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Le Vagabond x G.E.V.G.O.H & 👽 VS the Night Ripper No97 * Bad guy : “Don’t kill me please!” ⏩ Cliff Westwood : “Stay down! The only reason I won’t kill you is for you to tell your friends to stay away from the spring source or I’ll finish you for good next time.” toyphoto toyphotography revoltechyamaguchi toycommunity toyoutsiders toyartistry toysphoto toyslagram toystagram instatoys toysphotography figurephotography actionfigure actionfigures actionfigurephotography superactionstatue shfiguarts kinnikuman figma metalgearsolidsnake marvellegends scourge

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🌑 NEW BOY AT HOME🌑 doomsday

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Our friends who are migrants to Deuterland are protesting because of random "shipping" especially that being non humans bothers them. Humans just put them in couples when they're actually not eligible to create deeper bonds. They are limited; they are stuck at the "We are just friends" phase. Thanks to regulon_four who encouraged me to post about this. Photography by CyberDevie transformers toyphotography toysphotography photography transformersphoto protest lgbt bumblebee nohomo nomarriage graphicdesign mlp professional new tf toy robots pridemonth indoorphotography gender definitionthechronicles no

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hey everypony, years ago I used to "run" a safe house for baits. meaning g1 ponies some people consider as baits found a loving safe home at my herd without the worried of getting customize. I always said if a pony have his/her eyes n symbols n isn't chewd up it should be left as is or getting fixed but not customize. I'm not judging any customizer i love you all but for me customizing a g1 pony without a really good reason is a no no so in the early 2000 mlparena members knew they can send their baits to me to give them shelter. the first pony in line was this majesty who indeed had a tale (cut) but had some discoloration n no mane. I rehaired her way to curly n long and left her like that for many years. 10 years or so into the future I grab her from my g1 collection at my parents house and she moved in with hubby and I .joined the g4 herd ( which have some other lines too ) after not touching her curls for so many years they became a mess so I recently recurled her. so that's majesty story. I'm sure I'll tell more safehouse stories in future. I even have the ad and signature I made back in those days. go check stories for majesty Instagram takeover to see her transformation over the years. • • • • • what's your stand on g1 customising? are you trying first to restore?some customizer don't know the difference between customizing a cotton candy to a Greek lady bug n I bet no one wants to see a sad ladybug turn into anything else than herself. it will bring me to tears n I'm sure most of the others collectors so if one does decide to customize g1 ponies I hope the said one will do homework before. and last thank God for hqg1c project I truly hope most customizer will go that way • • • • • love you all, have a magical days ahead n good ponyday my ponyfriends 😋🦄 always beaunicorn 💖 loveislove • • • • • mlpfim mlpcollector mlpcustom mlp mlpcollection mlpphotography mlpg1 g1mlp mlpnirvana mylittleponycollector mylittlepony mylittleponyg1 mylittleponycollection • • • • • toystagram toyslagram toycollector toycommunity toycollection toysworld toysphotography mytoystory 80stoys hasbrotoys instatoys vintagetoycollector vintagetoys

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Ant-man dans la cuisine. Hello, hello Instagram! Ce soir, un peu d'Avenger avec notre héros le plus petit de l'univers 😁 Va t il sortir de la cuisine sans égratignure ? toys4sale toyslagram toysforsale toys_turk toyplanet toyscollection toyunion toycollector toycrewbuddies toyphotography toysfortrade toysphotography toygroup_alliance toy_picasso toystagram toyrevolution toypops3 toys4trade toyscollector toysyn toyshots_europe toysphotogram toyartistry toyoutsiders toyslagram igerstoys one12collective

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Eu achava que fotografar miniaturas minúsculas seria um problema, mas não, até que é bem tranquilo. Dessa vez usei uns Minions das minhas queridas sobrinhas de 2 anos, o cenário foi feito em uma árvore em frente a minha casa, todas as fotos tiradas nesse ângulo ficaram lindas, mas para o Insta resolvi deixar essa, e detalhe, sem nem um pingo de edição, a foto está completamente crua. Foto por: carl0s.s0ares minions miniaturas toys toyphoto toysphotogram toysphotography colecionismo colecionadores photo foto photography fotografia photographer cafainsta

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I guess after two days of riot in town it's time to clean up, rebuild everything, and move the fuck on, no? 😎😌💥💪💪💪💪💪👌🚧🚧🚨🇮🇩 presidentialelection indonesia riot indonesiaissafe internetdown history iamokay preiser figurines prayforindonesia storytelling diecast tomica dumptruck toysphotography miniature democracy fuckpolitics visionaries foodie dapper travelingwriter sartorial positivity gentslounge coffee cigars cigarlounge monsterjam useyourimagination

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Let there be light ~Genesis 1.3

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Berhubung tiket pesawat mahal kita mudik naik Bis aja gak boleh komplain dengan Pemerintah ttg kondisi saat ini. Merdeka 😓😥😅