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From 24/7 cash advances, fuel discounts, custom financial reports, and more, we promise to go above and beyond to deliver quality services to make the most of your fleet and save you money. Learn more! 📱: (844) 920-2233⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ owneroperator truckdriver semitruck 18wheelers bigrig trucking truckingcompany trucks niticrrg trucker truckerlife truckdaily truckdriverlife truckdriverlifestyle truckyeah truckerslife truckersview truckview trucksofinstagram truckinglife truckie truckstop lifeontheroad ontheroadagain

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Rise to your financial problems. If you want to be successful you have to invest and stay invested. Invest in binary and start turning your financial life around. Binary is safe, profitable, durable america binaryoptions  forex  bitcoin  forextrader  money forextrading  forexlifestyle  binarytrade apartment   iqoption onlineshopping   trader  europe cryptocurrency  investment  usd   trading us   luxury motivationalquotes   wallstreet  invest luxurylifestyle  entrepreneur  successtips   forexlife buy truckdriver

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TRUCK DRIVER For all the guys and girls wanting to Drive Truck, take a close look before you sign on the dotted line : Yes the wages are good Yes you can up your lifestyle with a nice home, cars and toys. Yes the financial rewards are tempting Yes it gets in your blood Yes you see the country Yes you get considerable time at home when you are at home Yes you miss Family and loved ones Yes Relationships will be strained and pushed to breaking point Yes you wish your life away when you are away Yes you lay awake at night sometimes wondering "why do I do this" and "Is this really worth it" SO ??? BEFORE YOU EMBARK ON A TRIP AND SIGN YOUR LIFE AWAY, REMEMBER; You may not make every party, BBQ, wedding or funeral You may not be home for Christmas or easter You may not be there for your 's birthdays You may not see your swim, ride a bike for the first time or be there to read stories at night You may not be there to take them to watch sports games You may not be there for presentation nights, school plays or parent/teacher interviews You may not be there to see them win medals at school sports days No you will not always be there during times of family crisis and feel helpless being so far away No you might not be there to bury a family member or close friend So, before anybody judges someone who has the guts and courage to work away to try and make a better life for themselves and those around them, DONT say "YOU MUST BE MINTED" or "YOUR LUCKY'. These people sacrifice more than half of their life being away from loved ones to make their dreams comes true truckdriver peterbilt dailylife

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Most of you know that I am a truck driver but do you understand the lifestyle we live? There are many days when we don't get to eat not even once. We maybe just grab a snack and keep going There are days that we don't get to shower like we would like to There are good days and there are stressful days. We don't have a 9-5 schedule. Sometimes my day may start at 2 am and others it may be 5 amthere is no set time to start There definitely isn't going to be no hair fixing or even basic makeup for me at 2 am🤣🤩 All I am thinking about when I wake up is coffee☕☕ I do brush my hair thoughyou won't see me looking like cousin it 😂😂 This is why you see me so passionate about my shampoo. It has done so much for my hair. I can go several days before washing it and I don't even have to add dry shampoo. Before I could never go more than 2 days and that was pushing it. I have been hard on my hair in my younger years from color to perms to heating tools. But I have to say my hair has never been as healthy as it is today and that's even after going through menopause Sometimes it's the little things that means the most. Our lifestyle isn't for everyone but it works for now. I don't plan on doing this forever but until then I am very fortunate to have this life workflow truckdriver vision madeformore worthy womenover40 menopause HAIRGOALS lifestyle womenover50 coffeelover beach busy outwest eastcoast passion choices journey freedom

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We're going help you avoid accidentally lying in response to the attorney's questions. Think that's impossible? (I mean, how could anyone accidentally say something that's not true?) Read on, friend by clicking the link in our bio! ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ murphylegal truckinglawyer truckinglitigation truckdriver truckingcompany bryantx collegestation truckdriversmatter trucking safedriving truckingsafety txta truckers texastrucking litigation plaintiff plantiffdeposition falsehorizon plantifftricks

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Thanks for voting for your favorite calendar photo last week. Yvette S. wins $50 and a spot in the 2020 U.S. Xpress calendar! Want another chance to win? Send a cool photo to USXCommunications! For photo tips and guidelines, check the Xpress Mobile newsletter or trucking trucklife truckdriver trucker truckers driver usxpress contest

