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비오늬까 꾸꾸파늬끄ㅏ 호랑이퐈틔 🐯

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I was born in the Year of the Tiger and so was my grandmother. As Tigers, we are self-confident, courageous, determined and aggressive. We can also be hotheaded, impulsive, restless and disobedient. I’ve always wanted a tiger tattoo and I’m so happy to have one now. Thank you ryzhova_one 🙏🏼 tigertattoo halfsleeve redeye eyeofthetiger yearofthetiger

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𝗕𝗟𝗨𝗘 𝗧𝗜𝗧 ➕➕➕➕➕➕ Done at tattoosocietycp

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In the "Cui Tattoo" eBook (38 pages pdf) by cuitattoo brushstrokes of black ink bring to life the renowned koi carp, bold lines outline chrysanthemums and sinuous dragons, vivid colours fill intriguing compositions which recall the best work of Kunyioshi or Hokusai 💥🤟🏻Enjoy! 👉 www.tattooebooks.com/cui-tattoo-by-cui-wenlong.html or tattooebooks for more inspirations, art and ideas by the most talented Tattoo Artists on the scene tattoo tattoos tattooartist tattoolife tattoostyle tattoolifemagazine tattooed tattooebooks tattooinspiration tattooart tattoosketch tattoodesign tattooideas tattoosketchbook ipadproart ipadprotattooteam tattooflash japanesetattoo dragontattooflash orientaltattoo orientaltattoostyle hannyamasktattoo chrysanthemumstattoo wenlong chinesetattoo wenlongliu tigertattoo dragontattoo koitattoo cuitattoo

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• TIGRE São predadores de topo. Dentre suas subespécies é o maior entre todos os felinos selvagens.  São animais territoriais e solitários. Significa literalmente "flecha", por ser "certeiro, rápido, silencioso e mortal como uma flecha". Esse animal ensina a ter foco na vida e paciência. É um animal independente e muito confiante. Desenho autoral desenvolvido pelo artegrintattoo para o Matheus, agradecemos a confiança mais uma vez tigertattoo neotrad neotraditionaltattoo blackwork inked valedoparaiba

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Absolutely beautiful Tiger for Lauren 🌸🐯🌸 from tombrown_tattoo

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❤pink beast❤ Practica en pintura Disponible para tattoo 🐯❤