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skyeboatsong tinwhistle music sitting on a butterfly pose 😛 This song is often played on symphony924 radio station! Do come down to Symphony's free musical event at Victoria Concert Hall on 31 March this sun from 10am-10.30am!

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This post is not about how you feel on Monday 😃. This is just throat singing which actually looks and sounds pretty fierce 😉 Our bass 🎸 guitarist was previously a member of a band which played Mongolian metal. Yes, quite different to what we do, but this doesn’t stop us from benefiting from his unique experience and skills. So, we use throat singing in some of our songs which adds spice to our music throatsinging folkmusic folkmusician folkrock folkrockmusic vargan tinwhistle singersongwriter livemusic livemusicsydney australianmusic australianband sydneyband vgmates vgmatesband russiansinaustralia worldmusic newfolk neomedievalmusic

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Ich habe wirklich große Freude mit diesem kleinen Instrument, auch wenn ich noch sehr viel Übung brauche! Und irgendwann mal gönne ich mir eine hochwertigere Tin Whistle❤! Bitte seid nicht zu streng mit mir😂gerade bei "Pirates of the Caribbean "Hab ich erst vor ein paar Tagen mal angefangen zu üben! 🤗 tinwhistlebeginner tinwhistle übungmachtdenmeister vielübenmuss anfänger totoro piratesofthecaribbean irish dansendro bretondance naruto thewitcher instrument loreley skyrim dragonborn folkmusic beginner irishwhistle

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A smigeon of Bach on a tin whistle tinwhistle (bicycle mirror on glasses, this was between two rides!) jsbach

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In stock!🍃 Looking for a different shade than a regular manicure but still want to have deadly nails? Look no further than this misty green shade right here. Get the look: Beautix707 • • Repost 📸: masha_belotserkovskaya ・・・ Please BeautixUK to be featured! ———————————————————— Stock up your nail parlour today: 📌 or www.beautix.co.uk ☎️ +02076663354 📍3 Acton Lane, London W4 5NE

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Each of our Feadóg whistles are available with a Tutorial Book or with a Tutorial Book and CD. Check out our website to find out more!🎶 Feadóg, the Original Irish Whistle 🍀 Made in Ireland since 1978 🇮🇪 www.feadog.ie • • Repost 📸: hobomystical ・・・ and may heaven have mercy on us all 🍀

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Was really honoured to play at lowenderperan last November after such a short time playing folk music properly and only owning a whistle for less than a year. here’s the set I did with bennallick condensed into under a minute! Thanks casdavey for booking us ❤️ tinwhistle lowwhistle flute folk folkfest folkfestival musicfestival livemusic kernow cornwall folkmusic madeincornwall kernowbysvyken worldmusic woodwinds lowenderperan cornwalllife celticmusic irishmusic witchesofinstagram pagan mythology celticmythology saxophone saxplayer tradition ceilidh newquay

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I will just forever be in love with this incredible family who play music that is genuinely magical. This is soul food on stage, poetry set to music. They are a religious experience, Corrs shows are my church 😍 Scuse my ridiculous fangirl moment I just love these people, and the glory they have created, so so much. Wow ♥️ sharoncorrofficial andreacorrofficial carolinecorrofficial jimcorrofficial thecorrsofficial thecorrs jupitercalling whitelight whitelighttour music musicians singer songwriter andreacorr carolinecorr sharoncorr jimcorr irish family band ireland piano guitar drums drummer tinwhistle violin love

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“Memories of a Better Time,” the last track from the “Empty Hands” EP soundtrack that goes along with the upcoming Thirteenth Hour novella, “Empty Hands,” is now out! It is an introspective keyboard and flute track for a part of the story where the main character is nostalgic for aspects of his childhood, which as you know, sometimes filters out the bad from the good. The intro is whistled, and backing chords are synthed, and the lead is penny whistled (if those are words). There will be a link in the text of the novella so you can listen as you read the section. You can learn more about its creation on The Thirteenth Hour podcast (episodes 185-188) and listen to it in its entirety on Bandcamp (link in the bio of the13thhr.ost). Effects in the cover art from werbleapp podcast podcastersofinstagram creativeprocess synth newwave pixelart 8bit synthwave chillwave vaporwave atmospheric retro80s nostalgia whistle tinwhistle pennywhistle indie keyboard songwriting songwriting soundtrack songwritersofinstagram musiciansofinstagram keyboard authorsofinstagram author synthesizer musicproduction musicproducer soundtrack thethirteenthhour emptyhands13 writersofinstagram 🎤

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Don't forget to sign up for Community Music School's Traditional Music Camp for ! June 17th - 22nd. This year will be held at Monte Toyon - a gorgeous camp and retreat center in the Aptos hills. Join us and learn to play folk music from Ireland, Scotland, England, Whales, and more. We would love to see you this year! • • Link in bio for more information or to register. • • • communitymusicschool teencamp 2019 communitymusicschoolofsantacruz music tradmusic traditionalmusic folkmusic singing irishmusic fiddle guitar tinwhistle harp bodhran flute banjo cello piano bagpipes

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Всем привет! Неделю назад во всём цивилизованном мире случился день Святого Патрика, который и нас не обошел стороной. Но речь сейчас не о нас, а о вас, всех, кто пришёл и поддержал. Спасибо всем вам и каждому в частности! Именно отклик, ваше одобрение, веселье и угар помогают продолжать и двигаться дальше. Куда ж мы без вас? Всем добра, веселья и приключений! 🍀 за фото спасибо mazafakafish 🍀 theSibeerians folk punk celtic irish music 1312 joy norilsk North guitar violin bass tinwhistle ukulele irishbouzouki kilt jesus stpatrick spatricksday saintpatricksday

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Not a bad sound out of the Chieftian low F. It's one of the cheapest out there, not bad for starting out. Must invest in a nicer one soon. Cupla tunes: The Legacy/Morrison's jig. Full video: https:www.youtube.com/watch?v=h39ua-kzwOE&feature=youtu.be folkmusic music folk countrymusic whistle singersongwriter singer musician irish livemusic blues acoustic l newmusic acousticguitar art traditional trad bluegrass rock americana folkrock rockmusic celtic instamusic concert tinwhistle band banjo bhfyp

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Toads Playing Maracas and a Tin Whistle

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Tin Whistling Moon

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A Goat Playing A Golden Whistle

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You sound great on your Brass C Feadóg!🎶 Feadóg, the Original Irish Whistle 🍀 Made in Ireland since 1978 🇮🇪 www.feadog.ie • • Repost 📸: _neemma_ ・・・ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Another one of Hammond and Friend's version of "Raggle Taggle Gypsy"🎻🥁. I love that sound-mix of violin, accordion and tin whistle 😍. Our repertoire is increasing🎶. tinwhistle violin band irishmusic accordeon