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Best thing I've read in days 🌼

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Goodmorning world! Even if it's monday try to remember that everyday is a little lifetime. Enjoy every moment. 🌼

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Maybe you feel like this today 🙏🏻🌟 Mercury is conjunct Neptune today, so it is a day where you probably just need to go with the flow. Inspiration and creativity could come out of nowhere and the day could just kind of flow by. ❤️This is a day to use your intuition and with the moon in Scorpio the feeling theme is strong. ❤️ Have you ever wondered how much of what you regard as facts and thruth, might not be. That it went through somebody else’s filter, a powerfull somebody else, and you trusted that filter. For example I heard someone explain today that we might have misinterpreted Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory, because it when through the filter of someone with a dominant, patriarch mindset. That we think, we need to fight to get on top ❤️ All species apparently survive because of their ability to cooperate with each other. So “the fittest” is actually the most socially skilled of the species, the one that can cooperate, communicate and emotionally regulate them selves and others. So instead of strenght and power internal safety and emotional maturity is required. ❤️From yang to yin ❤️ or maybe that is just my filter. What do you think? distorted mercury mercuryretrograde spiritualawakening spiritual astrology filter thruth unlearning astroswan lightworker lovewarrior

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Straight trolls! We do not support this! 🙅🏽‍♂️ I don’t consider myself a flat earther, I’m a truth seeker! And NO flat earther believes in “Space” or no edge of the earth ice wall! 🤦🏽‍♂️ It’s a reason they’re tryna mislead ya’ll 😲😳 nwo thematrix awakening indoctrination nasalies fakemoonlanding operationfishbowl truth earthisaplane spaceisfake SpaceTravelIsAHoax conspiracy youtube Censorship thruth thruthseeking deception scientism flatearth

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To anyone's who's talked down on me, who's judged me without knowing me, who's viewed my life from other peoples words, I promise you this. I will make it. I'll thrive. I'll be everything you said I would never amount to. I will love every part of my life. I will be where I need to be when I am suppose to be there. To all the people who think they know me, please know this. The story has only just begun, and I can't wait for you to read the next chapter. It'll be a good one. Just for you life thruth love light views

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If our individual consciousness is a focal point for the universal consciousness then you can actually change your reality simply by changing your focus. You create your own reality in this sense. What you see, experience and are trying (via language) to explain to others, is merely your own focal point. Your emotional, energetic, vibrational, experienced (focused) reality. I love you. Now focus 🙏💚 Thanks junglejuice40 (If you're not following JJ you're missing out 🤠🙏) love union thruth philosophy conciousness lookwithin evolveordesolve bodymindspirit wakeup vibratehigher connection divinemasculine soul soullove

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After watching this documentary, I felt I had to do some digging independently to verify the allegations, as everyone is bias to a degree, especially when shorting a comapny. Ackman was right, his timing was wrong. Just like Madoff, this scheme will collapse during the next financial crisis. I took a deep dive into the balance sheet and cash flow, and this baby is unsustainable without continually adding more members (literally a pyramid scheme). When will it crash? When the next financial crisis will occur is my response, when exactly that happens, no one can be sure but we are definitely im the late innings. I just ask my friends who are thinking of getting involved or are already members to take a look at the numbers independently, the beauty is that they are a public company so it doesn't take much digging to get to the truth. ✌

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Full moon sharing. Happy full moon❤

3 days ago

Guys alittle advice if you're dating a girl don't ask her what's wrong once bc it more than likely she'll lie by saying "nothing" thruth

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🌼 The most beautiful thing is to love others, while loving yourself. 🌼

3 days ago

Enjoy the colours of life

4 days ago

"Sister Moon Watch Over Me Your I will Always Be Sister Moon Watch Over Me Until We Are Free" - Lets us honour the beautiful Moon tonight as she shines fully and so bright! Happy Full Moon! I took these shots during the full Moon in January while in Guatemala. I sat under the stars and the magical glow of the Moon as I watched it turn from the bright white into the enchanting red. A truly magical experience. • • • guatemala | guate | fullmoon | lunallena | moon | pachamama | motherearth | madretierra | nature | beauty | love | grateful | blessed | spirit | thruth | simplicity | love | divine | consciousness | light | freedom | earthchild | portrait | magic | childoftheuniverse | canadianphotographer | nightsky | throwback

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Ουδέν κακόν αμιγές καλού, μια ιστορία που μας ενώνει 😋 loveyou friendship thruth faith

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Happy Birthday vanillemusic Thank you for existing. Thank you for finding me on the dancefloor. Thank you for passionately guiding Winter into Spring. Thank you for your poetry and devotion to laughter. Thank you for all you have taught me, a set of skills for life I could only get through you. Thank you for being wild like the Amazone river and having such dreamy legs. Thank you for singing. I love you. Bisoux partout. happynewyear gold you love thankyou paris laughter vanilla amazone beauty thruth friendship Pisces birthday creation tribe

