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कल कुछ ऐसा हुआ जो पहले कभी ना हुआ😍😘🥰🦋 Inspiration_Catch_By 〽️eri 🦋 Inspired By 〽️eri तितली 🦋 yqbaba yqdidi yqhindi yqlove yqdiary yourquote laxm1narayan merititli Read my thoughts on YourQuoteApp yourquote quote stories qotd quoteoftheday wordporn quotestagram wordswag life wordsofwisdom inspirationalquotes inspiration writeaway love thoughts poetry instawriters writersofinstagram writersofig writersofindia igwriters igwritersclub

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Im so sorry I couldnt mean more to you 🍃

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This all the 9th series of The Law of Universe ❤️ 8 Giving first before think about taking. serving and treating people like you want to be served. If you always do that, you will be the happiest person👍👍 👍 Always syncronize your though, talk and action then people will fully respect to YOU 🛐 enjoyinh your soul b'fast of the day💕 HAPPY HOLLY SUNDAY MORNING Y'ALL❤️ universe love live life happy breakfast morning etatips quote quotes qotd quotestoliveby holly sunday thoughts talk action give take treatyoself hospitility spiritual soul souljourney treat soulofspeaking selfblogger spiritualblogger soulblogger lifeisbeautifulwithlove😘😘😘

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Today I was reading on connect. And saw this statement. *Loving your body is not the same thing as liking how it looks. * Thinking on that I wanted to say. Loving our body, what it’s capable of, what it can do and does do for us is definitely not the same as liking how it looks. Do I like how mine looks? No. Overweight, stretched out skin, fine lines and wrinkles. But I do love my body, well I do now. I didn’t always. I do appreciate that I’m no longer bed ridden. Yes I still have immune and kidney issues. Yes there are things I still am not able to do. BUT There are things I do now that I couldn’t a year ago or even six months ago. My heart is strong , my body wakes up every morning. My mind is clear, most days. I have definitely learned how to embrace where I am. Enjoying my journey even if it is slower than some. I’m embracing changes. Learning new ways to enjoy life. I’m more mindful not just about eating. But when I eat, why I eat, what I eat and even how. Last year I read an article about choosing your life word or motto. I chose intentional. I’ve been living my word. Intentional living. Being mindful of all I do. I believe it has helped me grow and helped my WW journey. Do you love your body? Embrace it. Love it and be kind to yourself in thought, deed and actions. Thank you for indulging my ramblings. ww ww weightwatchers weightlossjourney bekindtoyourself thoughts loveyourselfenoughtochange loveyourbodynow weightwatchersfreestyle wwcommunity wwconnect selfcare selfloveisnotselfish

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Open your heart for the love, open your eyes for the beauty of this world, open your hears for the sounds of life life beauty thoughts love night dreams

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Каждый человек в твоей жизни это новый спектр эмоций и чувств 🤯 Люди приходят и уходят, но память о тех чувствах, что испытывал рядом с ними, остаётся с тобой навсегда Иногда, вспоминая людей, которые ушли, вспоминаешь и те чувства, которые испытывал тогда рядом с ними И, бывает, так хочется вернуться в прошлое, ещё раз поговорить, услышать голос, просто посмотреть в глаза Но Жизнь идёт, и остаётся только помнить эмоции от тех людей, которые ушли, и ценить больше тех, кто остался, ведь они уже не просто друзья, они твоя семья 🖤 . P. S. Together we are a gang😎 family memories lifestyle mood thebest friends mylife mylove allforyou настроение_осень smiles thoughts

