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We are little more than shadows falling on fleeting squares of sun transparent highlight

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"Den Puls des eigenen Herzens fühlen. Ruhe im Innern, Ruhe im Äußern. Wieder Atem holen lernen, das ist es" (Christian Morgenstern) Ich wünsche euch Lieben einen wundervollen und vorallem sonnigen Tag, bei mir scheint sie schon ganz sachte 😚😚 miss_elisa_beth picture pictureoftheday instapic instawoman fotografie photography outdoorshooting photoshooting perspektive weichert_photography redbody bordeauxrot body transparent curlyhair curly curlylady blackhair redlips makeup ladylike feminim weiblichkeit sensualwoman sensuality leidenschaft purewoman

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Малютка "Озеро с золотыми рыбками", яркая на просвет, темная на теле. С этим кружочком сбудутся все ваши желания 🐟💫 как всегда - в единственном экземпляре! 300 грн red glass necklace jewelry exclusive vsco art handmade madeinua madeinukraine madeinkyiv зробленовукраїні pendant amazing inspiration vscocam vscopure vscogood transparent пішескло laraart_buy_it_now

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| Bei Dantons Tod haben wir eine riesige LED Wand gespielt. Es stellte sich heraus, dass das gar nicht so einfach ist, überhaupt eine geeignete zu erwerben, aber das Ergebnis kann sich definitiv sehen lassen! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ©️ Christian POGO Zach videodesign transparent ledwall indivisualist münchen theatre videoart videodesign bavarianartist munichart theweekoninstagram instagramde wuvgram artistsoninstagram diewocheaufinstagram way2kill mobilemag videoproduction thecreatorclass createcommune killershots ig_germany theweekoninstagram pickmotion visualambassadors installation münchenliebe artofvisuals wethecreators transfer_visions visualgang

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Presents F E A T U R E S ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ 📸By🔹 indianportraitsclub 🔹 ⏺️ 🖼️Inframe🔸 enadatta🔸 ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ©️Congrats on your feature ®️TAG/DM us to get featured Ⓜ️Valid Tag indianportraitsclub ℹ️Follow indianportraitsclub 💠 💠 pratapghoshphotography sareestyle sareefashion sareelover curvyfashion curvymodel curvyfigure instahub instaphoto indianwear instakolkata instapic instagood instadaily bongbeauties bongcrush kolkatafashionblogger kolkatagram kolkatadiaries transparent picoftheday _soi _coi _woi _toi _ipc oph

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Happiness is the same price as oval opals ✨ Excited to share the latest addition to my etsy shop: kanchanglobal

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Alright so here it isDIETING IS HARD! Not just self control but mentally. So long story short here is what happened. I over atea lot. I have less then 2 weeks left of this keto cut (it's almost April y'all!) and on Saturday I was just hungry. Usually I can shrug this off but I decided to eat just a little extra here and there (damn snacking!) and was conscious about the macros. Before I knew it I was almost capped for the day and it wasn't even noon. Since I knew I was going to be hungry later I decided that I would allow myself to eat a little extra todaywell I didn't stop. The worst part being at some points I was just eating to eat, I wasn't even hungry! Now I'm posting this for a few reasons: 1. This one day does not define me or my results. Get back on the horse and keep going. You're one day does not undo everything. 2. This was not a "cheat" day. I don't use that term for food as I don't think any food/day/meal should be negatively associated as most foods aren't inherently bad. 3. It's important to stay conscious of the harder days and keep tabs on what makes them challenging. For example the fact I was eating when not hungry is important to know for when I begin upping my calories slowly. 4. If you notice that you are developing an unhealthy relationship towards food, address it. Look into day/ meal refeeds, try a diet break, switch diets, reevaluate why you are dieting. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health 5. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP OR PUNISH YOURSELF! The next day I was tempted to eat very little, do a fast, and go hard at the gym. While there are health benefits to all 3 I wasn't doing it for health, I was doing it because I was upset at myself for "failing". With all this being said I was very bloated Sunday (58g fiber and 30net/130g carb!) And had gained weight per the scale. It's only been a day and a few of those lbs and the bloating have gone back down but more importantly I'm mentally back in it! I'm not mad at myself, I'm not upset with my body, I'm not mad at quest for making delicious protein bars haha. I'm happy that I'm on the journey, and while it's still hard I know I'm going to finish strong!

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Iridescent and pearl pink for Hannah’s 30th💖👑✨

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Hast du bereits ein S: skalierbares M: maximal A: attraktives R: reproduzierbares T: transparentes Business? Dann wird es Zeit mit deiner Marke Wellen 🌊 zu schlagen ! Mach deine Reise 🧳 ⭐️ zu Dir selbst ⭐️ zu deiner Identität ⭐️ zu mehr Freiheit und ⭐️ spannenden Erkenntnissen ⭐️ zu mehr Effizienz Mit Blick über dem Teich wird 2025 das Online-Lernen nach neusten Studien über 335 Milliarden US-Dollar betragen. Falls du irgendetwas gut kannst, (und ich bin mir sicher du bist einzigartig) du fähig bist wissen zu teilen, etwas weitergeben willst, zusätzlich Geld verdienen und davon profitierten willst, mach dein Business Smart! Ich zeige dir dein völlig unabhängiges Business und wie du selbst Wellen mit einer eigenen Marke schlägst. Dein Ticket 🎫 für Erfolg ist hinterlegt. Wann starten wir die Erfolgsreise? 🚀 Bei Interesse bitte PN. Einen erfolgreichen Tag. Deine markenstrategin wirkung strategie creativity design Performance storytelling innovation selfbranding branding champion image passion maximum qualität spannend individuell erfolg markenführung personalbranding ju2markenkultur erfolgsreise smart business multipliezierbar effektiv attraktiv skalierbar transparent

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My new ten part series of prints „Nothing To Hide“ (2019) (5/10) deals with technical failures and privacy issues of our digital age. Its included in the groupshow ::: transparent ::: xponartgallery You can visit Saturday - Tuesday from 18 - 21h. Come around! hamburg_art kunstinhamburg kunst art artwork print printmaking vernissage xponart xponartgallery nothingtohide privacy exhibition gallery artgallery ausstellung contemporaryart instaart artist welovehh worksonpaper artinhamburg digital_art it transparency ki ai conceptart digitalart

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the bag you use when you’re carrying around cute things ft. LOQI transparent tote available from untilhq (head to the blog for more from this shoot) 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊 loqi gifted

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I been tryna keep my butt in the gym everyday maybe a day or 2 off out the week but that’s it n lemme tell u it feels really good to take that time to focus on me and my health but I also do it for my so they know my mom did everything she could do to be here for me for as long as possible I be lookin a hot mess but fuck it 🤣🏋️‍♀️ gymlife beastmode gymmom momof3 health fitness nofilter rawuncut transparent