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chicken barbecue tongan mrvoiceover mysidekick perthfoodie cooking alatini ketodiet lowcarbs polynesian outdoorkitchen fremantle southbeach foodie foodies Check out the way we cook our chicken in the barby! Thighs are always so much more lush 😉👌🏾 and the kewpie Mayo is the added good fat required🤣🤣🙏 interesting fob fact! We used to be Best mayonnaise fans the brand bestbut boy the prices are 😜 so we use the Kewpie quality is da 💣! And not so expensive when you get it from spudshed wish everyone could experience spudsheds affordability and variety of vegetables fruit 🍇 and everyday staples 👑 king Tony is killing it 💰

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S/o to my people hometownfitted for making me thishelp support ya local West Villian/Utah boy😅 come cop some gear, links in my Bio (use promo code BISHOP for Lei Em Out gear only), if not Lei Em Out gear, they got many more things. excited for this potential fight on March 8. I'll be sure to keep yall posted nd excited for the many more to come. Only 1 goal in this fight game LeiEmOut Hometownfitted WVC Reebok Boxing Amateur FromThaWestSideWithLuv Polynesian Tongan Samoan SouthPaw SuperHeavyWeightBoxing HeavyWeightBoxing HiddenValleyUT 801 DubVee Castillo Jarillo GomezThang

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🚨Monday Bardio🚨 I dont like doing traditional cardio so I like doing circuit type workouts to keep the heart rate up and all that kind of stuff blah blah blah blah u get it i posted this to my story but IG was hating so heres what my warm up before my real weightlifting began enjoy ma peoples lol look at my face at the end of the video hahaha dead as hell hahahaha scared money dont make money baby powerlifting powaa 24hrfitness fatgymratt fat2fit weightlosstransformation weighttraining larrywheels circuittraining cardio samoan tongan tokouso fatboy

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No one cares, Work harder. • • • At this point, The voices in my head play games with me. Daily, Hourly They are the ones I hear in the gym. I tell myself to just shut up and do it. The doubt creeps in, And I let it, But just for a second. Then, I shut up and do it. I’ve come too far. I’ve worked too hard. I’ve sacrificed too much. I will be relentless! Because I do want it. I want to beat me. I want to be the best me yet! March 9th is right around the corner. Here I come! Let’s get it! • • • backday traps back rows fitmom comprep womensphysique bodybuilding polynesian harwork devotionnutrition 7pointnutriton supplements momswithmuscle momswholift npc utah sacrifice flex muscles tongan hawaiian

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🚨REPOST🚨 TAG THAT FRIEND WHO ISSA WANNA BE STAUNCH & FIGHTER AFTER A FEW SIPS 👀 DW I GOT MY TAGS READY 😂😂😂 YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE MY BOY/GIRL FRIENDS 👀😝 credit: kama.yerrlerr ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ IslandTatau Hawaiian Samoan Tongan Tahitian Maori Fijian Polynesian NesianApperal Micronesian tatau viral viralvideos funnyvideo funnyvideos memestagram hawaii samoa tonga honolulu funny pranks meme memes comedy jokes laugh funnymemes

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Ever tried the Tongan creation called “OTAI”? Watermelon is Celestial Food. I love it 🥰 Watermelon makes me think happy thoughts. It’s delightfully delectable and so delicious - it seems almost sinful! (But it’s not 😉) I plan my Bucketlist around endless summers and tropical paradises surrounded by the ocean and watermelon for breakfast, second-breakfast (yes, maybe I’m a Hobbit) lunch, dinner and every waking moment. I’m great at sharing, but I’m sorry - I find it really challenging to share watermelon. Don’t hate me 😆 Grow it. Eat it. Wear it. Drink it. Have yourself some Heaven. watermelon love delicious cleaneating summer garden yummy juicy newzealand eat fruit tonga tongan pacificislands drink smoothie recipes whatsfordinner whatsfordinnertonight iphone insta instagood instafood bucketlist

