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sair isen gördüğün her şey ya bir dizeyi besler ya da yazdigin bir dize ile karsilasiverirsin doğa içinde haddikifaye isimli şiirimin dördüncü bölümünü yeniden yazdım telorgu önünden geçerken işte öyle siir poet poetry siirkitabi kitapdostu nature naturevideo videoclub videooftheday travel travelvideo instagood instagram instagramers instavid womanpoetry kitapsözleri travelgram travelling nature_turkiye memory igers videosevenler kadinyayinevi farkindasizintihar naile.duman

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This road leads to Karnagio. I am dedicating one more post to this amazing place because everyone deserves the pleasure to experience it! 😊. You can check out one of my previous posts where I get more into details about them 🇬🇷 karnagio karnagiobeachbar tastyfood seafood lunchbythesea seaview greece thassos island beach sea sand travelgram traveller places greekbeaches beautifulplaces traveltogreece beachside seascape postcardsfromtheworld tripadvisor pixelatedstorytelling natgeotraveller wonderfulplaces awsomeearth earthvacations igeurope photooftheday beautifuldestinations

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That lazy afternoon, a few 100 meters off the center of the Mcleodganj town, I walked 10,700 steps, just so I could see this! From this day I was absolutely convinced that I'm a hundred percent mountain baby! Beaches remind me of grainy coffee and humid sweat, and the forest is filled with damp always some poisonous insects or snakes than exotic birds, but the mountains, those seems my real home, these days So, here's a different world on the mountain slopes, a world we were rarely told about, and a world that keeps pulling you in until you leave everything behind and unlearn every concept to lose yourself in the mysticism. And so I walked up to the mountains, going over the meadow, through the valley, lost in my thoughts, I kept walking, because that's all could be done to reclaim myself from all the griefs of this world I roamed through all of Dharamshala with two feelings- either bloated, or drunk ~ during these days when I was eating momos for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and by the time this picture was taken, I'd successfully nested atleast 85 dollops of flour and tasty meat, and some very little amount of vegetables inside me insta_photography_club india_lens india.clicks tripshelf creative_photography_club photographers.of.india world_photography_page maestro_photography photo_pond photographers_abode photofieteam streetphotographyindia indianshade yourshot_india india_ig natgeotravellerindia aperturearea yourshot_india shots_of_india   gallery_of_india world_photo_addiction ig_color earth_shotz world_shotz dslr.hub moodygram splendid_india snapseed.mob pixlr visionofpictures fabclickz world_click_ world.clickz world_of_photogenic mixtonedphotoclub indian_lights incredibleindia natgeo natgeoyourshot lonelyplanetindia himalayangeographic inhimalayas mountains travel travelgram travelphotography indiabeats indiaphotostory igramming_india igers monochrome blackandwhiteoftheday blackandwhite bnw bnwphotos bnwphotography bnwsouls nikon photographers_of_india mypixeldiary instagood mypixeldiary wanderlust momo buddist

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Mit Jetlag und guter Laune zurück aus Kanada! 🙌🏼 Das Land is wirklich unfassbar(!) schön. Hammer Reiseziel, kann ich echt jedem - der Bock auf viel Natur hat - empfehlen.🌲 Ich bring mal wieder n bisschen andere Farben außer Grüntöne in meinen Feed 😂 andialleyoop alleyoop vancouver

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My First Camel Ride Experience 🐫 . Camel rides in Dubai offer a unique way to explore the landscape of the Desert. Riding a camel is a unique experience and one which you are unlikely to ever forget, and where better to do it than in the authentic setting that is the desert. As part of the Dubai Desert Safari Tour, one can get a chance to ride a Camel for free and take a good picture. However in my case, I seized the moment and pay an extra AED 25 to rent the Camel and go for a ride around the desert camp for 30 minutes. Not bad for the price coz the entire experience was totally worth it.

