🎹

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Kämpar vidare i London! 🏃🏻🏭 Closed 10th of april until 30th of april due to a shopping trip! Stänger butiken mellan 10/4-30/4 pga inköpsresa. ☀️ 👉🏻 🆘 We are in urgent need of used vinyl! Vinylskivor köpes! 📞Hör gärna av er till oss om ni har något till försäljning. 💰Mycket bra betalt för rariteter. ✉️Please contact us at anidealforliving if you have anything for sale. vinylskivor köpes bäst betalt vinyl travel traveller soundtrack london thomasnewman skyfall jamesbond vinyljunkie hackney recordfair vinylporn vinylcollector recordshop records vintage midcentury design antiques photo photooftheday stockholm anidealforlivingsthlmab

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The plastic bag scene American Beauty (1999) It was just one of those days It’s a minute away from snowing And there was this electricity in the air You could almost hear it And this bag was just Dancing with me Like a little kid begging me to play with it for 15 minutes That’s the day I realised there is this Entire life behind things And this incredibly benevolent force That wanted me to know that there is no reason to be afraid Never The video is a poor excuse I know But it helps me remember I need to remember Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world I feel I can’t take it And my heart is just going to cave in americanbeauty plasticbagscene serendipity cinema sammendes wesbentley beauty youarenotalone poetry poetryofinstagram greatmovies inspiration hope thomasnewman chrisdouridas michaelostin piano

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This was an incredible night brighton_dome ! A nice Christmas present to my stunning wife eperrott_ just for being so amazing 😊 the amazing thenovelloorchestra bought our favourite films to life with magical and thunderous style! Thank you to the orchestra and their conductor for a beautiful evening ❤️ disney pixar buzzlightyear woody toystory theincredibles coco UP toystory3 cars lightningmcqueen theincredibles2 findingnemo findingdory monstersinc monstersuniversity ratatouille randynewman michaelgiacchino thomasnewman

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My new poster print has been a long labor of love - I love film scores and I’m so excited to bring all the other film music fans out there a cool piece of art that could go in any office, music room or studio! Now available on my Etsy shop linkinbio - a black & white, minimalist, field guide approach to some of the most well known, influential or just plain cool film composers out there! Available in 11" x 17”and shipping next week! I hope you love it as much as I do! ❤️🎼🎬 filmmusic filmcomposer filmscoring filmscore musicforfilm soundtrack hanszimmer johnwilliams thomasnewman jameshorner bernardherrmann elmerbernstein jerrygoldsmith jamesnewtonhoward rachelportman alansilvestri alfrednewman enniomorricone moviescore moviemusic artprint composer happyplace hanszimmer james_newtonhoward alan.silvestri_music

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To the infinity and beyond Lord Vader!💫

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Película: Cinderella Man: El hombre que no se dejó tumbar mi puntuación: 6'5 año: 2005 país: Estados Unidos director: Ron Howard Guionista: Cliff Hollingsworth, Akiva Goldsman (Historia: Cliff Hollingsworth) Música: Thomas Newman Fotografía: Salvatore Totino reparto: Russell Crowe, Renée Zellweger, Paul Giamatti, Paddy Considine y Bruce McGill género: Drama Duración: 144 min opinión: Cinderella Man es una buena película, llena de corrección y aroma clásico. Pero también es un film fácil y complaciente. Sinopsis: Basada en una historia real. Después de haberse retirado del boxeo, James J. Braddock decidió volver al cuadrilátero, en la época de la Gran Depresión, para poder alimentar a su familia. No era un boxeador con talento, pero su coraje, sacrificio y dignidad lo llevaron hasta la cumbre. Película CinderellaMan Elhombrequenosedejótumbar 2005 EstadosUnidos RonHoward CliffHollingsworth AkivaGoldsman CliffHollingsworth ThomasNewman SalvatoreTotino RussellCrowe RenéeZellweger PaulGiamatti PaddyConsidine BruceMcGill Drama Deporte  Boxeo  Pobreza GranDepresión  Basadoenhechosreales Biográfico

