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Si stava facendo tardi nella mia testa già c erano mille scusee invece ha vinto la FORZA DI VOLONTÀ👊🏻👊🏻 Ps.ho la batteria al 4%e sn senza powerbank😭😭😭😭 LaRoby❤️ workout 💪️ Fitgirl fitfam toptags top.tags fit fitness workout gym model fitspo bodybuilding love healthy fitnessbody fitnessmodel bikinifiness fitgirls girlswithmuscle muscles strong beastmode fitnessaddict gymlife fitfrenchies girlswholift training fitbody bodygoals

I got up at 320am and got to princeton_fitch in time to get in two workouts and still almost get to work at my normal time. Unfortunately, the gym opener’s keys were left at home, and I got into the gym 40 minutes late. But, nonetheless, two workouts, mostly done, before workjust a little later than planned As I got on the treadmill for my first of the two workouts, still pretty frustrated by how my morning started, the girl who opened walked by me and looked like she had been crying. My frustrations quickly faded, and I was reminded that accidents happen. Now my only question is this: if we are now a Princeton club, don’t I get 24 hour access? 🤷‍♀️ reminder workout training coolcalmandcollectedisntreallymything triathlon run swim RYPMadison tritraining swimbikerun RYP IMOH703 ihatetoddclub youmightbeatrinerdwhen

In honor of transformation Tuesday, I would like to give a shout out to one of my trainers elitesfn. Kwame does a great job keeping me in tip top shape. Coupled with my other fitness, and nutrition plans, at 65, I am feeling better than ever. KenBanks fitness transformationtuesday health growth muscle training 65

Mittagspausen Selfie 🤳🏼 😜 selfie photooftheday photography photoshoot picoftheday pictureoftheday pic memyselfandi me myself And i shortbreak fit fitness fitnessfreak fitnessaddict fitspo femalefitness gym gymlife Kurz eine kleine Pause und dann geht es ab ins Studio training war heute morgen angesagt, gleich geht’s ab hinter die Theke in den service 😊 lovewhatido job lovemyjob Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Dienstag tuesday

norge hovetri rulletrening norway aktivhverdag svettefest loveit ilike nofilter training cr7drive Deilig når man kan sykle litt inne når det er vinter. Ønsker alle en fantastisk dag, husk ingen ting er umulig, det umulige tar bare litt lenger tid🚴‍♂️

Tak si jdu odpoledne městem kolem koule a najednou zahlédnu fotku Větrošů z léta z tréninku na Lysé Hoře. Tož dobré to tehdy bylo chlapci, díky za vzpomínku! Vetrosi LysaHora Training PF2018

Celebrate every success. Wendy Miller, 62, one of our members from Australia knows each step in her progress gets her that much closer to her goal. Just look at what she has achieved since starting her journey in June 2017. Awesome! Wendy can’t wait to see her improvements in 2018. We will certainly keep you posted on our website. transformatontuesday agingevolution fitness heath fitover50 fitover60 wellness athlete dedication gainz motivation antiaging training inspiration ageless muscles gymtime workforit fitforlife goals results getfit youthful nevertoolate

Post-Workout Stack. Creatine, Fast-Digesting Protein in the form of Whey and Fast-Digesting Carbs in the form of dextrose. Be stronger than you were five minutes ago. fitmen workout fitnesslifestyle exercise fitlife fitness fitlifestyle neverskiplegday gymrat gym gymlife gains strengthtraining fitfam bodybuilding mensfitness menthatlift training workout trainharderthanme work bodybuilder nutrition postworkout legday musclegain beastmode muscle igfit leangains instafit

Spor hayatının kazandırdığı en güzel en matrak insanlardan 😉 buse_aygun (yine kahbe içiyoruz, keşke dünyayı filtre kahve yönetse😂) black and white streching gymnast gymnastics alone lost night run runner running runningman training swim swimming go flexible flex instagram instagood tbt gymnastics nike cinema cine film good yoga

A week ago i sent for a 11,2k run and it took me 1h 12min and 10 sek and i was happy i was abel to do it. Today i did the exsakt same but my time is now down to 1h 5min and 53sek. Its not the fastest time in history but for me its big and it meens that im getting better and better every day so you better watch out ;) im coming for you🏃🏼‍♀️💨 malkarsvästra malkars motivation moveyourass keepmoving fightforit nevergiveup neverstop training trainlikeagirl trainlikeabeast trainlikeabeastlooklikeabeauty running runner runnersofinstagram runnerscommunity runninggirl cardio bebetter bethebeast bethechange

Get motivated 24 📈

En dejlig løbetur efter arbejde er veloverstået🏃🏻 snart kommer resten af familie hjem og så skal der hygges😘 rigtig dejlig eftermiddag til jer alle😉 run runner runnerlife løbe løbetur løbetræne løbeinaturen træning training healthy healthylifestyle sundlivsstil healthychoices hdhealthy fit adidas adidastights mintgreen sensommer mortid alenetid momtime mommytime fitmom vinter winter instarun nofilter instamoment

