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33 minutes ago

First test in the paper, the eraser wasn't doing that great, but I was able to draw with a little bit more force. Time to start working!

44 minutes ago

Lol this is kinda bad xd I used a deadpool picture as base. Idk the name of the person who made the original drawing but I will try to find it. You know he is Darkeyes and yeah I'm still in progress with my comic but y'know school suck and I have to do homeworks and shitty stuff like that digital digitaldoodle digitalartist digitalart traditional_art art artist traditionalartist traditionalarts traditionaldoodle traditionaldoodles traditionalsketch traditionalsketches sketch sketches doodle doodles smooth

45 minutes ago

Just finished the first page of a new sketchbook. I haven’t even come close to finishing my second one but I just got some Ohuhu alcohol based markers and wanted to test them out. This was my first time ever using markers and it was challenging but fun, definitely will do it more often. markerart markersketch markerdrawing marker markers ohuhuart ohuhumarkers ohuhu art artist artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagram traditional_art waitingforthatbigbreak sketch sketchbook sketchbookfirstpage firsttimewithmarkers

1 hour ago

What do you think about it? I am not quite satisfied with it. I do like it but not as much as I hoped However, not every drawing can turn out perfect :) • Hope you had a great weekend! I'm looking forward to my summer break ^^ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • draw drawing artwork🎨 artwork artistsoninstagram beginnerartist ventart ventartwork digital digitalartists digitalart traditional_art originalcharacter artchallenge procreate procreateartist speedpaint speedpainting goreart deadgirl fairy fairies magicart sketches sketchbooking amateurartist germanartist traditionalartwork pen ipaddrawing

1 hour ago

Фронт кровавой блокады в кигуруми птичек. Хз почему так. Уже не помню х) kekkaisensen sketch traditional_art

1 hour ago

Artist’s Problems😓 - This is ERROR - ————— Hey, I’m not dead, hurray:D👍 Even though my drawing-program is trying to kill me over and over again So I made a small comic about it!:P —————— To cope with my trauma of failurexD —————— drawing dreaming creating traditional traditional_art art artwork comic comic artist artistproblems problems error digitalart digital me working on stuff at midnight krita bluebird solarium project noodlelove nudelliebe die_strudelnudel zelda zeldamemes relatable

1 hour ago

Blood bowl Nouvelles recrues pour mon équipe de mort vivant (5/5) la Comtesse Sarah Von Drakenborg Starplayeuse de mon équipe vampire greebogames greebominiatures greebo Acheter sur greebo! blood_bowl painting figurines warhammer wargaming paintingwarhammer paintingminiatures undeadarmy armypainter warpaints asm gamers tabletopgaming footballamericain tabletop tabletopgames tabletopgame gameworkshop traditionalart traditional_art americanfootball minipainting miniaturepainting

1 hour ago

Рубрика мои фейлы. Рисовала плакат ко Дню Кинолога 🙃 Кто найдет ошибку, тому конфетку myfail traditional_art

2 days ago

Details desse trampo que rolou essa semana no cliente. Logo posto a foto inteira do trampo. ❌ Ainda possuo alguns horários disponíveis para essa e a próxima semana, contato via Direct. • vsco vscocam tattoo tattooart oldschooltattoo oldschool oldlines traditional_tattoo traditional_art badvibes boldtattoos boldlines electricink tatts tattoolife traditionalartwork traditionalstyle oldschooltattoodesigns flashart tradworkers inktattoo boldtattoo oldworkers boldtattooart tradtattoos blacktraditional traditionalclub onlyblacktattoos

1 week ago

I draw him three months ago and never wanted to post on ig but since I have "new eyes" I convinced myself to rewatch everything I've done before and try to look at things from new point of view. Yes, I see it's not perfect. But looking at the same picture from other angle I understand that I actually like it. So, let it be here 🙏🏻 그림 그림연습 그림스타그램 팬아트 팬아트그램 아트 엑소팬아트 엑소세훈 세훈팬아트 아름다워 fanart exo exofanart art arte sehunfanart portrait fabrianopaper instapic instacool traditional_art portrait watercolorportrait kpopart