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A movie that has received critical appraisal and reputation of being one of the greatest movies, which became a phenomenon once it was out of the theatre finding its audience, The Shawshank Redemption is a 1994 American drama film written and directed by Frank Darabont, based on the 1982 Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. A story of prisoners trapped behind the walls of the prison while the world keeps moving on, it is story of continuity of life, friendship and hope. The movie’s opening scene shows Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne, a businessman who is convicted sentenced for two consecutive life sentences on charge of murdering his wife and her lover. Though he is the hero of the film the focus immediately shifts on the life of other prisoners at the Shawshank State Penitentiary whereby the story is never told or seen from his view point. Many movies can invoke our emotions but this is special as it engulfs us in a manner where we are a part of this community of prisoners living every bit of their life and struggles. Morgan Freeman as Ellis Redding whose parole hearing scene conveys more than his dialogues, setting the premise. It’s through his narration that every viewer and listener gets more than just a glimpse of the life shown on the screen. Andy’s character is seen as viewed by others and opinions formed by them not allowing us to know what he thinks. It’s about how we sympathise with him and keep asking ourselves was he innocent in the true sense of innocence or just like other prisoners who also claimed to be innocent. This redemption is not about its hero who is the redeemer, which makes it unconventional. It sees life objectively whether its prison torture or morsels of joy. It is slow and absorbing but does not unnecessarily linger at any points. A movie where right from casting, dialogues, screenplay, music, cinematography and everything else is just perfect. Its a prison story that can’t be recreated. Credits: Shama Mahajan ( shamam2412 ) shawshankredemption frankdarabont stephenking ritahayworth timrobbins morganfreeman castlerockentertainment columbiapictures thomasnewman nikimarvin drama mystery

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saturdayvinylsoundtrack: "The Lost Boys" Year: 1987. Directed by Joel Schumacher. Scored by Thomas Newman. The quintessential 80's summer movie with 2 Coreys, a Sutherland, a Patric and The Gertz. * wiki says: * Thomas Newman wrote the original score as an eerie blend of orchestra and organ arrangements, while the music soundtrack contains a number of notable songs and several covers, including "Good Times", a duet between INXS and former Cold Chisel lead singer Jimmy Barnes which reached No. 2 on the Australian charts in early 1987. This cover version of a 1960s Australian hit by the Easybeats was originally recorded to promote the Australian Made tour of Australia in early 1987, headlined by INXS and Barnes. * Tim Cappello's cover of The Call's "I Still Believe" was featured in the film as well as on the soundtrack. Cappello makes a small cameo appearance in the movie playing the song at the Santa Cruz boardwalk, with his saxophone and bodybuilder muscles on display. thelostboys thelostboyssoundtrack coreyfeldman coreyhaim jasonpatric kiefersutherland thomasnewman joelschumacher timcappello 80smovie recordcollector vinylsoundtrack soundtrackvinyl soundtrack filmscore vinylcollection vinyllovers instavinyl vinyljunkies vinylrecords recordcollector vinyloftheday vinylcommunity vinylrecords vinyladdict vinylporn vinyljunkie vinyle vinylgeek

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What cool things are you doing in October? Experience a soundtrack for healing trauma. Link in bio. I don't make a particular distinction between high art and low art. Music is there for everybody. It's a river we can all put our cups into and drink it and be sustained by it – John Williams The experience of a film is immersive, and music is supposed to underline and help that experience – Thomas Newman My main language is music, and my teacher is nature - Vangelis vangelis.reve

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REVENGE OF THE NERDS was released 35 years ago today! Fox's classic underdog comedy gained near cult status with the rise of nerd/tech culture in the '80s and '90s, though it's been less popular of late as audiences slowly realized that the titular nerds commit multiple sex crimes (masked seduction, cameras hidden in a sorority and selling the footage) in their rivalry with college jocks. But then again, that was pretty common in the '80s T&A subgenre. And this is one of the better written ones in which one archetype successfully turns the tables on another, so there's still a lot of mostly good-natured fun to be had here. The great cast, led by Robert Carradine and future ER doc Anthony Edwards, give us not only a bunch of memorable and distinct characters - a genre rarity outside of stone-cold classics like Animal House (Booger 4 life!) - but a refreshingly diverse bunch at that. But as far as those cringier moments go, nerd controlled corporate culture has turned out to have its share of problems, so maybe this movie was being eerily prophetic? revengeofthenerds robertcarradine anthonyedwards curtisarmstrong tedmcginley timothybusfield larrybscott andrewcassese briantochi michellemeyrink juliemontgomery donaldgibb jamescromwell berniecasey johngoodman universityofarizona jeffkanew thomasnewman comedy 20thcenturyfox

