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👀💯 Blazers big man Meyers Leonard has Dame's back (via nbatv)

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damianlillard Thank you sir for all your hard work and leadership this season. Heal up, rest and then come back even stronger next season. Damian Lillard, Blazers are expected to agree to a four-year, $191M supermax extension this offseason.

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(21.05.2019/Fredo2k9) Después de lo que parecía ser un despertar de Portland en la serie, Stephen Curry y los Warriors llevaron el partido a tiempo extra para sentenciar el mismo en estas instancias y avanzar por quinta ocasión consecutiva a la final de la NBA. ¿Cuál será el rival de Golden State en la Final? ¿Repetirán los Warriors el Campeonato? ¿Será Stephen Curry el MVP de estos Playoff? ¡Danos tu opinión! Warriors TrailBlazers GoldenState Portland Finales Finals Playoff NBA Basket Baloncesto Curry StephenCurry MVP

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Getting better everyday in every way 💙

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These incredible ladies are my sisters. We’ve been through so much together and I’m so proud of each and every one of them. friends trailblazers luckyme

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Ever notice that open doors appear to those with open minds? And ever notice how those same open ⠀ minds see closed doors as a redirection instead of a dead end?⠀ ⠀ TrailblazersProfitMomentumWomenEntrepreneurs

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The Golden State Warriors advance to the NBA Finals. They beat the Blazers 119-117 in OT In Game 4 and swept Portland 4-0. 🧹

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Steph X Seth. WCF: With Curry Flavor.

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Family divided ➗ ( stephencurry30 / sdotcurry) Steph is headed to his fifth straight NBA Finals. Seth is headed home for the summer. Moments after the Warriors finished their sweep of Blazers in the Western Conference Finals last night, the Curry brothers shared a hug and exchanged jerseys before going their separate ways. We may never get the chance to see these two match up at this stage in the playoffs ever again. The league and its fans sure have enjoyed this story, and the brothers have backed up the narrative. Till the next time • • • StarrCitiGraphicz FamilyDivided currybrothers NBA StephCurry SethCurry lafamilia nbaplayoffs westernconferencefinals GSW GoldenStateWarriors Warriors GoldenState TheBay TheTown PortlandTrailblazers Trailblazers ripcity Portland basketball edit graphicdesign sportsdesigns Nike Instagood graphicdesigner Posterizes

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Blazers really let donkey from Shrek end their season smh 👎

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"История Родни Худа в плей-офф и при чем здесь "Уорриорз" Родни три года подряд встречается с Уорриорз в плей-офф и всегда неудачно👶: 2019 - финал конференции "Блейзерс" "Уорриорз" 0:4 2018 - финал НБА "Кавальерс" - "Уорриорз" 0:4 2017 - полуфинал конференции "Джаз" - "Уорриорз" 0:4 Может быть все дело не в феноменальный игре ГСВ (шутка 😉)? nba nbamoments нба стефкарри гсв gswarriors нбаплейофф nbaplayoffs трейлблэйзерс портланд голденстейт роднихуд родни худ голденстейтуорриорз ptb trailblazers portland спорт баскетбол кливлендкавальерс кавальерс кавс cleavlend cavaliers utahjazz ютаджаз

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Steph and Draymond both post triple doubles in the Warriors game 4 win against the Trail Blazers and have now swept them. They head to their 5th consecutive NBA finals and look to capture the three-peat. Who will the Warriors face in the finals? Steph - 37/11/14 Draymond - 18/11/14 stephencurry draymondgreen warriors trailblazers nbaplayoffs nbafinals nba f4f

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Congratulations to our 2019 honorees and keynote speaker. You make the world a better place. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and compassion. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors! 🌎♥️ . Community Impact award - eesha_slp781 , cid_org Inspire award - coachcassfit Humanitarian award - missionofgrace Global Influence award - ohpsalms . Keynote Speaker - fitztheworldcitizen 📸 iamdappa . iamculturedgala2019 trailblazers moversandshakers globalcitizens peopletofollow brooklyn newyork worldwide gala culture culturalimmersion travel music dinner dancing awards nonprofit donate giveback philanthropy lettheworldbeyourclassroom iamculturedinc

