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There is a gap. But is it justified? Should female sports stars get paid the same as their male counterparts? Or is the gap fair? Voice your opinions below! 👇 debates2u

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Dari dua tulisan di atas, manakah yang lebih berpotensi adalah seorang pelanggar hukum? Penelitian ini dilakukan di sebuah populasi penjara untuk memperkuat penelitian Eropa yang mengidentifikasi trait-trait yang diasosiasikan dengan perilaku antisosial dan kriminal. Nah bisakah kamu menebak mana yg banyak ditemukan pada tulisan seorang kriminal? grafologi grafologiindonesia handwritinganalysis criminal traits

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Hello🤗 stylo rasoir est arriver ! Envie de traits pour coupe homme ou bien dessin sur nuque pour femme ! N'oubliez pas ces 10 e! dessin traits chang'hair 💋

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Australian mentor text for teaching writing. Teachers often say VOICE is the hardest trait to teach students because it seems so subjective. It’s not as clear cut as conventions or sentence fluency so how can you possibly teach it? This intriguing text from author Libby Gleeson and illustrator Armin Greder is a wonderful text for exploring VOICE with students. What is the tone of this text? What was Libby Gleeson’s purpose for writing this? How can a text have VOICE when the second half of the text has no words at all!? As is generally the case, the VOICE in this book is strengthened by specific WORD CHOICE combined with very deliberate choices around SENTENCE FLUENCY. (It contains long flowing sentences as well as staccato like short sentences and repetition to add drama and impact. *I would recommend this narrative for students in years 3-6* This book was published by Walker Books and was short-listed for the CBCA Picture Book of the Year Award in 2000. mentortexts writing primarywriting elementarywriting literacy primaryliteracy leadingliteracy aussieteachertribe aussieteachersofinstagram aussieteachers australian teachersofaustralia teachersdownunder teachingwriting teachersofmelbourne teachersfollowteachers 6traits traitswriting traits narrative mentortext

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Novembre 2018- Experimentation plastique pour une pochette de CD Calme/Vent/Tempête

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Une nouvelle exposition dès le 20 mars! La Galerie Gallimard est heureuse d’exposer vingt-trois illustrateurs des Editions Gallimard Jeunesse autour du thème du Bestiaire. Éclatant panorama du graphisme contemporain, l’exposition présente artistes confirmés et nouveaux talents : Chloé Alméras • Fred Benaglia • Benjamin Chaud • Cruschiform • Owen Davey • Christine Destours • Aurélia Fronty • Caroline Gamon • Bernadette Gervais • Georg Hallensleben • Véronique Joffre • Antoon Krings • Thierry Laval • Laurent Moreau • Nathalie Novi • Vincent Pianina • François Place • Roberto Prual-Reavis • François Roca • Antoine Ronzon • Susumu Shingu • Olivier Tallec • Shaun Tan Une quarantaine d'illustrations originales et d'épreuves signées sont proposées à la vente. Renseignements sur Galerie animaux bestiaire jeunesse Galerieart bookshop Art Planches couleurs littérature gouache aquarelle illustrations traits exposition vente crayon comicbook bookshop painting bookaddict Art GalerieArt gallimard editions_gallimard gallimard_jeunesse almeras_chloe fredbenaglia benjamin_chaud cruschiform owendaveydraws christinedestours aureliafronty caroline.gamon bernadettegervais veroniquejoffre antoonkrings thierrylaval laurentmoreauillustration nathalienovi vincentpianina francoisplace robertoprual-reavis francoisroca antoine_ronzon_animation susumushingu oliviertallec shauntan

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This is a double-in-one challenge: one is for HOMwork hosted by homsweethom : get your ‘cereals’ together, inspired by (one of) your serial traits! And the second one is by the very talented iamgiagraham for the PalettePlay2019. I love the idea of using only 5 colours and see how much you can do with it. This is the PalettePlay_DewDrop . I’ll add the five given colours. Swipe to see the front in full, the pencil sketch and the colours of this month March. - I started scribbling down some of my ‘traits’ - applestuff saxstuff graphicstuff musicstuff. And noticed I used the word 😁 stuff in the same sketch quite a few times! And so the idea was born… In my cupboard should be a box full of Super Shit Stuff! * I challenge my fellow-letterbesties fontness lienloveslettering madebykaat handletter_niekeltje dees_design_krijtjesenletters and bernice_lettersandthings to join the PalettePlay challenge! It’s great fun! You don’t need an iPad, you can use the colours from your RealLife brushes as well! _ Procreate ApplePencil IPadPro handlettering creative colours cereals traits funwithHomwork goodtype artoftype thedesigntip handwritten typematters dailytype thisisnotafont calligraphy letterdrawing