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"Black Plumeria": ink, pencil and charcoal by yours truly. Last summer I had a revelation about plumerias that really changed my lifeA thing I noticed about plumerias is the best time to smell plumerias is at night. For as long as I can remember my mom has always had a plumeria plant, and when I come home the smell is like a "welcome back" And it occurred to me: plumerias are night flowers. Even if you cant see them they still create beauty in the form of a very unique perfume. I got the idea for this drawing through a haiku I wrote Plumerias go really well with my portraits. When I draw girls for my pieces I strive to use a lot of Tongan elements such as teunga ta'olunga (Tongan dancer costume), tapa symbols, etc. I'm really happy with the drawing style I'm creating for myself and I'm grateful for my culture which lends so much unique and beautiful things for me to incorporate into my art. But anyways, this is the first piece I've produced that I'm really happy with in a very long time and I dont think its coicindence it occurred not long after I finally decided to embrace the fact that God created me to be an artist and that me being Tongan is no accident at all Please share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think and any suggestions 🙏🙏

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When you reunite with with family it always feels good, especially when we celebrate stefanieannika 30TH bday I love you Stef and so proud of everything you have accomplished, our mommas and tias didn’t raise no fools they raised fighters Or more like little cabronas I love you prima and welcome to the dirty 30 club. And lastly if it wasn’t for these woman in this picture i wouldn’t be the woman i am today, we are missing my mom and my Tia rosy but these woman have always had my back through all my rebellious stages they have always been there for me, i love you guys very much ❤️😊 familia loyaltyisroyalty family dirty30 lamija primas tias latinas tongan boricuas salvi mexican mexicana salvadoreña puertoriqueña womanempowerment mexicana girlboss salvatrucha guanaca

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My Mum always said, Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.' Meaning some plans are better left unsaid to others. Keep it to yourself till its done. 💪👊👊👊 T O N G A N 🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴 _ Faafeiloaʻi i le Tupu fasioti Dragon FeralKingTheLifter AntediluvianDragonSlayer MakuStrong MakuTribe PolynesianMuscle 🇹🇴🇼🇸🇵🇬🇳🇿🇫🇯🇨🇰🇦🇸 TonganMade Tongan PacificIslander _ PowerliftingMotivation AlphaMaleMotivation AlphaFemaleMotivation PolyStrong Deadlifttillimdead PowerBuilding FitThick Bodybuilding Fitness PlusSize GirlsWhoLift PowerLifter FitnessMotivation ISYMS Cosplay GetBigOrDieTrying PushPullGrind Benchpress Squat Deadlift SumoDeadlift

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A new design is in the making. Yay This design may look simple and more geometric than my other designs but once it will be on fabric it will be as stunning and eye catching as those are - I hope lol If you haven't visited my shop for a while have a little look, there are more designs and styles available now. Thank you for your time 😁👍

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shopping for others is not my favourite things. I am visitor too, so I dont know where most things are, even with the Tonga verbal direction instructions from families & friends. Oh well, I get to walk burning off the Tongan food Calories. I heard this vai Moringa works wonder. How did they come up with that name? The vaitonga is made from Tongan plants. Right? Should it be named "VAI MOLINGA" But, I am happy that this Lady held those bottles for me. I went there yesterday and it was run out. I asked her to reserve 3 for me to pick up this morning. SHE DID madeintonga tongaproducts medicine healingwaters dresses tongan market talamahumarket fruits

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⁣ Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!💕⁣ ⁣ From Japan to America!✈️ ⁣ We tried some interesting Japanese snacks, now it’s time to try some delicious American snacks!🤤⁣ ⁣ We really appreciate the support we’ve received over the last week so we’ve released another video to say THANKS!🤗⁣ (link in the bio) ⁣ Don’t forget to let us know what you think and also what you want to see in our upcoming videos!🤔⁣ ⁣ HansenHangouts Broskies hansen hangouts surprise THANKYOU americanfood japan america comment wearelive kiaora maloelelei youtubechannel family excited newzealand Tongan maori fijian kiwikids funnyvideosclips youtubedebut tastetest internationalfood familytimes siblingsgoals cousinsforlife happytimestogether

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Thank you for being you, I wouldn’t have it any other way 💕

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