El yoga mejora la salud de quienes lo practican, gracias a sus múltiples beneficios. Las posturas de yoga no dejan de sorprender por los beneficios físicos, mentales y espirituales que se consiguen en esta disciplina. Siéntete en el aire por dentro y por fuera. El yoga aporta una expansión en todos los campos de la existencia humana. Su práctica garantiza un cuerpo firme, una mente estable y un espíritu benevolente. ✌🍃🍃🌿☀ entrenamiento ejercicio consejo salud energy motivacion tips gym saludable motivation training nutricion alimentacion vidasana fitness lifestyle yoga relax

LBT ✅ track session ( pyramid) ✅ Haven’t been to the track for ages so felt a bit out of touch. Didn’t think I’d get anywhere near the recommended times in my ‘Run Less Run Faster’ book but I wasn’t too far off! Thanks lisatres for the suggestion and company! Well done Xx LBT nuffieldhealth gym training strength strong fitmum track pyramidsession runlessrunfaster running runningmum speedwork

Kopf aus 🙅‍♀️ Musik an 🎧 Training 💪🏻 gibt nichts besseres um abzuschalten und auf andere Gedanken zu kommen 👍🏻 training gym nevergiveup beastmode girlswholift fitgirl fitnesslifestyle healthylifestyle music kopffreikriegen diet bikinifigur2018 ehrgeiz fitness motivation 🏋🏼‍♀️➡️👙

Kankani etiketle oda görsün (Yana kaydır kankanı etiketle) •—• TUNCKOCMAN•——• •Değişime Hazırmısın BİZ Seninleyiz Ya Siz? ✅KİŞİYE ÖZEL PROGRAM✅ Hem lezzetli hemde Kolay ve sağlıklı şekilde %100 sonuç alma garantisi Spor programı Beslenme programı Gıda takviyesi Detoks Özel takip Özel eğitim Motivasyon desteği Psikolojik destek •——•> Bilgi ve iletişim İçin—•⤵️ •📲 📞•Whatsapp:0542 791 68 28 ————————————————————— 📲📖▶️ Takip et👉 tunckocman ———————————————————— Online ve Uzaktan eğitim takip ❤️ tunckocman tunckocman . fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation fitness squat squatgirl biceps gymtime gymfit gymnastics bodybuildingmotivation bodybuilding atletikfizik squats muscles sportlife personeltrainer eatclean legsfordays instafit fatburner tunckocman beslenme ifbb workout crossfit cardio sport training uzaktanegitim ViA: ? tunckocmanonline kocmantunc fitnesstakviye tunckocman

Сьогодні перший день тренінгу "Маркетинг та комунікації" і наші тренери розпочали його з цікавої вправи для учасників: 4 команди мали створити захист для курячого яйця, а також придумати своєму проекту назву та гарно його представити. Пізніше створені проекти "перевіряли" на висоті 2,5 метри Тренінг "Маркетинг та комунікації" є третім у рамках проекту "Поліпшення менеджменту, фандрейзингу та комунікацій громадянського суспільства в Україні" за підтримки програми Вишеградського фонду та уряду Нідерландів. Проект реалізовує 5 європейських партнерських організацій: ADRA Slovensko (Словаччина), PMM – Polska Misja Medyczna / Polish Medical Mission (Польща), ADRA Česká republika (Чеська Республіка), HBA – Hungarian Baptist Aid / a Baptista Szeretetszolgálat angol oldala (Угорщина) та ADRA Ukraine (Україна). ***** Today is the first day of the training "Marketing and Communications" and our trainers started it with an interesting exercise for participants: 4 teams were supposed to create protection for chicken eggs, as well as to come up with a name for their project and give it a good presentation. Later traner "verified" created projects at an altitude of 2.5 meters Marketing & Communication Training is the third in the framework of the project Enhancing civil society's management, fundraising and communicating in Ukraine with the support of the Visegrad Fund and the Government of the Netherlands. The project is implemented by 5 European partner organizations: ADRA Slovensko (Slovakia), PMM - Polska Misja Medyczna / Polish Medical Mission (Poland), ADRA Česká republika (Czech Republic), HBA - Hungarian Baptist Aid / a Baptista Szeretetszolgálat angol (Hungary) and ADRA Ukraine (Ukraine). adra adraua training marketing communication тренинг тренінг роботавкоманді адра проектнийменеджмент гуманітарнадопомога humanitarianaid hungarianbaptiataid hba

Fokusiraj se na vlastita s*anja i uspjeti ćeš. Nije bitno što se govori i što se misli, bitno je tko govori i tko misli. Često su to oni koji moraju spuštati druge da bi uzdignuli sebe. Tužno. proteka teamproteka markobaric samojako training gym motivacija

