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Reforestation is vital to restoring depleted land and Sabine from Kona Village, Mali, knows this all too well 🌳 “Today, vegetation has really been subjected to human pressure, that’s what differentiates the forest of yesterday with the forest of today. TREE AID helped us to protect plant biodiversity and gave us training on the techniques for reforestation of depleted areas." Help more women like Sabine lift herself and her family out of poverty and restore their environment by donating to the SheGrows appeal! 🌟With just 4 DAYS LEFT before 30th June, donate today and your gift will be doubled by the UK government *link in bio* 🌟 YouGiveSheGrows DoubleYourImpact UKAidMatch biodiversity environment sustainability family future inspirationalquotes inspiration positivity mother planet tree trees forest reforestation green sustainable eco ecofriendly climate climatechange development planting forest greenery

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While pictures of Fall feel very out of place as I sit in 37c/98f, Fall was settling into winter as I left New Zealand. Here is an abstract of the coloured hills around Arrow Town. Thanks to william_patino_workshops for idea and location. abstractart trees

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Yaprak döken ağaçların altında kalmanı asla istemem ama herkese güzken sana gül uzatan birine haksızlık etmenin pişmanlığını yaşa isterim 🍂 22.06.2019 captures bnwphotography instaart bwphotography landscape bnwmood abstract trees modernart greatshots naturephotography travel travelphotography abstractphotos bnwphoto love abstractphotoart our treesofinstagram artistsoninstagram bnwabstractphotography blackandwhitephotoart bwabstract bwf bwphotoshoot urbanbw bwphoto

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‘Allah has created the 🌳 and 🦅 .’ Who else is impressed with 3 year old Samiya’s reading skills??? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Masha’Allah Tabbarak’Allah, what more could the parent of a toddler want, other than their knowing that Allah is our creator. May Allah preserve the of the ummah. Allahuma ameen 💕 childrenreading muslimtoddlers raisingreaders bookstagram islamicbooks muslimbooks minimuslims ilovemybaba ilovemymamashijab islam muslims preschoolers noornursery littlemuslims readlittlemuslims selfpublishing birds trees allahisourcreator Allah

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Good morning! Happy Wednesday! I snapped this picture this morning of the sun peeking through the trees while I was sipping on coffee. We sometimes take for granted of what we are blessed with sometimes always wishing for more or something we don’t have This is one of them! As I set here wishing I was on a beach with my family like we were suppose to be this week. I am also thankful for this view knowing that I am home we are safe and we all well This house hunt is driving us crazy. I know God has a place for us and when we are patient it will happen. We found one but it needs so much work that my husband is on the fence. Fence that he went and measured out a garage area on it yesterday lol. (The important thing). Makes me giggle. We will see what happens. Until then I am thankful for what we have. Waiting on anything is the hardest part. Have a bless day The second picture is a sign. The sun rose and set in my eyes to make me think God is watching out for all of us. So excited to see this goodmorning welcomesun thesunisshining itsabeautifulmorning feelingblessed summermorning flowers lightandbright ranchhouse trees landscapephotography houseandgarden housebeautiful picket_fence_home geranium chippyurn antique vintage morningvibes blessed ranchhouse simpleblessings home

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Canada's unique and nature-full landscapes, Emerald Lake, British Columbia, Canada 🏞️☀️🇨🇦 For features tag us cloud_9photos and follow us 💫.⁣⁣⁣⁣ 📸: mthiessen

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• I love it when you call me señorita, I wish I could pretend I didn’t need ya.

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We are the ancestors of the future. “The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility." ― Wendell Berry 📷Todd Quackenbush Sources: Diamond Light Reiki And.

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‘Running Down A Generational Path’ It is no secret that a persons actions are based upon their age. play, adults work, and the elderly choose to continue working or retire. On a Western basis, those of whom retire generally live an altered lifestyle. Commitments change, and workload lessens. Contrasting, in the Vietnamese culture, the very vast majority of the elderly continue to work, usually managing a stall at a market among the local community. When walking observantly around the markets of Cau Hai it is evident to see that the demographic of stallholders tends to be of an elderly majority. It could be understood that the majority of elderly stallholders will work until they die, because the sense of community within the marketplace provides a second home It took me until today, upload day, to actually see the story behind the photo, and only noticed it on a whim of luck. I noticed that at the back of the foreground is a boy running in and amongst the street; the middle of the foreground sees an adult, cycling to her market-stall to sell her local produce, and in the very foreground, an elderly woman whom continues to work. Piecing the puzzle together you will see an evident line of succession, with the youngest at the back and the oldest at the front. The photo creates a sense of a leap through generational time, and it only took me until now to realise it landscape nature landscape_lovers sky beautiful monochromatic naturelovers clouds travel view photooftheday landscape_captures NGTUK reportagespotlight blackandwhite instagood landscapelovers instanature nightscape nature_seekers ic_landscapes love portraitphotography picoftheday trees vietnam instanaturelover naturephotography blackandwhitephotography igersbnw

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Winter days

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