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Finally out! Presenting theoneandonly Frida Malloo frida.malloo ✨ What an inspiring, beautiful experience and honor to have worked with this Queen! I love you, your art, your emotion, your authenticity such a big admiration for this babe. A special shoutout to aki_n_o_m for her beautiful styling work! ✨❤️ And to my brother joserojasott for his creative mind and vision. This is one of the first projects we do together and it was just a privilege to have worked together as a team. ✨The first picture of many more to come✨ editorialphotography fridamalloo portraitphotography feministart musician cheeseart schönmagazine toilettepapermagazine berlinmusician queer studiolight dianarosstribute 80slight donnasummer nikon

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Cuccurucucu Paloma

11 months ago

Toilette papera toilettepapermagazine By the way America, U.S.A. 2004 Paolo Robaudi project: American PsychoPath, experimental documentary, video installation made with more than 30 thousand Digital pictures and over thousand of ektachrome slides in a year lived in U.S.A. photojournalism reportage contrast fineart fineartphotgraphy travel journey videoart paolorobaudi art arte filmmaker storytelling filmcamera documentarism workout lifestyle analogphotograpy place urban magnumphoto landscapephotography

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La Provvidenza

2 years ago

This is Cosmo. It took him awhile to process the shit of the century that has triumphed on our planet a few weeks ago. (You'll find an earlier the-night-of-the-election version of Cosmo in my personal gallery, if you're a curious cat person )) xz 🐱▶️ CatsOfBirkastan Photo Zulphiya Zulphiya RescueCats HemmaHosDiktatorn RedLipsDiaries TemaeVariazioni StockholmShoeicide Cosmo MaurizioCattelan Seletti ToilettePaperMagazine AdoptDontShop StockholmSyndrome Tea_Journals CatLoversClub AndOtherStories