📷 Credit: eigeradventure : Pulse Trail Man Running Shoes Pulse Trail Man adalah sepatu lari untuk pria yang hadir dengan outsole XS Trek Vibram untuk memberikan daya cengkeram dan daya tahan yang kuat dalam menghadapi berbagai medan. Didesain sporty, sepatu ini telah didukung dengan stabilizer chassis dan EVA cushioning yang berfungsi untuk memberikan stabilitas, kenyamanan, dan pergerakan yang ringan ketika berlari. Teknologi Tropic Dry memungkinkan material pada sepatu ini cepat kering sehingga nyaman dipakai saat bertualang Fitur dan Harga, silakan kunjungi eiger.mountaineering Tersedia di EIGER Adventure Store

Vorremmo tutti i polpacci grossi 😪 -Gianluk ATTIVATE LE NOTIFICHE PER NON PERDERVI I NOSTRI POST 📬 SEGUITECI - nascecrescelifta 🔝 USATE IL NOSTRO CODICE SCONTO PER IL 5% SU MUSCLENUTRITION nascecrescelifta10 🔥 PAGINA FACEBOOK Nasce, Cresce, Lifta Official 🔝 Per i repost taggateci e lasciate il logo🔥 CONDIVIDETE CON GLI AMICI PER FAR RIDERE ANCHE LORO E COMMENTATE. 📨 Se avete delle idee per dei meme o se volete collaborare con noi scriveteci in direct 📤 🔥Stay shredded🔥 bodybuilding powerlifting crossfit musclenutrition instafit workout motivation nopainnogain aesthetic gym palestra workhard determination fitfam stayfit stayshredded strenght fitnessaddict training picoftheday meme gymmeme fissati nascecrescelifta humor fitness sessoghisaeproteineofficial porte polpacci

DI BAWAH SATU PASUKAN Dunia bergerak pantas dan perubahan berlaku terlalu cepat sehingga jika kita terlambat, kita akan ketinggalan. Antara instrumen yang terlibat dalam memastikan dinamika dalam psukan terus berada di tahap yang maksimum adalah keupayaan membudayakan semangat berpasukan dalam diri setiap entiti yang ada dalam komposisi sesebuah organisasi. Semangat berpasukan yang kuat memudahkan gerak kerja dalam sebarang aktiviti melibatkan kerjasama antara pengurusan dan kumpulan sokongan sebaliknya semangat berpasukan yang lemah akan menyebabkan gerak kerja pasukan menjadi terbantut. amirulanuar bayualamfoto sangsperma sangspermadotcom gawangdotmy sportphotographer sportphoto sport photo canon photooftheday ligamalaysia ligasuper ligapremier pialafam skuadpresiden photographer official fotografersukan sukan training footballmalaysia bicaradarihati digitalmedia passion bangkitbersama

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Today i hit a new personal record: i was able to bench my weight. Something ive never been able to do haveing always been a lightweight. Consistency is key and progress will happen fitnessblogger fitspo fitfam getstrong trainhard motivationmonday bench transformationtuesday fitspiration justdoit training cleaneating eatclean healthylifestyle noexcuses fitnessgoals tattoos hotguy blueeyes

Training tomorrow!⠀ U13/14s: 6 - 7pm⠀ Seniors: 7 - 8.30pm⠀ ⠀ See you there!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ benfleet vikings rugby training fitness strength rugbyunion instarugby rugbygram kidsfirst kidsrugby rugbykids

CHIA PUDDING This has honestly got to be one of my favourite nutrient-dense foods, that can help keep you surprisingly full. I’ve started packing this to snack on during or after a climb. One tbsp of chia seeds (12 g) gives you 3 g of protein, 20% of your daily fibre, 2 g of omega-3 fatty acids and 0.5 g of omega-6 fatty acids. (And 0 sugars, for those need to monitor a glycemic index.) . I’ve been experimenting with it a bit lately. This one is made with Earl Grey tea, blueberries, soy milk, and a touch of maple syrup 😋 For one cup of chia pudding, I use 2.5-3 tbsp of chia seeds, then mix in my liquids and add-ins, stir well, leave in the fridge overnight, and it’s ready in the morning! (Or within half an hour!) Also, 3 tbsp chia seeds = 9 g protein, which is just as much protein as a Clif bar And no, I do not have a chia seed sponsor. But if I did, SO MUCH PUDDING 😋🥣 chia chiapudding chiaseeds chiaseedpudding superfood snack climber climbing chiropractor chiropractic climbingchiro fuel delicious tasty easy nutrition glycemicindex diabetes nutrientdense protein omegafattyacids training bouldering sportclimbing leadclimbing

didyouknowbyhb that even the desert gets below freezing. Since it is so dry the heat from the day just disappears "into thin air". Morning runs are the best29 degrees this morning. run training getreadyforthetoughmudder toughmudder circuittraining afterwards with bigail_bird