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Why manspreading is alive and well 😂😂😂 this visitmelbourne tram is fairly quiet but he can't help taking up the entire seat So here we go. I shall not give in to male privilege and he continues to push against me maleprivilege onlymen For my own safety I'll wait until I leave the tram to say something, and it obviously has to be polite because NotAllMen

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A day on the trams

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Московский трамвай празднует юбилей – ему исполнилось 120 лет. 20 апреля прошёл парад трамваев, который с каждым разом бьет новые рекорды посещаемости 🚃 Часть 2 Moscow Russia Tram Tramvay Tramvaj April20 Railfan Spotter Trainspotter Railspotter Transport Trainspotting Railway Instatrain Instarailway Москва Россия Трамвай ПарадТрамваев Мост

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🇭🇰Sugarfina 香港限定的 Hello! Hong Kong Candy Bento Box 電車造型糖果禮盒 🚃,除了向香港懷舊集體回憶致敬之外,車身上更印有維港沿岸的建築,極具代表性!😍 盒內附有 Rose All Day Bears 及 Fuji Apple Caramels,最適合用來做香港手信!❤️🤩 . Visiting Hong Kong? Bring home a piece of the "Pearl of the Orient" with our Hello! HK Tram Candy Bento Box 🚋 Filled with our signature flavours of Rosé All Day Bears and Fuji Apple Caramels, this beautiful souvenir will take you on a journey of the city’s most iconic cultural sites SugarfinaHK hkgift giftidea hkfoodie hkfoodlover candylover sweettreats hkig hkfood gummybears gummies candy sweets staysweet Sweettooth hongkong tram hellohongkong VictoriaHarbour tsimshatsui Central 香港手信 送禮 香港電車 集體回憶 維港

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Lisbon의 상징 Yellow Tram 저도 봤어욥

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Начало этого дня будет облачным, а он сам - ясным. Однако воздух прогреется меньше, чем вчера. Как обещают синоптики, до +12.

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Посадки нет и не будет

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The sound of trams is a really iconic aspect of this location. If artists are not the users uploading their work, they loose control over the context in which their art is used. This ethical issue must be taken into account by individuals wanting to effectively preserve an artwork in a way that appropriately capture the context surrounding a work (National Library of Australia 2013). National Library of Australia 2013 <> Accessed 23/4/2019 lister streetart streetartists melbourne bicycles tram

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Move in Latvia 🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

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*🍉juice & häagen-dazs on tram* 春日限定花果系列橙花雪糕&西瓜汁 on 叮叮🤤♡ * one thing i love about hk, every trip on tram with ur favorites♡ * 2月にオーストラリアで焼けて更に香港で焼けた☀︎やっぱり暑いところが好き。そして更に太った🐷 トラムの揺れかなりすごいけど好き☺︎♡ * * hk hongkong hkig tram 叮叮 橙花雪糕 多謝 夏天 銅鑼灣 無加工 西瓜汁 雪糕 haagendazs icecream haha 🐷 happy sun summer photography nofilter fashiongram sunlight thankyou watermelon juice 電車 香港 大好き