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I recorded this track with drama fantasy movies in mind. I’ve always loved the film scores like “Edward Scissorhands” and “ a Series of Unfortunate Events”. The coolest thing about writing this one was incorporating a trap beat and a guitar solo with cinematic elements. I hope to License this one soon. Let me know if you want to hear the full version soon! Just slap that like button aseriesofunfortunateevents dramafantasy fantasydrama darkmusic cellos cinematicstrings backgroundmusic guitarsolo trapbeat trapbeats drums musicproduction musicsupervisor instrumentalmusic instrumentalhiphop juliancasablancas musiccomposition composer videoediting edwardscissorhands thomasnewman dannyelfman

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In my writing process, I always need a playlist, something that creates a tone or mood that I want to capture. These five film composers are my go-to’s. Each of their compositions have the power to bring me into a mindset, and they’ve never let me down. Are playlists part of your process also? film composer music orchestra thomasnewman alexandredesplat hanszimmer johnwilliams michaelgiacchino roadtoperdition zerodarkthirty dunkirk starwars theempirestrikesback pixar up cinematography writing process mindset screenwritersofinstagram filmmaker writerslife screenwriter oscarwinner nominees mood christophernolan kathrynbigelow lucasfilm

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I’m a fan of John Newmans work so I could not leave this one be. The Netflix movie “The Highwaymen” follows the untold story of the legendary detectives who brought down Bonnie and Clyde and Newman composed the score. The limited edition of 500 numbered copies are pressed on “Blood Red” (transparent red) vinyl

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One of the great things about being a Bond fan is the community and the friendships that are made over a mutual love of agent 007. Without doubt qthemusicshow are the best Bond band out there and they need our support, so if you can, and you want to, then why not join their Patreon scheme to gain exclusive content each month and help ‘keep the spotlight on the world’s leading James Bond concert’ - Support, Receive, Bond and enjoy, you won’t be disappointed jamesbond 007 jamesbondmusic jamesbondconcert johnbarry georgemartin marvinhamlish billconti michaelkamen ericserra davidarnold thomasnewman danromer concert music filmmusic patreon qthemusic qthemusicshow bondcommunity bondfan bond25

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007 Reporting for Duty SKYFALL IN CONCERT is coming to both Sydney and Melbourne with both the sydneysymphonyorchestra and melbournesymphonyorchestra performing Thomas Newman’s terrific score for SKYFALL this November and April next year in the respective cities. Click on the tags to check out tickets/ pre-sale 007 jamesbond danielcraig skyfall skyfallinconcert bondjamesbond bondmusic filmscores thomasnewman sydneysymphonyorchestra melbournesymphonyorchestra 007reportingforduty

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Daniel Craig returns as 007 on the big screen in 'Skyfall in Concert' 22 - 23 November, 2019 SydneySymphonyOrchestra at the SydneyOperaHouse . Sign up for pre-sale access: 3 - 4 April, 2019 MelbourneSymphonyOrchestra at the ArtsCentreMelbourne . Tickets now available: JamesBond JamesBond007 007 Skyfall SkyfallinConcert SydneySymphonyOrchestra SydneyOperaHouse WhatsonSydney MelbourneSymphonyOrchestra HamerHall MelbourneArtsCentre WhatsonMelbourne DanielCraig JavierBardem JudiDench SamMendes ThomasNewman BondontheBox BondontheBigScreen

