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G E N E T I C S fascinate me! We always like to say, oh he got that from me (or if a less appealing trait, definitely got that from ya father 😂) but actually I don’t know whether it’s nature vs nurture I just know that regardless they’re their own little people already destined to be whoever they’re going to be it’s just up to us to shape them into the best version I think. Check out Mum and I as a baby vs Holly and I, swipe right for Hubby than Harry and then myself as a baby and Holly. All so similar! ➡️

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DAY 3 of 365 DAYS OF MAKING YOU FEEL MORE POSITIVE YOU HAVE LOTS OF POSITIVE QUALITIES I went for a job promotion at my work this week which I didn’t get but despite this It did not change my positive outlook or how I feel about myself or the quality of my work. 😀. These are the cards I got from the head and deputy head at my work afterwards. 😀. If you ever doubt the positive qualities that you have the best thing to do is to write a list about the qualities you have, ask your friends or look back at times in the past. 😀. You have many amazing qualities that you should be so proud of. Many more than any negative traits. So be proud of the positive person you are and the impact you make. yearofpositivity spotofpositivity thanks thankful positive positivity positivevibes mentalhealthawareness mindfulness positivethoughts positivethinking lists beyourself bepositive traits proud work life inspiration motivation

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In July my allotment will be 1 yr old! From the overgrown wilderness it was to the photo taken a few days ago . It provides me with calm, serenity and gives me a purpose on days I feel like I can’t manage with my life’s stresses. I’ll always be thankful for it, my little plot 8 🥰 . homeblog mamblog blendedfamilylife dailygrind dailylife asd traits autism spectrumfamily daughter alwayslinedup familylife mamlife mamsquad mam101 cleaning myfam famlife squad crazyfam cleaning hinching imahincher instablog

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I believe that your strengths ignite your passion and your passion illuminates your intentions. As you meander into your Sunday, make some time to stop and sit for a moment. Think about something you’re planning in the immediate future. Tomorrow, next week or next monthwhat do you want the outcome to be? How will it seem for you, should the outcome be different from what you anticipated? What is your best character trait? Have a lovely Sunday while pondering and wandering around! sunday time reflect outcome realtalk integrity personality awesome traits passion action growth meditation communication understanding expectations healing you pilot graffiti streetart artist building qotd skyisthelimit capetown sundayfunday letsgo

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Hufflepuff is the most underrated house at Hogwarts yet it's the same house that has produced the least number of dark wizards 👀 Loyalty, hard work, patience, kindness, modesty, creativity, tolerance, fair play, forgiving, integrity and dedication are some of the key traits of a hufflepuff which doesn't seem to get the recognition it deserves as Gryffindor, Slytherin or Rawen claw would 🙄 The other 3 houses may be courageous, intelligent and shrewd but hufflepuffs are just as amazing with their "RARE" qualities and I'd totally be down to be a chill hufflepuff all day, everyday 😎 💛 🖤 💛 🖤 "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice" 💛 harrypotter Hogwarts hufflepuff Gryffindor slytherin rawenclaw cedric tonks potterhead badgers traits helgahufflepuff harrypotterseries yellow black blackandyellow newpost proudhufflepuff newtscamander

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O heck O lawd here he comes. I’d like you all to meet the little shit that is Dante. He’s my and I’m very proud of him. A frobbie for the frobbiemyo ♪~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Traits used: Common - head, face, tail Uncommon- height, jelly+fluff Epic- tongue 🌱Dante was made before the Re-opening of the myo🌱 (Frobbies are a closed species by /d3adcatto do not make your own) frobbiespecies species closedspecies myo event oc character drawing doodle digitalart art lineart shading purple gold jelly traits

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The Genos model, shown above, comprises a set of seven emotionally intelligent competencies. Competencies represent skills and behaviours, based on underlying abilities and experiences, that are measurable and observable. The Genos model captures the workplace skills and behaviours that manifest from emotional intelligence abilities. emotionalintelligence selfawareness beirut lebanon dubai Kuwait Egypt qatar traits recruitment development productivity leadership business assessments surveys selection selfmanagement