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I’d love to sit here and say that I’m always a positive person but I’d be lying if I did. • • Today was rough for me mentally. I suffer from BDD- Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Basically what it means is that I spend hours per day obsessing over a perceived flaw. Constantly checking to see if it’s there, sometimes taking drastic measures to change it or hide it. It can affect my entire day. It can make me go from happy to absolute tears in a matter of mins. And to top it all off, most people don’t see what I see and don’t even begin to understand why I’m so stressed or affected by it. • • I’ve been told to get over it. Suck it up. Don’t bother doing something. To change what I’m wearing. Etc. Trust me when I say if it was that easy I would. • • I’m bringing this up because most women suffer with BDD to some extent whether it be minor or extreme and I believe the first way to start healing is to acknowledge it, because it’s not just going to go away and changes in life can make it worse. • • In this photo I see me 10lbs heavier than what you see, in clothes that look too tight, with a stomach that is unflattering and too thick to be considered feminine or sexy. I was at the gym for over an hour and I think I checked my reflection and adjusted my clothes once every 2 mins. • • This is my current reality but I refuse to let it be my future. I’m going to make damn sure I don’t spend my life feeling like this because I deserve better. • • mylife fit fitness fitlife fitnesslife bulking bulk mental thoughts fitchick coach onlinecoach fitnessjourney fitnesscoach healthcoach realtalk thisisme real metanoiahealthcoaching hardtalk BDD

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Don’t you just love it when fb shows you the best memories 💗 this was a get away with one of my top five people in the Gold Coast for a few days. We will be reconvening in two weeks in Darwin! 💋😘👙🍷

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Gone a bit quiet lately 🔇 But here's a little freestyle clip, off the dome of course. Been writing a lot & binning tracks lol. Bit of a mess as well really, Still, there's a few tracks in the works which should be coming in October Will look to get my posts on here back to a more consistent level again 👍🏼 Drop me a comment, and let me know if you're feeling this freestyle 👇🏼

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🖤™🖋 TALEMONGERS TEN DAYS CHALLENGE; TENATHON DAY I SINS OF THE PAST In the past I sinned In the present I am sinless In the future I will sin I am sure My only sin? Not being in the moment Not being mindful of The moment I am taking birth into Again and again I am an endless sinner © Jeny Rapheal tenathon think_feel_write_heal talemongers The Talemongers 10-day poetry challenge was sponsored by the writers and poets at Support by liking, commenting and reposting to your timeline. Let's give these prolific writers a wider audience, shall we writing writersofinstagram talemongers love lovequotes poetry poetryquotes mirakee writerscommunity instagram relationships fantasy inspiration inspirstional laughing_soul thoughts writersnetwork mirakeeword thepoetrycommunity poetrycommunity

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Ya know, life has been crazy. And I’ve felt crazy. Sleepless, though-full, and part of me wished that the world would quit revolving so I could sit in the moment and appreciate, realize, and respect the moment that was in front of me. Life has gone by so fast and I got caught up living a life that I didn’t appreciate day to day. As our earth makes it’s rotations I have strayed farther away from what Is important. But it starts with one moment, one day, one thing that’s brings you back little by little. To put things back in a good perspective. So if you see this, whoever it is reading this. If you are in a tough spot, if you don’t feel like things aren’t going your way. Know it will get better. Make time for yourself as you have. And come back to your best “you.” I believe in you. and you are loved. Your thoughts, your feelings are valid. 9-21-19 5:14 healing time thoughts 2020 blessed

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I was thrilled to see these numbers last night, and am proud to have been one of those 4 million people. I’ll leave this for now, but check back tomorrow for a post on the blog about my thoughts after participating in the GlobalClimateStrike + some photos from San Francisco yesterday! EasySustainability

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Waltdisney once said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” I find this true in so many ppl I know who constantly complain about things that are so easily fixable in their lives. You want something, go get it. The day I finally took charge of my life, everything changed for the better thoughts cali popupdisney disneyland california anaheim mickey mickeymouse minnie diy og minniemouse colors blackandwhite minnieears travel wanderlust explore art artlovers artist artoftheday paint wallart mural smile rainbow summer

