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Nice try Hollary. SMH

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Practicing "Baroque Flamenco" that we'll be performing with utah_phil this Saturday if you want to come see an absolutely incredible teenage harpist perform some AMAZING Spanish Flamenco to this in our Concerto feature. Look up the song on Spotify - seriously she's that good! I'm struggling to keep up in this one as First Trumpet and this is the end of an hour practice session so my lips are exhausted but this song is so cool! Come see us Saturday!

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ビデオレター2つ‼️初めて作りました。語りました。5/18&19 島根の内容とご縁について。そうなんですよね、前回の出雲は割ときつい時期でしたが、今回お礼に行けるなあと思って。新しい出会いが楽しみでなりません。是非ご一緒に✨  動画はエセYouTuber風⁉️😆カミカミになりすぎで心折れながら録画して、映像を繋げて、字幕を入れて、作成にかなり時間がかかりました。最近は小学生も動画アップするらしいですね。すげーなー!と思います。 トロンボーン 島根 出雲 trombone 出雲大社へ ビデオレター トロンボーンアンサンブル 音楽 音楽のある生活 youtuber風

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Lip Trills! Still trying to get these under my belt for the David Concertino and just for the sake of having it down. I definitely feel more solid on this recording compared to the last time I posted myself doing trills which show it's getting better even if it's not as fast as I'd like. Still working on the everyday. Thanks for listening! Like and follow if you want to hear more of these videos!

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For the Melbourne International Jazz festival show on June 6th, Michael has assembled a x 9 piece big band to present the show “from Classic To Contemporary”. Commencing in the traditions of jazz, the performance then progresses through Michaels’ career, delving into his Arabic, Latin & South East Asian influences, enhanced by the vocals of Alemay Fernandez (Singapore) + Evelyn Feroza (Malaysia) & exclusive to the Jazz festival, U.S. Trombonist - Q Sound (Marques ). Marques has been a feature on Michael’s Malaysian shows in recent years in addition to appearing on all x 3 versions of the current single My Funny Valentine & the live version of Just Out Of Reach. Marques is a former member of uber cool Malaysian act The Basement Syndicate, as well as being a recording artist in his own right, under the name - Q Sound qsoundmusic melbjazzfestival thejazzlab evelynferoza alemayzing jazz worldmusic melbourne trombone bigband theawakeningsensemble myfunnyvalentine justoutofreach malaysianjazz singaporejazz

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Brought to you by emandahr Repost jazzmemes_ Or trying to count odd meter tunes like😅😂Tag a musician that knows the feeling! 👉🏻 Jazzmemes cred goes to rauljbarrios 👍🏼 If you come up with a jazz meme, send it to us, and you could be featured on our page! milesdavis johncoltrane piano saxophone drummer tenor trumpet trombone instagram instagood vibe musician college share follow followme tagforlikes picoftheday photoofday igers instapic instadaily instamusic bass tbt

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Day 4: Sorry for not posting earlier! My phone died on my way to practice and I didn’t have my charger with me. Because of this, I wasn’t able to record myself today, but I did take pictures of what I worked on! • I jumped into Strauss 2 just for fun today, and almost have the first two lines down. The arpeggios make it difficult to use too much pressure, therefore I think this is a good piece to work on considering my current problems. Also, I didn’t take a picture of it, but I ended up going back to the church to rehearse Strauss 1 with my friend, and things feel much better. I think in another week or so, I’ll have the first movement where I want it! • Also while at the church I decided to read through this piece by Rossini. I can’t tell if I like it yet, but it’s different than a lot of the stuff I normally play so I thought why not branch out. I not sure how often I’ll work on this, but it will probably be fun every once in a while! • Finally, I started polishing up Pavan for an upcoming concert. I have never played first on this piece, and am very excited to take the solo! I am working on playing each phrase without taking a breath in between, and can get most of the way, but usually fade on the last note. Does anyone have any good breathing exercises? • Let me know your thoughts! 😄👍🏽

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Had my first and only bone depot (departmental) performance today. OBVIOUSLY, it can always be better, BUUUT, it was a good eye opening experience. Honestly, I feel like my dancing was a bit more entertaining 😂 Shout out to Noah Albrecht for recording it! ThoughtsofLove -Arthur Pryor TimetoGrind musicvideo performance trombone

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Fantastic achievement aubrey_logan 🎵🎤✊👏 👏 👏 Reposted from aubrey_logan - I can hardly believe it! "Where the Sunshine Is Expensive" is 1 on  billboard Contemporary Jazz this week (really! Link in my Insta Story!). - - It's because of you all listening, downloading, purchasing, and streaming. You all are incredible. Thank you. (If you want to listen to the album, link in bio! - - - This is certainly the best music I've ever been a part of. And these people have brought it to life:
 resonancerecordsjazz for believing in me.
 beckermastering dsbeat for making this music soar.
 johnstonedrums - drummer. Musical director. You know what you did!
 nickpmusic on keys and making everybody cry.
The amazing  tabarilake laying down that bass foundation.
 willywillyanez on guitar making this groove like crazy.
The singers, vocal HEROES  Blackboysings hamptonmusic  ladyrebeccajade
All the amazing people at MWO holding me together. caseybassy for bringing your untouchable magic.
 davidstephenkoz for setting this album ablaze. Wow. Wow. Wow. - - - - - aubreylive jazz contemporaryjazz soulmusic trombone jazzsinger songwriter newmusic music billboard smoothjazz happy - regrann

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Day 14 of my 100daysofpractice: After 6 days of being sick I'm back in it and my chops are feeling it so this recording is really bad. I really got my work layed out for the next week. I'm excited for next Saturday though. I really am going to kill my performance. It feels like everything is building up to next Saturday and all I can really do is present my best musicianship. It doesn't have to be perfect day14 jazz jazzband trombone jazztrombone lowbrass saxophone euphonium baritone classicalmusic band marchingband

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Have you read our latest Upwords piece? WELL peep our bio then! These 3 .Traacks were featured: Come Home, Yada Yada, and King James. Here’s a lil diddy jaredcdickerson put together featuring the three songs he wrote about!

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*cries in D major* ~Flutey Boi