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Mountain views

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When I am rich, I want a monster to hold my window, too. 🥰

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После переноса столицы в 1703 году в ПетербургКоломенское утратило статус царской резиденции. Без ремонта и присмотра здание обветшало и находилось в аварийном состоянии. В 1762-м по приказу Екатерины II архитекторы под руководством Ивана Мичурина осмотрели дворец, сделали обмеры и чертежи. Сумму на перестройку признали слишком высокой и в 1768 году его было решено снести. Перед этим была создана модель старого дворца, которая хранилась в Оружейной палате и позднее была утеряна. На месте демонтированного сооружения высадили кусты акации. ДворецАлексеяМихайловича ДворецЦаряАлексеяМихайловича УсадьбаКоломенское Коломенское ПаркКоломенское март2019 ВыходныеУдались TravelRussia travelGram instaTravel Путешествия ВнутреннийТуризм ЧтоПосмотреть КудаПоехатьПоРоссии КудаПоехатьСДетьми ПутешествуемСДетьми КудаПоехать ПутешествияПоРоссии неСидимДома неСидимНаМесте ПутешествиеОдногоЧемодана

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"OhThis day was too Yellow!" This is from my Nag Tibba Trek. Conducted this with a small sweet group. We had couple of tents exclusive to us and Nights were chillywhile the day was bright. But the Next Day we got to see snowSo i'm good with that😀 travel travelling vacation visiting traveler instatravel instago wanderlust trip holiday photooftheday lifeofadventure doyoutravel tourism tourist instapassport instatraveling mytravelgram travelgram travelingram igtravel travelhotelsmiles instalife ig_worldphoto lovelife traveling travelblog instago gopro gopro trek fitness

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Climbing Mount Fuji- An honest account: Now, I have since noticed that several students have managed to find me on social media, so I'll try and keep this as clean as I can. Since coming to Japan, naturally, something I had been particularly keen to attempt was to climb the 3,776m of Mt. Fuji, Japan's most famous and tallest mountain. I had hoped to enjoy the traditional experience of climbing season and begin my ascent one afternoon, rest at a mountain hut and wake up in the early hours to complete my ascent in time to watch the sun rise in the most stunning location of the nation which is literally named sunrise land (日本). Unsurprisingly I wasn't alone, and a square billion other climbers had the same grand idea. (On the national holiday, "mountain day", I should have known better). Hiking becomes significantly less fun when you stop hiking and wait in queues for hours (on a bloody mountain) crowded with idiot tourists attempting the same trail in jeans and flip flops, listening to their moans of "oh, it's really big I didn't realise" who are also getting in your way and totally wasting your time. What's more, whilst staying in a mountain hut, sleeping in an unwashed sleeping bag stuffed in a sardine tin with 10 other climbers is nobody's idea of fun, it makes for an even worse experience when one of your fellow fish is coughing and sneezing illness all over you, ensuring you manage about 40 mins sleep, and that you wake up with a splitting headache, throat dryer than the sahara and a distinct feeling of being utterly mugged off for being 9000円(£70) worse off for the pleasure. Although looking back on some incredible photos I managed to took, and given that i'm sure no student has bothered to read this far, if I could sum up Fuji in a word, that word would be, shite. A small bottle of water along the trail will set you back 500円(£4) and now my wallet's feeling a little light, so if there are any jobs going at the tourist board you may consider this my cover letter. Japan is honestly great, but seriously, Fuji is shite. 日本語で: 富士山。。高い,忙しい,悪い。 きらいい。

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. Allah SWT berfirman: مَا وَدَّعَكَ رَبُّكَ وَمَا قَلٰى 💜 "Tuhanmu tidak meninggalkan engkau (Muhammad) dan tidak (pula) membencimu," (QS. Ad-Duha 93: Ayat 3) . travellove  travellingtheworld  travelers travelleisure  traveller  travelbali travellerindonesia  travelphoto  travelphoto travelgram  travellife  travelwithme  travelblogger traveling  travelholic  travelphotography travelbag  travellover  travelingindonesia travellove  traveldiaries  traveltheworld  travellers borobudurtravel photography photography photografia photografi alamindonesia

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S'hell yeah!

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Silent Sea !