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✨✨⭐️Leadership QA⭐️✨✨ 🔶In my opinion the number one leadership principle is dependability/accountability followed by integrity as a close second. 🔹 🔸 🔷If you say you’re going to do something, or say you’re going to be there, then in a leadership role it is expected of you by your peers that you follow through with your actions. If you fail to hold yourself accountable even once, you've failed in your peers eyes and you will never gain that respect back from your subordinates/peers. 🔸 🔹 🔶Integrity is closely correlated with this being that others expect you to be honest, even if the truth is not sometimes the easiest. 🔹 🔸 🔹 “Let’s Roll Out Arbitrons!” • • •🗣 EverydayPrime 🔸🔹 • leadershipquotes mondaymotivation mondaymorning leadershipdevelopment answers leadertraining traits successprinciples principles developmental development opinion opinions buildingleaders learningresources bigthinking thinkbigger characteristics success successcoaching successtraining businessdevelopment mondayinspiration mondaythoughts mondaytherapy leadbyexample thoughtleadership businessleaders

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Joy cometh in the morning🙌🏾 keep your faith alive

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Interview: It was an honour for the team of LBC to interview Cheryl Cade, a beer sommelier and the member of the Guild of Beer Writers who shared her preferences on beer over other drinks, the personal and professional traits of brewmaster, her choice in drinks, and ongoings of the beer:⠀ ⠀ What according to you defines a brewmaster?⠀ A brewmaster is a person who has a passion for the product that he /she is making and is willing to invest, time, knowledge and skill in that product. They know their ingredients and are willing to push the boundaries but can also brew a product consistently to the same high standards.⠀ ⠀ What do you prefer - Beers or Beer Cocktails and why?⠀ With the range of beer styles out there and the range of ingredients used I must say that I do prefer beer to beer cocktails. When making beer cocktails I find that it works better if it is used as the mixer.⠀ ⠀ Why beer over any other drink (spirits, wine etc.)?⠀ I do like, wine and other drinks but I prefer Beer because of the range of skills involved in producing the product. The fact that from just 4 main ingredients a brewer can create something so complex and diverse, yet they can then add a little different to it and make something that takes your mind back to eating Christmas pudding by a fire.⠀ ⠀ What according to you are the trends in beer these days?⠀ The beer sector continues to be led by innovation and the demand for the ‘New’, there is still a desire for Sours and also for Barrel ageing.⠀ ⠀ Craft beer is still on the rise, but a number of brewers are looking back and some of the most recognised ‘Craft’ brewers are now starting to do cask beer. All that can be hoped with this, is that the retailer and public will see a levelling of the costs for both Keg & cask beers to the retailer and the producer.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ interviewsessions tips goodreads instareads tips business techniques cocktails mixology brewers traits beertrends beersommelier Top100LBC beerindustry craftbeers

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Personality types: Analysts ➡️ Swipe right . Understanding your personality type can be extremely useful for assessing your strengths and weaknesses, determining your career path and identifying your workplace habits The first personality group is Analysts which is comprised of: Architects/ Logician/ Commander/ Debater Swipe right to learn more about your personality type and its associated career paths Click on link in bio to take the test and see if you fall in this category, and learn more about your traits smalltalkimc starttheconversation marketing marketingdigital marketingtips marketingonline marketingstrategy marketing101 marketingplan marketingsocial marketingteam marketinglife marketingconsultant marketingmanagement marketingexpert marketingquotes passion work ambition purpose career personality personalitytypes traits analysts jungian jungianarchetypes

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Mentor text for recount writing. Newsflash- recount writing doesn’t have to be boring and voiceless! Who knew? This lovely book from Australian author Chris Faille is a great mentor text to help students see that recount writing can be informative AND interesting at the same time. It would be a useful mentor text for teaching the following traits of writing: IDEAS- this story is based on one central idea: recounting the time a family found a baby kookaburra. The right amount of details have been given to let the reader know what happened. ORGANISATION- Looking at this book to discuss how the author demonstrated the passing of time would certainly assist writers with their own recount writing. VOICE- It is obvious the narrator cares about the topic. Personal thoughts and wonderings have been added to the facts to increase the amount of voice in this text- this would be a great revision lesson for student recounts. *I would recommend this mentor text for F-4 students.* This book was published by Working Title Press and was the winner of the CBCA 2014 Even Pownall Award for Information Books P.S I purchased this book for $5 from Aldi! mentortexts primarywriting elementarywriting teachersofaustralia teachersdownunder teachersofmelbourne teachersofinstagram aussieteachersofinstagram australian aussieteachers aussieteachertribe 6traits traitswriting traits recount aldi aldifinds loveozkidlit kidsbookstagram

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Novembre 2018 - Experimentation plastique pour une pochette de CD Calme/Vent/Tempête