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Clyde Barrow (“Bonnie & Clyde”) was a frustrated saxophone player. 😯🎷 I just watched The Highwaymen, a movie about the men who ended B&C’s murderous run. I knew within the first minute I was going to enjoy it because I recognized the musical fingerprint of my favorite composer, Thomas Newman. His music elevates everything it ever accompanies. I recommend headphones for the best experience. There’s a scene in the last 30 minutes where Newman employs a device he’s mastered: you’ll hear a single sustained pitch in the strings which he moves the harmony around to wonderful dramatic effect (begins with Kevin Costner shaving; ends with him in a rocking chair). I literally feel the molecules in my body being rearranged during it. Costner and Woody Harrelson are great together and really drew me in. Moral of the story: we saxophonists need to keep our frustrations in check. ;) saxophone sax netflix highwaymen thomasnewman bonnieandclyde kevincostner woodyharrelson

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Brothers (2009) 🎬 JimSheridan 🎼 ThomasNewman ✂️ JayCassidy 📷 FrederickElmes Because of NationalSiblingsDay I wanted to talk about two films in particular. My two choices are kinda befitting and kinda silly, but whatever. I’ve never been the biggest TobeyMaguire fan, didn’t care for him as Spider-Man, but he is the shining star in this movie. I might be confused about how it works, but does the military just assume the Marine is dead upon the event of a helicopter crash every time?? *shrugs* It is tragic that Sam has to be unliked by his own due to the fact that he has to serve his country, but I never until now thought about how serving can affect the families of a soldier. An adult such as Grace or Tommy will understand the importance of Sam’s duty, but can’t understand or won’t. Even though Isabelle and Maggie were happy to discover he’s alive. Maybe they will rekindle their relationship in the future. Even though Tommy means well, it’s easy to blame him to me in the sense that when he was under the impression his brother was killed in action, we wouldn’t have at the time considered how wrong it is to have feelings for his late brother’s widowed wife. The movie itself, slow, but short, weird-ish music choices, but good performances, especially Tobey. A fine film, but not necessarily re-watchable. JakeGyllenhaal NataliePortman SamShepard BaileeMadison CareyMulligan TaylorGeare MareWinningham EthanSuplee JennyWade Film Movie Family Drama War Winter 👗 DurindaWood

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highwaymen explores the legend of infamous criminals (& serial murderers) Bonnie & Clyde through the eyes of those tasked with tracking them down, 2 ex-Texas Rangers as played by kevincostner & woodyharrelson, directed by johnleehancock of savingmrbanks & thefounder proves the perfect fit for such material, his elegiac way of telling a story allows for the tale of the lawmen to unfold in such a way that we get to know these men, the moral complexities they face & perhaps most importantly it is a film that seeks to make legends out of the “good guys” as opposed to the usual position adaptations exploring Bonnie & Clyde usually take, making icons of 2 people that were essentially cold-blooded killers despite the Robin Hood-esque visage they came to be seen as in the eyes of many. Costner is the perfect fit for this kind of thing, he brings great gravitas to a role that could quite easily be viewed as a more weathered take on his theuntouchables version of Elliotness . Stoic, driven & blunt to a fault, he is an actor made to play lawmen with with one foot in the qualities of the Sheriff’s of old, the likes of Wyatt Earp or any number of cowboys that Coster has portrayed over the years give his take on frankhamer a weathered & well0worn feel, it’s a depth to a character that cannot be manufactured, like clinteastwood before him Costner embodies the spirit of these kind of characters. Opposingly Harrelson’s manlygault is everything Hamer isn’t, personable, good-natured & (on the surface at least) far more easy going, as a partnership theirs works well, complementing one-another brilliantly makes for some very funny banter the break the often shocking massacres carried out by the outlaws, it’s natural & in Costner & Harrelson Hancock has hit upon a winning formula, one which carries the film. Highwayman is not what you would call “pacey”, it embraces an old-fashioned way of story telling where character comes first & action second, there are a clutch of thrilling moments & the final shootout is very tense but as with the rest of the film it is dealt with in a very matter-of-fact way, these are simply cops & robbers at the basest level, no more no less.