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|Western Conference Finals|🏀🇺🇲🏆 I Golden State Warriors vincono anche gara-4 dopo un supplementare e staccano il biglietto per le quinte Finali consecutive. Decisivi Steph Curry (37, 11,13) e Draymond Green (18,11,14), prima coppia di compagni entrambi in tripla doppia nella stessa partita di playoff nella storia della NBA. Ai Blazers non bastano gli 86 punti del trio Lillard-McCollum-Leonard. dubs portland trailblazers oregon cali california dubsnation straightinnumbers warriors goldenstate nba nbaplayoffs nbanews nbaconference westernconferencefinals champs westChamps lillard mccollum leonard draymondgreen stephencurry sethcurry dellcurry nbafinals

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Still Rip City. ♥️ Still Proud. ♥️ Still don’t give a 🤬 what a hater got to say. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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We're proud to welcome Whitney to the Cairn Guides team! Whitney is a self-described fresh air addict that loves to engage in all the fun outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer like hiking, skiing, and backpacking. See how Whitney describes her first outdoor experience: One of my first outdoor memories was in summer camp as a kid. We backpacked the Presidential Range for 5 days in the Whites of NH. One night I slept in my sleeping bag on a raised platform without a tent looking at the stars. I was 5 days showerless, belly full of ramen, blisters a plenty but still It was my first taste of awe - my first true "wow." moment. And I've been addicted ever since. Whitney will be leading hiking groups as a Cairn Guide and will help keep you going with her fun and friendly attitude. You can find Whitney on our mobile app under "Hiking"which is available for download on iOS and Android! Welcome to the team, Whitney! cairnguides womenwhocrush natureprescription adventuretime trailblazers choosemountainswomen mountainside womenwhohike werehikers colorado wanderlust herwanderfullife explorecolorado optoutside wildernessculture nature happy instagood bouldercolorado

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Oops they did it again.🎶 • The Golden State Warriors are off to their 5th straight NBA Finals after sweeping the Portland Trail Blazers following a 119-117 overtime win last night.🏀 • 5 straight Western Conference titlesand this sweep came without star Kevin Durant. Can you say dynasty?!🤯 thegist

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The Warriors pull together and sweep the Trailblazers without Kevin Durant

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Rib City in the house! Most of the Boys are Warriors but sometimes we’ve gotta throw in some pnw love and not forget the minority ripcity fan in the crew during the Western Conference Finals

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About 9 years ago I took this photo in Jordan. It had been a full day in Petra horseback riding, hanging out in Wadi Rum, Wadi Musa, as well as learning how to make Maglooba with my Bedouin friends at their place. At that moment, I felt like I was literally on top of the world. The colors of the striations of the rock were mesmerizing and the smell of jasmine seemed to be everywhere. My trip to Jordan came on the heels of massive sudden unexpected change, confusion, and a dose of resentment. I had been working tirelessly in Kuwait to help an important government institution to kick off a massive campaign and well let’s just say I felt I got thrown under the 🚍 In fact, “resentment” may be an understatement 😂🤣 But as I shared in my post before this: Resentment is a reset, it’s a resending of fuel. It’s a 🚩 that it’s time to reboot, recalibrate, and rejuvenate and tune-into the message that resentment is trying to show you. I tuned-in and discovered it was beyond time to stop consulting for some peeps that were doing my head in. I also listened and kept following up on those wise and gentle soul-nudges that said, “Go here, travel there, see this place and do this thing.” The message I also received was that it was time to “do me,” be truly free and to have more fun! I also listened, laid down on this mountain and reset so I could get fueled up. 💪💫✨🌟 Now you: 🌷How do you reset? 🌷When resentment shows up in your life, how do you choose to see it? What do you do with it? 🌷What are some new ways you can view resentment and its effects? 🌷How often do you play? 🌷How balanced do you feel when it comes to work and play? 🌷How bought-in are you to believing resentment is a wake-up call to reset so you can fuel up? soulhealthy selfcarequote soulhealth coachforsuccess selfhelptips selfhelptools selfhelpforthesoul selfcarehacks