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AN ALL NEW EDITION EDIT: The correct pronunciation of this edition is “ROCK CREEK!” —— When I get excited I speak so fast sometimes that I tend to mispronounce words. But rather than redo and ruin a perfectly good take, I figured I’d just explain the blunder! 🙊🙃😂😂🤣 . Anyways, like SUVs come check out this new Nissan Pathfinder DM me for more info, it’s easier when you come through ME! 💋💅🏾🚘 . cargirls carqueen nissangirl nissan pathfinder cars suvs trucks fun style devonnissan shaneenspeaks

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☀️Good morning all! It’s the first official weekend of spring! For your BS news today, we bring you an update on the must anticipated Ram TRX! - - When this truck made its debut at the State fair of Texas in 2016. It’s safe to say most of us gear heads were hooked. Since then we’ve had a few updates here and there, but this is the first we know of this beast being tested out on the open road. - - In these photos the things that stick out are: increased ride height, fender flares, and the rugged looking wheels. The ones you won’t notice right away as pointed out by caranddriver are “beefy trailing arm and mount, constructed out of type of square-wall tubing used in military vehicles, and an internal bypass/reservoir damper of a type not seen on the Rebel before. Eight-lug wheels in the rear also might mean 3/4 ton rear axle.” - - One other keynote from the photographer was the sound of a supercharger under the hood. We can’t wait for the production version do debut, and get the real scoop on this, but this tasting will do for now. - - Photo courtesy and some editorial: caranddriver

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We know today is going to be an extremely rough day for the Johnson family. We ask you to keep them in your prayers during the hard time. We are so sorry that we couldn't bring this beast with us today in memory of JoeJoe. But we promise you this she will be back up soon, and we are going to rebuild her just like with promised. RIP JoeJoe send4joejoe 1stgen dodge cummins dually 59cummins truck diesel dieseltrucks 12valve dieselmechanic dodgeram dodged350 d350 trucks obd obddiesel dieselpower duallyporn mopar firstgen sendit4joejoe rebuild dieseltruckaddicts dieselgang all_dodge_trucks onlymopar truckporn trucknationofficial truck.society diesel flashytrucks

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Everywhere is connected Never before have people and places been so connected. We can work anywhere. Make phone calls from a boat in the Amazon. So why not just explore and enjoy differences? Most people go home anyway to that which is familiar and habits! travelguide coffeeshop coffeebar gardeners bakers whiskeymistress whiskey urban country travelblogger minimalism diyblogger mensfashionstyle tech techwear tattoosketch artistic_unity_ musiclovers foodstylist teapots bakers stylefashion fashionistas trucks nature_up_close bourbon singlemaltscotch scotlandtravel europeanfashion filmmaking

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It was a beautiful week to detail! Perfect weather and even better customers! afterpics

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redneck followme 🔥SHIRTS🔥HATS🔥STICKERS🔥 🚨SHOP AT🚨LINK IN PROFILE🚨 REDNECKNATION.COM💻 📲ALSO FOLLOW📲 👍🏼 bobbyrednecknation👍🏼 👍🏼 rednecknationrecords👍🏼 👍🏼2nd page  rednecknation 👍🏼3rd page  diptalk👍🏼 👍🏼4th page  dieselnationgear rednecknation  rhec  southern  south  trucks guns  beer  hillbilly  countryboyshit  yeehaw country  dixie  merica  america  redneck confederate  ford  chevy  dodge  realtree mossyoak  keepitflyin  hunting  2ndamendment rednecklife  countrygirls  confederateflag

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We like big pipes and we cannot lie 😏

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Riding on tires like this is extremely dangerous! If you’re unsure of the condition of your tires, drop in and see us and we would be glad to help ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . UTireAutomotive UniversityTire UniversityTireandAutomotive Automotive Tires Athens AthensGeorgia Georgia Tires FullService Shop OilChange Brakes BrakeRepair Alignments LevelingKits Wheels RoadSideService Cars Trucks Loganville LoganvilleGeorgia EastSide WestSide

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I've been working on my nugget so far this weekend. Trying to get a car that's older than me to run properly can be undoubtedly frustrating, but worth it in the end. For those of you that don't know, I've had this 1977 Datsun 620 for a year formally. I've made a comic or two about it because I love it more than any other inanimate object I own, and although it's simultaneously been the biggest pain in my rear, I feel like I'm finally making progress on it datsun datsun620 classiccar photography photographersofinstagram automotivephotgraphy automotive car carphotography microtruck truck trucks graffiti loweredtruck

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House projects Front porch is getting redone!

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DX4 rims on a Ford F-150, in the Sacramento area, where we are based out of. For and questions about products, contact us directly. Owner: rynotire

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تبلیغ اف توربو ولوو زرد توپی طلا و توپی انگل کِشنده و باری ، یه فیلم خیلی قدیمی از کارخانه ساخت ولوو و تبلیغ اف توربو travels travelling truck trucks 750 volvotruck volvo scania mersedesbenz globetrotters راننده کامیون کامیون_بازا کامیونداران عشق لاو رانندگی تراک ولوو بنز باحال زندگی لایک عاشق عاشقان تراک اف_اچ سالار تریلی کشنده اسکانیا

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A little Saturday morning throw back photo! This photo was taken in 2006, approx 20 min before the restoration started. You can already see the creeper out. Was assessing the very large leaks under the truck. Had already assessed the interior. Could see where this trucks faults lay. And the idea for a 1 winter refresher was developing in my head. Yup. 6 months was my plan. Kinda overshot by a decade and a bit. 😂😂😂 crewcabdodge badass crewcab gen1crewcab dodge cummins dodgecummins diesel 1stgen 1stgenram 1stgencummins 12valve mopar mymopar 4x4 dually trucks truckporn trucksofinstagram restoration mymopar moparnation moparfam moparchat dodgeram restoration w350crewcab firstgenfriday ram ramtrucks

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Trucks! Trucks! Trucks! Check out these and more at