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بوی خوش زن ( Scent of a Woman) فیلمی درام به کارگردانی  مارتن_برست و محصول سال ۱۹۹۲ است.این فیلم بازسازی یک فیلم ایتالیایی با همین نام به کارگردانی  دینو_ریسی است. یک دانشجوی کالج به نام چارلز سیمس که برای جبران هزینه تحصیل خود به دنبال کار می‌گردد و سرانجام شغل پرستاری آخر هفته از یک افسر نابینای ارتش آمریکا به نام سرهنگ فرانک اسلید با بازی آل پاچینو را به دست می‌آورد. بازی ماندگار و به یادماندنی  آل_پاچینو در نقش سرهنگ کلنل در این فیلم تمامی جوایز مهم سینمایی از جمله  اسکار و  گلدن_گلوب را برای او در همان سال به ارمغان آورد. نقشی که از آن به عنوان یکی از ماندگارترین نقش آفرینی‌های تاریخ سینما یاد می‌شود. سکانس رقص تانگو آل پاچینو در این فیلم بسیار تمجید شده و معروف است. موسیقی فیلم ساخته توماس_نیومن در justmusicscore رتبه ۸.۳ را کسب کرده است. پ.ن: لحظه دریافت جایزه اسکار آل پاچینو برای بازی در این فیلم که توسط جودی_فاستر اعلام می شه‌ caffeeshno پیشنهاد_فیلم سینما_اشنو بوی_خوش_زن scent_of_a_woman gardel thomasnewman

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🎬✨ The Green Mile ✨8,6 ⭐️ (IMDb) ~ Película dramática del 1999, basada en una historia de Stephen King, cuenta la vida de Paul Edgecomb, un anciano que narra su historia como un oficial del “corredor de la muerte”, en la prisión de Cold Mountain (Luisiana) durante la década de 1930. Entre los presos de este lugar hay uno en particular que cuenta con poderes sobrenaturales, siendo capaz de sanar a personas, entre otros tipos de actos paranormales. Pocas historias me conmovieron tanto cómo esta, mostrándote la crudeza de las prisiones de Estados Unidos en esa época, y de lo polémico que es el tema de la pena de muerte. ~ Recomiendo: si les gusta llorar. Esta película está escrita y dirigida por Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption), cuenta con las actuaciones de Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse, Sam Rockwell y James Cromwell. ✨🎬 thegreenmile lamillaverde tomhanks michaelcduncan davidmorse samrockwell jamescromwell thomasnewman frankdarabont castlerock film films entertainment warnerbros warner universalpictures universal

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007 procreate + oil paint brushes = lethal

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IN THE BEDROOM (2001) Such a masterclass in terms of acting. As for the film in overall, I find the first half quite enjoyable but the rest is a bit too slow and could have been trimmed down. Nevertheless, it's a worth-seeing stuff if you are okay with a darkly tragic story. Thomas Newman's score properly sets the mood and the atmosphere; like a mix of his usual music and sound design. That said, it's too short and thematically weak to be special or worth recognizing. Thereby, this is a kind of score that should only be heard in context and I hardly want to recommend anyone an album. inthebedroom เติมความฝันวันสิ้นรัก thomasnewman sissyspacek tomwilkinson nickstahl marisatomei williammapother

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SKYFALL IN CONCERT will be coming to Sydney Repost sydneysymphonyorchestra ・・・ Just announced! Daniel Craig returns as 007 on the big-screen in SKYFALL in Concert, with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performing composer Thomas Newman’s BAFTA-winning score live to film. 22 & 23 November sydneyoperahouse. Sign up now for presale access! Check out sydneysymphonyorchestra bio 007 jamesbond skyfall skyfallinconcert danielcraig thomasnewman adele filmscores sydneysymphonyorchestra sydneyoperahouse

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This movie just gets me every time. One of my all time favorites. Thomas Newman's score. John Lee Hancock's direction is flawless. I wish to write something this grand. thomasnewman savingmrbanks johnleehancock

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Never heard of this film but saw that Thomas Newman (American Beauty) did the soundtrack so thought I’d give it a listen. I do love a great film score!