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Настоящая драма и триллер в Бразилии: выброшенный на ходу окурок залетел между бревен лесовоза. Жаркая погода, сухая древесина и большой приток воздуха на скорости благополучно раскочегарили этот мангал на колесах. Водитель почувствовал, что «пахнет жареным» только когда заехал на стоянку. Казалось бы поздно бросать курить, но парни явно не собирались спокойно сидеть и наблюдать на эпичный костерок, а замутили тянущую на Оскар, по своей драматургии и неожиданным поворотам сюжета, борьбу с огнем. В общем смотрите сами… truck truckers fail truckerslife truckdriver fire anincident дальнобой дальнобойщики лесовоз огонь пожар ЧП триллер грузовик машина дорога происшествие bigrig tractor

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Got another gym session in. Full body workout. Took a 2 hour break here in North Liberty Iowa to get to the gym. Now I can go sleep at the customer for delivery in the morning. Stay consistent. Stay disciplined. Be blessed. 1stphorm duespaid anytimefitness iowa northliberty truckdriver healthyontheroad activetrucker oldmancardio oldmanstrength fitover40 fitness heartlandexpress marine veteran gymlife instafit iron irontherapy deadlifts bodybuilding crossfit emoms pump gains fittrucker summerbody neversettle maketime

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I love spending time with this woman. Dinner was served at Outback. Thanks to one of our Youtube supporters Handyman. Thank you

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Bob Jones is our seventh driver in the I-Shift Dual Clutch Challenge. Bob’s been in transport all his life and he’s driven everything from lime spreaders to car transporters with most of his career spent fleet driving. He used to haul up to 80 tonnes in a Volvo FH13, driving road trains across Australia, so he’s no stranger to the Volvo brand. “The FH540 certainly lives up to Volvo standards for comfort and quietness. It was brilliant, especially on the hills – and there were a few on my leg. There was no loss of power at all. The revs stayed right down in the green band at 90 kms/hr, so it’s very economical. If I had to drive it all the time, the FH540 could easily be one of my favourite trucks of all time, and I’ve driven a few!” IShiftDualClutchChallenge VolvoTrucksEvolution25 IShiftFuelEfficiencyChallenge IShiftDualClutch VolvoTrucks VolvoTrucksNZ FH540 ontheroad 25Anniversary roadtrip truckstops trucksnz volvotrucker trucks trucker truckdriver volvo truckpics haulage truckspotting

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Road safety is of paramount importance in the trucking industry. Following are 7 driving safety tips that can increase road safety and reduce the risk of accidents. Join NationalDriverJobs to find a national driver:

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This level up is killer💸

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Do you know what the bare minimum rate per mile is for your truck to be profitable? The average motor carrier cost per mile is $1.69, meaning the average truck needs to haul for a minimum of $1.70 per mile just to make a penny per mile in profit. What's included in the breakdown of this cost? Fuel, insurance, permits, driver wages & benefits, truck/trailer payments, repairs & maintenance, and tolls. And This will vary from fleet to fleet, but our carriers have consistently exceeded their break even point with us as their dispatchers. Do you know your break even point and are you exceeding it? explorepage 3DXLogistics logistics otr overtheroad trucking owneroperator truckdriver trucker dispatcher freightliner kenworth transportationservicespecialist fleetowners logisticscompany transportationservice semitruck truckinglife truckinlife entrepreneur truckinaround truckon

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🆕 🆕 🆕 Average price of on-highway gallon of diesel up 1.3 cents to $3.055 📈 😡 ⠀ The average on-highway price of a gallon of diesel increased 1.3 cents to $3.055 for the week ending July 8, according to the Energy Information Administration of the Department of Energy ( energy) 🛢 ⠀ The increased followed six consecutive weeks of declines 📉 ⠀ Regionally, it was a mixed bag. The largest increase was in Midwest region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee) where the average price went up 4.4 cents a gallon to $2.968 💵 ⠀ The largest decrease was in the Rocky Mountain states (Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado) where the price dropped 1.8 cents a gallon to $2.98 ⬆️ ⠀ The highest average was California at $3.953, the lowest was in the Gulf Coast states (New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama) at $2.804 💰 ⠀ fleetcare dispatch safety oilgas oilprice oilprices

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So this happened on my way to work! Nearly diedand not because my singing is so dreadful either. I have reported this to the police but not holding my breath. Seriously though the roads are so full of lunatics these days that driving is becoming increasingly dangerous. Its getting so I look for potential idiots and can't enjoy a nice leisurely drive out or basically get to work and back in one piece. This road is narrow, lots of bends and hills and still this idiot overtook a cyclist. God knows how he missed me or the poor guy on the bike. But hey, he's in a big truck carrying concrete so he's OK. 😡 baddrivers idiot truckdriver lucky