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Achei magnífica está foto, me inspirou a dizer algo. Ela representa a maior definição de AMOR, mas não é um amor qualquer, falo do amor de Almas, que andam somente com uma asa, e quando se encontram acontece a junção permitindo que os dois possam levantar vôo ao infinito! Lya Moraes gratitude lyamoraes bruxa amor love Gratidão ousadia serfeliz sonhos desejo soul womaninme lacrou escritora wicca write felicidade modelo modelomake moda look mulheraodaporra califórnia losangeles newyorkcity intensity live thoughts desire fashion

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jesus_lordandsavior think_thoughtsofjesus In the end what matters most is that: Jesus knows you! Ecclesiastes 12:13 13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. followme word thoughts god jesus love help life wisdom amen

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listen feel everything you need is out there. go online. talk to people. information overload nowadays. quantity is not an issue anymore. the point is how much you listen to it. how much do you absorb. if i give you gold bars, but you treat it like cereal, not listening or believing its true value, what is the point? it is funny how i have tried to coach many people to reach their goals in life, how only a tiny few handful of people really were listenin. no wonder the 80%rich20%poor 80-20-rule holds true. maybe its just human nature. just feel a bit sad that people are still controlled by money, be its slave, and are still living miserable, overwork lives. tag a friend that needs to see this! please leaveacommentbelow ! wanna hear your thoughts on this ! have a great day everyone !

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WHAT'S THE POINT? В чем же суть? Текст на русском в комментариях ⬇️ . 🇺🇸 I was such in a pessimistic mood lately. My plan to join the Air Force is postponed 😭 They have so many applications, that they are not accepting any new till January. We don't have this kind of time. I talked to Jon, and we both decided that I should try Navy. So that's the plan. 20 lbs to go to be qualified. I made an appointment to talk to the recruiter in San Antonio, in 4 weeks, so hopefully I will have some good results by then. Other than that, I was upset that my blog is not bringing me my kind of audience. I know you are out there messy, emotional, sexy, badass moms. 🙌 And I bet once my book is out, you will be interested to read it, but I can't share it with you, because I am not sure if you are my kind of readers. You know what I mean? I had to remind myself, why I am doing all this? . For myself and for my One day I won't be around to give them advise and support they might need, so they can always read my Instagram and remember how much I loved them ❤️ I am tired of thinking about how others might judge my views, opinions and the whole shit stuff that happened to me in 2012, I am writing about this to accept the past, to learn from it and to move on. “We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.” – Dr. Henry Link 🖤

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Que efímera que es la vida, creemos muchas veces que tenemos todo el tiempo del mundo. Me acabo de enterar que una conocida tiene cáncer de estómago. Así, sin previo aviso ese asesino silencioso ha hecho metástasis y no hay esperanza alguna. Hace una semana la vi caminando hacia la tienda y le dije buenas tardes y me regreso el saludo con una sonrisa enorme dibujada en su rostro y hoy está muriendo en la cama de un hospital. Y yo me pregunto porque me preocupo por cosas tan banales a veces o porque me freno de decir o hacer ciertas cosas, al final la muerte nos alcanza a todos y nada absolutamente nada de esas trivialidades tienen importancia, se supone que esas ideas las tengo claras pero hay momentos en que las olvido. Estamos de paso, somos una mera casualidad en este mundo, tal vez ni siquiera tenemos un propósito. Y si es así entonces hay que hacer de nuestra vida algo bello, amar, reir, perdonar, sentir todo al máximo. Porque un día estamos y al otro no. personal thoughts

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All alone in the middle of nowhere.

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Roses stank up my lungs and burned my eyes like bleeding onions. I pressed the exposed bone of my mouth into a matchstick, into a mattress, metaphor This was a super quick assignment, but it was pretty fun. They're rose tinted goggles, and a respirator 'cause I stop to smell every rose I've ever seen. I need to get back on some kind of path, haha. c: bloody roses red rosetintedglasses thoughts safteyfirst picture fun pics artschool artstudent art dirtkota