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One of those "take your breath away" moments. This is on the walk to a beautiful waterfall that is near the main property. 🌳🐉🌳

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SI QUIERES CAMBIOS, INICIA POR SERVIR Y AYUDAR PRIMERO. 👇 Cuando Jesus partio la historia en 2, (hace 2019 años). Tuvo que ser el primero en servir, mostrar Amor, Ayudar, Sanar, Traer libertad a las personas Cambio la historia una vez y para siempre. PERO nos mostro ejemplo siendo el primero en Todo CON LOS PEQUEÑOS HABITOS (Servir, Amar, Ayudar) SE LOGRAN GRANDES MILAGROS Venezuela libertad ayuda Jesus Dios Esperanza hope verdad thruth lifestyle jovenes fe

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ampentecostal_biblechurch i'm teaching english classes at my church every tuesday from 8pm to 10pm. super excited to say that i'm developing the textbook and all the material that will be used during the lessons. if you need more information please let me know. classroom teaching artsed christianity thruth church marketing textbook socialmediamarketer networkmarketing leadership success blogger biztips business motivation inspiration lifestyle digitalmarketing biblequotes christian

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thruth is behind a nice flame

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Your body is your home 🌼

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Ça va partir sur la rouge donc les rêveurs désabonnez-vous, les prochains postes tireront à balle réelles . matrix woke thruth awakening

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Tomorrow is my birthday how do you feel about getting older? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . And tomorrow I'll also play Fazil Say's "Black Earth" again at a project called "THE NOBODIES OF VENEZUELA" directed by Hector Docx at HfMT Hamburg. Feel free to come 📷 by nievesvonfranque Hamburg Venezuela concert project FazilSay pianist birthday instaclassical musician energy motivation inspiration love thruth art photography shooting potd selfie portrait home pianista clásica música inspiración energía arte piano latina yamahamusiceurope yamahamusicusa