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The evidence is there if you do the research‼️Let’s get the truth out! I don’t identify myself as a flat earther, I’m a TRUTH SEEKER! I find it very peculiar that the man who started NASA would put this verse on his tombstone! 🤔 Possibly a death bed confession! RIP! 🙏🏽 Psalm 19:1 nwo thematrix awakening indoctrination nasalies fakemoonlanding operationfishbowl truth earthisaplane spaceisfake SpaceTravelIsAHoax conspiracy youtube Censorship thruth thruthseeking deception scientism flatearth

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PURPOSE GIVES YOU POWER Ever wake up with these questions on your mind Is this all there is? . How am I going to motivate myself to do anything today? . What the fuck am I doing? . Most likely it’s because you don’t clearly understand and feel your purpose When you can clearly define your purpose you can use each day to live it This creates ultimate power and will allow you overcome any obstacle My purpose is to educate and lead through financial education. Be a producer, protector, and heart felt lover for my family. To be a beacon of light for my family and other men as I practice living a life no hiding and ultimate truth This is how I can wake up every morning with the desire to fuck shit up. leadership purpose power education clarity powergivesyoupurpose financialeducation thruth freedom ww52 wakeupwarrior core4

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This next year will be a nail biter. The top issues in our eyes are the controversial capitalization requirements for microbusiness. They must not be exorbitantly out of proportion to micro breweries! Secondly, the way the language is written a microbusiness would be isolated, only legally using transport for testing. This should not be treated differently than any other market. In no other market is a small business required to be completely insular. We hope that you all stay active in your communities to make the change we wish to happen. cannabiscommunity mmmp microbusiness sustainability organiccannabis peopleoverprofits radiatepositivity

6 days ago

I am so working on this. My heart chakra is opening or trying to because I have a lot of resistance in me. I try to allow all the not so pretty feelings to flow through me in the process. Of envy, of unfairness, of invisibility, of selfdoubt, of anger, of powerlessness, of feeling different, not understood, mistrust, numbness, ungratefullness today seems like a set back - a major one - but a part of me knows that I’m levelling up. I just seems like I hit the same brick wall again. Maybe you know the feeling? It’s the old rubble left from an almost deceased lack mentality and a real life lack experience. So I try to allow all those old feelings. Of not enough - whether it was me not being enough or what I received. Maybe it’s just because I’m relatively new in this game, but it seems to me there is a “lets keep it a secret” policy going on in the “concious community” about this. That we don’t share the inbetweens, just the before and after. Or try to make it go away with beautiful positive affirmations. But that is not the point. To make it go away. The point is to integrate everything, loving it and taking it as a part of yourself to truly achieve oneness that is my belief anyway 💗 To be on a spiritual journey is not pretty. I am definetly not only Astroswan but more Astrodemon sometimes 😆👹 if you feel like that too, I salute you 🙌🏻💗 to keep it authentic is my goal. Not more. Not less. With love 🙏🏻💗 thruth authentic mercuryretrograde innerwork astrology horoscope astroswan lightworker lovewarrior

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Labbra perfette? Ascolta i consigli del drgianluca_doria nelle nostre stories. Le labbra definibili universalmente belle devono rispettare alcuni canoni: il labbro superiore deve sempre essere più sottile del labbro inferiore con un rapporto di circa 1/3 e 2/3. ⏳Durata del trattamento: 20-30 minuti 😉Durata del risultato: 6-8 mesi ☺Dolore: lieve 💉Anestesia: lidocaina presente nella fiala di Derma filler 🔮Dispositivi medici: Aliaxin FL, SR, GP, EV IBSA, RHA 2, 3 e 4 Teoxane, Refyne, Volyme, Revofil SeventyBG Per fissare un appuntamento:☎Contattaci allo +39 0350039228 ✉ Scrivici a info

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JUNGLE VIBES What an incredible two months I was gifted with ( 3 weeks Guatemala, 5 weeks Costa Rica ). The amount of self discovery, learning, experiencing, and basically living I got to do can not be put into words. The incredibly beautiful and magical souls I got to meet and can now call my soul fam, I feel so blessed. My intention with this journey was to find freedom. To set myself free. I got that and so much more. Words are not enough to describe, but the energy in this photo is able to a little bit more. The biggest thing I got from my two month journey is to just be. All I have to do is be, the rest is taken care of. So I invite you to be. Even if for just 15 minutes a day. What would happen if you just allow yourself to fully be. Sending an immense amount of love to all! 📸 michchiu • • • guatemala | guate | costarica | puravida | jungle | pachamama | motherearth | madretierra | nature | beauty | love | grateful | blessed | spirit | thruth | simplicity | love | divine | consciousness | light | freedom | earthchild | portrait | magic | childoftheuniverse | canadianphotographer

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Tomorrow is my birthday how do you feel about getting older? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . And tomorrow I'll also play Fazil Say's "Black Earth" again at a project called "THE NOBODIES OF VENEZUELA" directed by Hector Docx at HfMT Hamburg. Feel free to come 📷 by nievesvonfranque Hamburg Venezuela concert project FazilSay pianist birthday instaclassical musician energy motivation inspiration love thruth art photography shooting potd selfie portrait home pianista clásica música inspiración energía arte piano latina yamahamusiceurope yamahamusicusa