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Today's drive home from work brought to you by I REMEMBER SHOTS, WITHOUT A CHASER/ABSENTMINDED THOUGHTS, NOW YOU'RE A STRANGER/COVER UP THE SCARS, PUT ON YOUR GAMEFACE/LEFT YOU IN THE BAR, TO TRY AND SAVE FACE/YOU CAN ONLY LEEEAN ON ME FOR SO LONG/BRING THE SHIP ABOOOOUT TO WATCH A FRIEND DROWN/SIT OUT ON THE LEEEDGE, BEGGED YOU TO COME DOWN/YOU CAN ONLY LEEEAN ON ME FOR SO LONG/SO SORRYYY IT'S OVERRRRR, SO SORRYYY IT'S OVERRRRR/THERE'S SO MUCH MORE THAT I WANTED AND (SO SORRYYY IT'S OVERRRRR) THERE'S SO MUCH MORE THAT I NEEDED AND (SO SORRYYY IT'S OVERRRRR) TIME KEEPS MOVING ON AND ON AND ONNNNN (SO SORRYYY IT'S OVERRRRR) SOON WE'LL ALL BE GONE! todaysdrivehomefromwork blink182 themarktomandtravisshow theenemastrikesback manoverboard poppunk punkrock skatepunk markhoppus tomdelonge travisbarker dumpweed dontleaveme aliensexist familyreunion goingawaytocollege whatsmyageagain richlips blewjob untitled voyeur pathetic adamssong peggysue wendyclear carousel allthesmallthings mutt thecountrysong dammit

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Solo: Don’t Leave Me Artist: Blink 182 This is from the bigdayout festival in sydneyaustralia from blink 182 in 2000. I think this is my best video because I got the app I use to split the video in two to work and you can see me changing the notes with markhoppus at the same time. I will do the full video later I just wanted to let everyone see the solo because I’m the full video it will be at the end and no one really sticks around till then lmao music blink182 alternativerock punkrock poppunk liveshow 2000s enemaofthestate chesirecat duderanch tomdelonge travisbarker mattskiba takeoffyourpantsandjacket volcom falloutboy squier fender squierbass squiervintagemodified squiervintagemodifiedpbass dontleavemeallalone bassolo postrock rockband band

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“with every single letter in every single word there will be a hidden message about a boy that loves a girl” On this day 17 year ago box Car racer released there album with title box Car Racer The band was a side-project of Blink-182members Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker, with David Kennedy completing the band's studio lineup; a bassist and friend of Barker, Anthony Celestino, toured with the band throughout late 2002 The record was the only studio effort the trio produced together, and was recorded over the course of six weeks in late 2001. Box Car Racer peaked at number twelve on the US Billboard 200 despite little promotion, and the two singles "I Feel So" and "There Is" charted on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart, with the former hitting the top 10. The album received positive reviews from music critics, who complimented the darker direction in comparison to DeLonge's previous work with Blink. source: youtube boxcarracer bcr thereis tomdelonge travisbarker boxcarracerthereis box car racer

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Blink 182- Carousel . One of the first songs I learned on Bass Guitar. Glad I got to see it played live. Mark is definitely under appreciated as a bass player for sure Still debating if I want to go see them on their next tour or not. Anyone gonna be at the Phoenix show?? . blink182 blink182 blink182 markhoppus travisbarker matttskiba . shows musicians seattle music blink182 blink markhoppus travisbarker mattskiba carousel poppunk punkrock concert concerts tour livemusic musically rock classicblink

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i dont fuck with lifeforms of this planet bish you outta luckkk

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Hoje é aniversario de uma das pessoas que eu mais admiro e amo, é o meu melhor amigo e esta sempre comigo nos bons e maus momentos, além de ser o baterista da melhor banda Indie que existe feliperdpa . Quando eu olho para você, eu percebo o quanto de sorte eu tenho de  ser o seu irmão, eu me espelho muito em você. Mesmo sendo mais novo, as vezes você mostra muito mais responsabilidade que eu em certos momentos, eu tenho muito orgulho de você. Nós compartilhamos do mesmo sonho de viver da musica, e isso é algo que me inspira de mais. Te vejo como um tipo de “eu” mais novo, porem muito melhor. Irmão que Deus possa te abençoar ricamente, desejo saúde, muitas felicidades e que você consiga realizar todos os seus sonhos. Que possamos seguir juntos nessa caminhada da musica, Te amo eternamente.❤❤❤😍🎂🎉 happybirthday indieboy drummerguy drummerboys drumsdrumsdrums parabens felizaniversario indie indierock benkens benkenstyle travisbarker lukeholland daniwashington kingsofleon neckdeep blink182 deathcabforcutie twodoorcinemaclub poppunk rockalternativo alternativerock

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We never fuck with you, fuckboy
Don't act like you can’t, 
take that motherfucking bat upside your skull and (crush it up)! - $uicideboy$ have some of the most replayable singles no matter how “overplayed” they became, a lot of people look down on songs Paris, $$$, & O Pana! but they still slap heavy - suicideboys opana eternalgrey scrim rubydacherry g59

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Hey everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful Monday. We just posted new photos of T.S.O.L. from their performance at his year's Musink Festival. Click the link in our bio to check them out. Also be sure to hit the follow button on our profile. burningstars musink musinkfest musinkfestival tsol photography musicphotography concertphotography punkphotography punk punkrock music concert festival musicfestival socalphotography californiaphotography travisbarker punkmusic punkrockmusic

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. Blink-182 - Good Old Days (Verse 1 - Pre Chorus 1 - Chorus COVER) Don't want to hear the static on the TV screen. Don't want to live a life of cellphone memories. When did you go missing? Where did I go wrong? Sometimes I just don't know where I belong. Save yourself, we're always saying, we're not the same, we're two in a million. These are the good old days. These are the good old days. We've gone through hell, the battles we fought in. We stood as one, the and forgotten. These are the good old days. These are the good old days markhoppus tomdelonge travisbarker mattskiba thesekrets blink182 angelsandairwaves angelsairwaves tothestars punkrock poppunk alternativerock pop punk rock alternative cover acoustic acousticcover instrumentalcover instrumental instrument guitar guitarist acousticguitar indovidgram indomusikvidgran indomusicgram

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Okay Travis

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even as a drummer i’m so dramatic 🤷🏾‍♂️ *watch until the end* full link in the bio 💜

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"Analisando os flows repetitivos 'rippity-dippity-rippity-dippity-dippity.' A fórmula dos $uicideboy$ é bastante óbvia neste ponto, seja porque você já ouviu alguns EPs anteriores da dupla, ou você está familiarizado com os álbuns clássicos do Hip-Hop que eles usaram como inspiração." suicideboys x travisbarker MAY 24th

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An amazing Frida Kahlo Stencil that we made for babbarossas in Frankfurt. Dont Miss the big Opening (3.6.2019)

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Happy Monday everyone! Have you had a chance to check out our photos of Anti-Flag from Musink yet? We also have a new interview with them up as well. Click the link in our bio to check them both out. Also be sure to hit the follow button. burningstars musink musinkfest musinkfestival antiflag photography musicphotography concertphotography punkphotography punk punkrock music concert festival musicfestival socalphotography californiaphotography travisbarker punkmusic punkrockmusic