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Начни меняться если не хочешь остаться один ⠀ «Ты всегда будешь одна, у тебя никогда не будет настоящих друзей; не девушка, а реально ходячая проблема!» - мое мнение о себе и нет, все это не от того что я «толстая» или «некрасивая», проблема в моем характере. ⠀ Никогда не будет так как ты хочешь, и плясать под твою дудочку никто не собирается. Пойми, что рано или поздно человеку надоест терпеть все твои капризы, обиды с поводом и без, всяческие упрёки и что вообще виноват только он(она), а я сделала все правильно. Научись видеть в первую очередь свои ошибки и в чем неправ(а) ты, даже если в ситуации виноват другой. ⠀ Нужно давать любви столько, сколько ты просишьХватит быть эгоисткой(том)! Да, человек может уставать, и не поинтересоваться как у тебя дела, забыть о чём-то, ведь кроме тебя у него(нее) есть свои друзья, дела и проблемы. Да, человек тоже хочет, чтобы его понимали и поддерживали, а не выслушивали твои недовольства. Прежде чем требовать чего-то от человека, подумай лучше о том, что ты можешь дать взамен. Почему ты удивляешься, что тебя не любят, не ценят и вообще ты всех раздражаешь? Если ты постоянно ноешь, что нихуя не можешь, что у тебя никогда не получится и даже смысла нет пробовать ведь я все равно не смогу не смогу похудеть, ведь у меня по генетике «кость широкая», не смогу вылечить свою кожу, ведь я тааак «стараюсь» её исправить(а на деле жру по батончику в день и внушаю себе, что магазинные хлопья типо ‘худеем за неделю’ это полезно) и тд. Жалуешься на всех и все, но в большинстве своём виноват только ты. ⠀ Засунь в жопу свои принципы. Поверь, без своей отдачи отдачу получать не будешь. С вечным «я не смогу» поддержки никогда не будет. Пойми, что нужно меняться, а не думать «нуу, эт мой характер, принимай его или иди в жопу» с такой точкой зрения слать будут только тебя. ————————————————— motivationalquotes aesthetic advice quotes changeyourthoughts changeyourself yourself traits follow liketime likeforlike followme followtime

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I can't wait to find out who I am, where I am from and who I am connected togot my ancestry kit on sale for Mothersday for $59 instead of $99 and added the traits analysis for $20. I woke up charged and excited. I've always had a strong desire to know my history and I am trying to reconnect with my father's side of the family in which I lost contact with right after my High School graduation in 1999! (Really sad) I will be sharing this journey and hope that you all can help me in my pursuit. It takes 6-8 weeks for the results so until then I will share some of the names of my family (I remember a few) and hope that someone out there can help me. Have a great day and rememberI am Enough, I have Enough and There is Enough! Youtube series starting soon! ocflow transparent help family discovery path whoamI love life freedom faith gifts talent firststep friends light connection health mypath embracingwhoIam

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Reflections of life's journey usually tends to present deja vu moments into our lives that strikes a familiar chord as time develops. Recognizing these patterns has the ability to teach us the power of experience and how heavily it impacts our choices. This is the circle of life and as much as we try to deny it's influence upon us, we are all essentially a by-product of our genetic composition. Resistance for the most part is futile. Surely we have the opportunity to incorporate traits into our persona that tend to be more enviable than our predecessors but there will always be a connection that will be recognizable by ourselves, as well as by others, in comparison to our parents. facts genetics heredity inheritance dejavu lessonlearned impact influence power acceptance embrace journey path circleoflife familiar maturity growth wisdom traits tendency life behaviour knowledge appreciation reflection experience friends food laughter drink

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Trailing Footsteps of Great Naturalist. The campers from Tagore International School, Delhi have become more and more aware about the environment. They possess traits of great naturalists: curiosity, patience, observation power and above all passion naturalist traits campers tis delhi curiosity dudhwa nature patience jungles wilderness passion environment observation forest welltravelled wanderer wanderlust adventurer instalike beautiful instatravel scenery safari travel traveller journey

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En cours | Sophie Matter dans l'exposition collective Chacun son trait, ces jours bleus "Le travail de Sophie Matter est semblable à une expérimentation plastique et graphique tant par la variation des supports et des médiums que des approches. Même dans ses œuvres participatives et perfomatives, c'est toujours le trait qui crée la forme, entre abstraction et figuration." Photo ©Pierre Vallet Exposition à la galerie jusqu'au 8 juin Entrée libre du mercredi au samedi, 14h30-19h & tous les jours sur rdv Avec awenacozannet christinecrozat marieanita.gaube gwenhautin sophmatter armelledesaintemarie ongoing onview encours exhibition exposition groupshow chacunsontrait awenacozannet christinecrozat marieanitagaube gwenhautin sophiematter armelledesaintemarie traits stroke bleu blue drawings draw galeriefbesson croixrousse monlyon onlylyon igerslyon contemporaryart artcollectors artcurators artgallery artoftheday instaart