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Some creeping branches in a gloomy corridor for your entertainment becauseportraitmode

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This was one of those days that you look back on and say, man that really changed things. This was my first hike with bdshultis and probably my first hike over 10 miles. We tagged 4 high peaks and Indian head, totaling over 21 miles in the Adirondacks. That was one for the books

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Октябрь в Бузулукском бору. 🌲🍂🌲🍂🌲🍂🌲🍂 National park "Buzuluk pineforest". Russia. Национальный парк "Бузулукский бор" pines бузулукскийбор  сосны лес photorussia деревья природа пейзаж nationalpark nature landscape trees treescape forest самарскаяобласть pineforest showmerussia outdoors woods hiking tree  осень trip autumn travel natgeoru savebor природароссии оренбуржье naturelovers

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Now that’s a world record we can get behind! 🌲🌏🌿 ➡️ You can support environmental causes through your online shopping at our website. Simply select your charity or group of environmental nonprofits and up to 15% of your purchase is automatically donated! 2% minimum, you pay $0 extra, shop leading retailers. 📲💻🛍 trees environment globalwarming greenpeace worldrecord planttrees conservation sustainability cleanoceans cleanwater cleanair savetheplanet nature protectnature natural plants charity nonprofit supportcharity nonprofitlife fundraiser fundraising fundraisingideas nonprofitorganization charitylife philanthropy giveback

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The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. Photo Creds: nataliabundy • • • • adventure adventuretime adventurer adventurenthusiasts beautiful beautifulgirl beautifuldestinations blondehair girl hike hiker hiking hikingadventures model modeling forest woods nature naturephotography naturelovers outdoors outside photography photooftheday photo photoshoot photographer sunshine sunlight trees

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The are 13 different colours in a peacock's feather. Structural coloration is the production of colour by microscopically structured surfaces fine enough to interfere with visible light, sometimes in combination with pigments. For example, peacock tail feathers are pigmented brown, but their microscopic structure makes them also reflect blue, turquoise, and green light, and they are often iridescent science facts factpage amazingfacts nature naturefacts birds environment trees peacock color art environmentalscience

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Even on a cold day, the nursery is full of color!

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There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. ashburyhats

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_ _ The Majella is the second highest mountain massif in the continental Apennines after the Gran Sasso, located in the central Abruzzo Apennines, in lower Abruzzo, on the border between the provinces of L'Aquila, _ _ ~~~~~~~~💚💚💚~~~~~~~~~ _ majella campodigiove home mountain pescedibaccalà panorama binari montagna green trees meadow treno alberi sun grass walk silence nature blue sky tranquility beauty sole train tracks bellissimo naturalphoto cima neve musbenhamidanounou

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Do you all remember that sneak peek I shared a couple days ago of a custom sign? Well here it is & i am happy to report the bride & groom loved it! •🍁The couple took engagement pictures near maple & birch trees last fall so obviously we had to incorporate that into their sign🍁•