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To see the full video go to In a world where are attached to media 24/7 and constantly being told who they should be and what they should look like and what they should wearwhere people hide behind their phones/computers and attack the self worth of others, we are taking steps to show them that who they are is ENOUGH. I have been trying to keep these videos at a minute so that they play seamlessly on instagram as well, but Rani had a lot to say, and I thought it definitely needed to be heard. mywhy shawnamarieseniors shawnamariephotography indianapolisseniorpictures indianaseniorpictures indianaphotographer indianaseniorphotographer indianapolisseniorphotographer indianapolisphotographer indianapolisseniorphotos rawbeauty truebeauty nomakeup endbullying iamenough

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Another bridesmaid from Saturday! 💄💋❤️ destinflorida

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B L A C K B E A U T Y black beauty is true beauty is all beauty is pure beauty_ we are bright_ we are beautiful_ we are undoubtedly enough_ we are mighty is our all-ness_ our light is breathtaking_ it is utterly captivating_ and without it the world would be unbeknownst to THE LIGHT_ I LOVE YOU_ ( WE ARE ART = monday motivation) xo Pastor E iampastore truebeauty highart ourlight blackisbeautiful blackbeauty

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Beauty is in the way you hold yourself. It’s how you treat people. The way you love. It’s self accceptance. Beauty is in your soul! 🖤 ———————————————————————————-A beleza está na maneira como você se mantém. É como você trata as pessoas. O jeito que você ama. É auto-aceitação. A beleza está em sua alma. ❤️ qotd truebeauty prizinhastyle atmdd

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I love a girl with eyes as dark as the night with hair to match with the smoothest of skin she is so small and fragile yet strong in her own way My lovely asian beauty makes me smile when she tells me "I watched a hello kitty marathon" or "Mihal gita" which means "I love you" It makes me sad though when people stare at us because we are in a mixed relationship to think that in todays world people are still hateful and its strange for them to see a white guy date an asian girl I love my asian beauty because to me she is just my beauty poet poetry words art blackandwhite sketches thoughts asian asianbeauty geasha shades kanji truebeauty life flowers youth adolescence art artgram artworld artist arthollic artzone arts artsy art_spotlight 69_charlie_brown

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It's been a while since I posted my work. I am way too hard on myself, way too critical of my work, always worried that ppl will think its either filtered cuz it looks amazing or maybe ppl will think I should lie and filter and edit the pics so it'll look like so many others out there. But I cannot be untrue to myself. I need to be me, I need to be real. Once I stop being real, I loose my sense of self. My sense of right and wrong. So I shall continue posting pics of REAL people, with REAL skin, who are REAL beauties. vividstudiosny you are def a true beauty. Was a pleasure glamming u up 😍 makeupisnotfakeup truebeauty makeupartist mua makeover before after

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It has been almost 6 months since the happiest day of my life. On September 22, 2018 I married the man of my dreams, my high school sweetheart, my best friend and the greatest blessing God has given me! This is my favorite picture from that day. In this moment, I had just gotten married and was reflecting on the perfection of the ceremony. Andrew and I were surrounded by family and friends and declared our love to each other. This picture shows the beauty of the country, and the pure happiness in my heart. When planning my look for the wedding, I knew I wanted to use SeneGence products because my skin was now accustomed to them and I knew they would last all day. My girls and I got ready early in the morning and I was the first to do my makeup. I did everything I learned from my teammates and created this naturally glowing look. 6 months before the wedding, I didn’t know how to apply makeup well, I rarely wore any at all. I didn’t know how to highlight, contour, or determine which color concealer to use for which type of blemish. I never would have guessed that I would do my own makeup on my wedding day let alone help my bridesmaids with theirs. When I signed up with SeneGence, I never would have guessed I’d be where I am today. I have a confidence I never had before. I carry myself high and am proud of who God created me to be. SeneGence isn’t just about makeup, skincare and sales. SeneGence is a Christian based company that succeeds in building each other up and believing in each other. We celebrate each other in our greatest moments and come alongside each other in the toughest moments. SeneGence has provided me the encouragement I needed to get out of a rut after Andrew and I were in our car accident. I was challenged to succeed in a business that I never thought I would be in. I was beginning to find my beauty again and now I not only love doing my own makeup, I love introducing others to this amazing opportunity and the amazing products that we have. You may not understand what God is doing in your life when he is doing it, but as long as you have faith and trust in him, he will always take care of you. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

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Marley. Moose. Chucky. My middle . She lives up to the second stereotype for sure. The most stubborn human I’ve ever met. So independent. All she wants to do is nuggle. She fights hard and loves harder. And she’s the funniest two year old on Earth. I’d give anything to be in her brain for one day. She’s changing so quickly and all I want to do is remember her sweet face like this forever. ❤️❤️❤️ missmarleyt mymarleymoose girlmom middlechild mygirl momminainteasy twoyearsold truebeauty momof3

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what will people say? that is a sentence that kills more dreams than anything else in the world. this business is so not cookie cutter. it’s definitely not for the weak. it’s so not for everyone. I am learning that very quickly. every time I open my mouth - “WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY” you know what I am learning. who fucking cares! and the sooner that you can say who cares, the sooner that you will see the mindset shift that blesses you and your dreams in so many ways. girlfriend. do what makes you happy with a huge ass smile on your face and without a care in the world. I am here to help in any way. Xx A NetworkMarketing LifeByDesign