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- ➖ Grandes Películas ➖ - ~ THE HELP ~ - ➖ - ~ OCTAVIA SPENCER, VIOLA DAVIS, EMMA STONE, JESSICA CHASTAIN, CICELY TYSON, SISSY SPACEK ~ - ➖ - ~ OCTAVIA SPENCER GANÓ EN EL 2012 EL ÓSCAR Y EL GLOBO DE ORO A LA MEJOR ACTRIZ DE REPARTO ~ - ➖ - ~ “AM I GONNA BELIEVE ALL THEM BAD THINGS THEM FOOLS SAY ABOUT ME TODAY?” ~ ➖ - Título original: The Help Año: 2011 Duración: 146 min País: Estados Unidos Dirección: Tate Taylor Guión: Tate Taylor (Novela: Kathryn Stockett) Música: Thomas Newman Fotografía: Stephen Goldblatt Reparto: Cicely Tyson, Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sissy Spacek, Octavia Spencer, Jessica Chastain - ➖ Suscríbete y deja que te cuente ➖ 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬 ➖ thehelp tatetaylor emmastone violadavis sissyspacek octaviaspencer imagenesquemecuento grandespelículas jessicachastain brycedallashoward kathrynstockett cicelytyson oscars movies guillermofdez guillermofernandezrubio, guillermofernandez cine cineenversiónoriginalsubtitulada VOSE VOS peliculas películasconsubtítulos mejorespelículas mejoresactores mejoresescenas grandes escenas grandesinterpretaciones escenas  thomasnewman

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"Angela's undress" by ThomasNewman from the film "American Beauty" Im dedicating this one to my special friend ❤ littlefilmyfox we watched this film over a month ago and I realised I already had the score in my movie music playlist. I decided I had to learn it. Not perfect but good enough considering I didnt have the sheet music. beautiful music piano sad sweet learn americanbeauty film score moviemusic gopro pianocover piano music pianist cover musician pianomusic pianoplayer instapiano pianocovers pianoforte song pianolessons keyboard coversong pianosolo covers instamusic

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TOLKIEN OST (2019) 🎵 Composed by Thomas Newman 👌 Послушал, оценил и получилось очень даже хорошо, красиво, а главное чувствуется и по музыке в вооброжении представляется что Мистер Толкиен вот вот сотворит шо та, действительно волшебное, Великое, которое затем останется в виде литературного наследия для нас и на века. Как пишут критики и уважаемые люди, его коллеги, последователи: "Толкиен по сути создал новый английский фольклор, ведь до этого у англичан из легенд и мифов были только считанные материалы которые дошли до нас, из них это, истории про "Камелот", "Робин Гуда" и про "Короля Артура", а теперь и фентези рассказы и саги Толкиена дополнили безценный клад англичан. Надеюсь, со временем, выйдет фильм "Сильмариллион" или же экранизируют не изданные, не завершенные материалы, над которыми сейчас работает его сын Кристофер👍 Композитора, Томаса Ньюмана давненько не было слышно, последняя его работа была над "The Highwayman", а вс равно ассоцииоуется он у меня больше с фильмами про Бондиану, агента 007, "Операция: Скайфолл". Фильм "Толкиен", я посмотрю обьязательно, хоть и достаточно хорошо знаком с биографией писателя и со многими интересными фактами, но все же кино нужно посмотреть 🇬🇧 Например, его любовь к лингвистике и филологии, помогла создать экзотичный и красивейший "эльфийский язык". Он со школьными друзьями придумал вымышленный язык, чтобы шифрами общаться в виде игры. Его круг друзей, был очень эрудирован, каждый из них имел свой интерес в определенной сфере, один увлекался поэзией, другой философией и т.д. Они помогали друг другу, вдохновляли и доподняли. Война на него повлияла сильно, что он затем, во вселенной "Средиземья", расположил "Мордор" на терриории фашисткой германии, подразумевая локацию истинного зла, он прекрасно разбирался в географии и картографии, во флоре и фауне т.д. 📖 Толкиен - один из немногих личностей которые меня всегда вдохновляет! Если бы меня попросили назвать 7-ку выдающихся личностей, то я бы назвал: Миядзаки, Стэна Ли, Джорджа Лукаса, Даши Намдакова, Джеймса Хорнера, Леонардо Да Винчи и Жюль Верна. Могу перечислять и до ста дойти) если не остановить меня И каждого обосновал бы, почему и за что

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Âge de 13 ans alfrednewman fut embauché pour jouer dans l’orchestre d’un cinéma qui interprétait des classiques musicaux avant que le film ne commence. Il devient chefdorchestre à 17 ans. Il travaille également à la musique de citylights de charliechaplin . Il deviendra musicaldirector de la 20thcenturyfox en 1939. Il tiendra son poste, assisté de son frère lionelnewman jusqu’à sa retraite en 1960. Ses employés sont bernardherrmann jerrygoldsmith et davidraksin . Il aura fondé une véritable dynastie hollywoodienne avec ses fils davidnewman et thomasnewman premierefr