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stephenking thegreenmile johncoffey green mile yeşilyol yeşil yol yasil john coffey greenmile stephenkingbooks tomhanks music thomasnewman stephenedwinking Özet ve DetaylarBir hapishane görevlisi ile bir mahkumun öyküsünü anlatıyor. Paul Edgecomb'un hapishanedeki görevi, idama mahkum edilen mahkumları son yolculuklarına uğurlamaktır. Çalıştığı yıllar içerisinde yüzlerce mahkumu idam etmiştir. Bir gün John Coffey isimli korkutucu görünümlü bir adamla tanışır. Ancak Coffey'in bu ürkütücü görünümünün altında oldukça saf bir ruh yatmaktadır. Coffey, iki küçük kız çocuğunun katil davasında yargılanmaktadır. Coffey'in günden güne gün yüzüne çıkan dünya ötesi güçleri, karakteri hakkında yeni ipuçlarını anbean ortaya çıkaracaktır.

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"Зелёная миля" (1999) Фрэнка Дарабонта по одноимённому роману Стивена Кинга с Томом Хэнксом в главных ролях это фэнтезийная драма во времена сухого закона. Очередная экранизация тюремных фантазий Кинга, только теперь с элементами сверхъестестаенными способностями второстепенного персонажа. Пол Эджкомб - начальник блока смертников в тюрьме <Холодная гора>, где каждого узника ждёт электрический стул. Он видел очень много заключённых и надзирателей за время работы, но один, стал самым необычным, который поменял жизнь всех в этом блоке. Я смотрел этот фильм два раза, в первый раз я в него просто влюбился. Прошло время, я пересмотрел, и заметил пару моментов, которые оттолкнули можно сказать любовь к этому произведению и вытеснели из личного топа, теперь уж раз и навсегда. Нет, я не очерняю фильм, он хорош, местами даже очень. Актерская игра, состав, и атмосфера, вот что делает этот фильм сильным, но излишняя затянутость и порой чрезмерная сентиментальность раздражала при перепросмотре. Из актёров выделяются: естественно это Том Хэнкс своим шармом и обоянием, Майкл Кларк Дункан своей робостью и Сэм Рокуэлл своим безумством во взгляде. Личная оценка: 8,0/10; Мировой рейтинг: 1) Metacritic: 61/100 на основании 36 кинокритиков; 2) rottentomatoes: 79% свежести на основании 133 рецензентов; 3) imdb: 8,6/10 (1 000 026) на 30 месте в топ 250 лучших фильмов по версии сайта; 4) kinopoisk: 9,062/10 (466 933) на 2 месте в топ 250 лучших фильмов по версии сайта; thegreenmile stephenking frankdarabont thomasnewman stephenking tomhanks davidmorse bonniehunt michaelclarkeduncan jamescromwell samrockwell barrypepper crime drama fantasy mystery криминал драма фэнтези детектив repost репост review рецензия unitedstatesofamerica cinemaindustry movie film cinema кино фильм

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Probably the most romantic scene I've ever seen in my life, who would have thought that 2 lovely robots can express and transmit deep emotions and feelings. This beautiful moment from Pixar's WALL•E is accompanied by the wonderful "Define Dancing" score, composed by the extraordinary Thomas Newman. This shows how outstanding and magic is Pixar when it comes to storytelling 👻 I really needed to share this 🤖 WallE Eve Love Space ScienceFiction Spaceship Pixar ToyStory Coco Incredibles2 DefineDancing Emeryville SanFrancisco California DisneyPixar Adventure Disney Animation CGI Loving Robot California Quito Ecuador ToyCollector Geek D23 PopCulture Soundtrack ThomasNewman