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WHAA Another GIVEAWAY? Yaas queens. Yaas. In partnership with thegreenbeautycollective, behold the 👌 “Dependability” giveaway 🌿🌿🌿 Ride or Die products, Go-To’s, amiright? A curated few products that you can always rely on for incredible results. Here is what’s included: - 1 Brow Balm from elatecosmetics (The winner can choose their shade) - 1 Blackberry Serum from wildhillbotanicals - 1 Seaweed and Vitamin C Mask from wildhillbotanicals - 1 Clarifying Cream from zydermahs - 1 Hyaluronic Acid Serum from viva.organics How to enter: 1. “Like” this photo 2. Follow wildhillbotanicals thegreenbeautycollective elatecosmetics zydermahs viva.organics 3. Tag a friend that you can always depend on and leave them a love note in the comment section. This giveaway will run until Sunday night. The winner will be announced Monday Feb.25th. * Prize can be shipped within Canada or the U.S Thanks for participating ownyourbeauty loveelate crueltyfree greenbeauty vegan glutenfree sustainableliving toxinfreemakeup currentlywearing beauty selflove truebeauty crueltyfreemakeup cleanmakeup lipstick lowwaste cleanbeauty cleanmakeup selfcare

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Our beauty is revealed when we show ourselves the way we are. When we don’t hide. When we laugh and cry. When we’re afraid and we show it. When we feel vulnerable and let other people see that. When we dare to love and open our hearts.— I didn’t feel beautiful for a while I was hiding myself, hiding my face. I was feeling depressed and frustrated thinking it’s my fault, I must be doing something wrong But slowly focusing on healthy habits, accepting that my body is going through some changes that are out of my control, working on being patient and finally realizing that beauty is more than the eye can see. I had forgotten that beauty is real, imperfect, and revealed through the passage of time. Beauty is trying to assert values like self-esteem, feeling good, and being different. Is there anything more beautiful than being yourself? We’re taught to hide, to wear makeup, to cover up, but we must get out there, spread our wings, and fly, because showing our true beauty is an act of bravery✨ Nuestra belleza se revela cuando nos mostramos como somos. Cuando no nos escondemos. Cuando nos reímos y lloramos. Cuando tenemos miedo y lo mostramos. Cuando nos sentimos vulnerables y dejamos que otras personas lo vean. Cuando nos atrevemos a amar y abrir nuestros corazones.— No me había sentido hermosa por un tiempo. Me estaba escondiendo, escondiendo mi cara. Me sentía deprimida y frustrada, pensando que es mi culpa, debo estar haciendo algo mal Pero lentamente enfocándome en hábitos saludables, aceptando que mi cuerpo está pasando por algunos cambios que están fuera de mi control, trabajando en ser paciente y finalmente dándome cuenta de que la belleza es más de lo que el ojo puede ver. Había olvidado que la belleza es real, imperfecta y revelada a través del tiempo. La belleza se trata de afirmar valores como la autoestima, sentirse bien y ser diferente. ¿Hay algo más hermoso que ser tú mismo? Nos enseñan a escondernos, a usar maquillaje, a cubrirnos, pero debemos extender nuestras alas y volar, porque mostrar nuestra verdadera belleza es un acto de valentía.✨

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" O que é belo não clama por atenção . " Foi o que meu amigo jonascsouza disse para mim rsrs Até hoje eu me lembro dessa frase rs . A verdadeira beleza vai além da aparência física , está na simplicidade de um gesto de carinho , em um sorriso , em uma palavra amiga e a beleza está no caráter A beleza é enganosa, e a formosura é passageira; mas a mulher que teme o Senhor será elogiada. Provérbios 31:30 cannonbr click truebeauty efeitodalente omelhorckick fotocomcelular fotografie fotografiando modek modeling poses fotografer fotostumblr photos insedeout ilhadasfotos canonbrasil fotografeumaideia fotografos amadores godisgood blessed olharesfocados modelando modelos proverbios portraittalents portraitaus clubedosretratos

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We love like fireflys, how we gravitate to each other's glow. ✨ skye_cute_clouds 📸: Me 😘

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I adorned you with jewelry: I put bracelets on your arms and a necklace around your neck, and I put a ring on your nose, earrings on your ears and a beautiful crown on your head. So you were adorned with gold and silver; your clothes were of fine linen and costly fabric and embroidered cloth. Your food was honey, olive oil and the finest flour. You became very beautiful and rose to be a queen. And your fame spread among the nations on account of your beauty, because the splendor I had given you made your beauty perfect, declares the Sovereign LORD leapintolovestudy loveyourself selfacceptance godslove truebeauty teachourchildrentruth speaktruthtopower

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An absolute understatement to say that I cannot wait until this beautiful soul returns home after a 5 week absent. I love you to the moon and beyond PS - give her a follow on instagram feedthefire.nutrition if you need a hand with your diet/ or any concerns you have with health. She is extremely resourceful and can definitely get you going in the right direction. loveher truebeauty

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Love your body, mind and soul✨