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PLEASE READ BELOW👇: This isn't recent dance video, but I felt led to share, as I'm so grateful & humbled. People have seen me passionate about my faith, some even inquired why. Well it's because God( Jesus, Yashua, Yahweh) loved me when I couldnt love myself. His love covers my weaknesses 😫. He sacrificed Himself for me ❤. True love at is finest, I dont know who could come close to take a bullet or die for me. Even people I know now, aren't even as thoughtful of me But He thought of me before time🌍. He had & has continuously arms wide open in unconditional love when others rejected me. So even if your at the borderline, wondering is God real, who's this Jesus? ( not referring to the context of He's black or white God that's another story) Is there anything more to life than what I see or experience? Then I encourage you to give Him a yes. The only way to God is through His son Jesus. Your life will never be the same. I'm a living miracle of the impossible, a testimony. You don't have to come all perfect, we are imperfect beings, if we were, then there will be no need for Abba God Jesus still got blood for you👇 & loves you. Take this as your message from Him❤| • • • Artist travisgreenetv 🙏❤ TagHim PropheticMinistry Passionate Dancer Minister: powerfuldancer27

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Boom! Pic via. That mum life

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Mens < SUNNEI > ¥82,000+tax

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Fun fact! Only 10% of the energy in a lightbulb is used to create light 💡 Ninety percent of a lightbulbs energy creates heat! 🤓

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Today I received a message. It overflowed my heart & left me in the most beautiful of tears. The message read, “I am not sure you will relate however I need you to know, watching you in your stories was exactly what I needed. I recently lost everything. Every single thing. Material, money, relationships & most troubling hope. I was paralyzed. I was scrolling online seeing all the “stuff” everyone had. And dove deeper into my pity party. Until your posts. You were dancing about like a mad woman. (No offense). I assumed you with friends. A few posts later you actually admitted to being alone in a hotel. It took a few minutes for it to hit me. Holy sh*t. This woman lives in abundance of realness & certainly doesn’t mind being called crazy. (Again no offense).” She then referenced this clip. “The laughter in this moment is so pure. It made me know my own company is worth more than I believe. Thank you for the example of authentic self love and the challenge you set for me to share such a loving moment with myself”. We all can be so filthy rich in the love for life. 💕

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✨So happy to hang out with friends👯‍♀️ ❤️Thank pnersty for sharing this charming look. Give her a like if you enjoy! Join the Shining in Your Eyes Event, win a shining frame for FREE! Style on the pic: VHP0189-01 🤓Click the link in our bio to shop, or DM us if you have any questions! 💥Voogueme - BORN TO BE UNIQUE  voogueme  glasses  frame  fashion  eyewear  transparent cateye rhinestone BornToBeUnique BTBU

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We are happy to announce our official dress designer Arti Singh RPS ENTERTAINMENTS IN ASSOCIATE WITH SKILL ERP PRESENT Alina Miss Trans /Mr Gay India 2019 DATE: Grand finale 2june VENUE: Reddision blue Dwarka Sector 13 New Delhi Book your tickets apply now at or call 9958798001 ApplyNow BeautyPageant LGBT Loveislove Alina Trans Event Gay Modling Fashion desinger transgender transparent transsexual trans indiantransactors transmodel transmodels modelslifestyle fashion fashionphotography rampwalk lgbtiqh+ section377 lgbtrights

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Bare with me for a minute as you all know I’ve been digging deep and giving my entire effort to learning how to love myself. While trying to navigate through who I want to be vs who I think others want me to be. Today I’m going to celebrate a couple of small wins 1. Yesterday I wore very minimal make up to church. By minimal I mean mascara and eye brows wait what?! Yes. For the first time ever I decided to not hide behind a mask of foundation, layers of powder, and the rest of the works! Now let me be clear I LOVE MAKE UP. And will continue to wear it. 😆 I’m in no way, shape, or form knocking it. In the past, it has been my security blanket and hiding mechanism. Today, it’s not! Yesterday I felt confident enough in my own skin to just be me! That was such a cool feeling! 2. What in the actual heck am I wearing to church?! A FITTED dress? that shows a little leg! Who is this girl? Sure, it’s not your typical church attire but I’m not in the business of pleasing others. Or to fit, said mold. I know my personal relationship with Jesus, and it’s authentic! In fact, funny enough, our service was about not seeking the approval of others but seeking the approval of Jesus. It couldn’t have been a more perfect week for such a service. It only confirmed what I have been chasing for the last month of my life. Today I am the happiest I have been since releasing the pressure of “perfection”. Perfection isn’t real, friends. It’s not. And you don’t have to try and chase that so called “title”. Trust me 😉 We are all beautifully imperfect. Know you’re a beautiful soul and embrace who god created you to be! Xo 😘 imperfect church winning celebrate smallwins fitmom sheisstrong fitchick healthylifestyle sheisfierce fierce love boymom momof3 mompreneur 28daymetabolicswitch jacked shredded lifestyle thestandages thatonefitfam authentic transparent

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