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17 minutes ago

Our live room sounds like it was built for brass! And when you consider that unmistakable earthwindandfire sound, it all makes sense. Was such a pleasure having ddhorns bring their arsenal to Revival the other day to record on a new oranicuhh track! Can’t wait for the world to hear it! - Repost ddhorns ・・・ Had a great time tracking 🎺🎷 for oranicuhh the other night at the homie itaishapira studio - bobbybrassmusic and musicbytee producing with peterjgeiser engineering. mistermcclenney holding down the vibe. This track is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥 ddhorns instruments losangelesmusic tools horns hornsection trumpet trombone martincommittee trombone flugelhorn recordingstudio trombonium recordingsession tracking sessionmusician brass woodwind bachbrass yamaha hornsonthefloor westcoasthiphop musicalpainting tubemicrophone hornsonthefloor revivalatthecomplex studiolife

24 minutes ago

TFW a possum dies in your crawl space & your house smells like a possum died in your crawl space.

45 minutes ago

“Soul is a quality that can’t be bought or borrowed, faked or sold, which probably explains why Mary Stallings has emerged once again as one of the most distinctive and compelling jazz singers on the scene.” downbeat_mag ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Mary Stallings returns to SFJAZZ FRI, JUL 26

48 minutes ago

Have you seen the latest design of the straight soprano saxophone PRO PAC case? Improved fit, velvet-lined modular blocks, huge gusseted front pocket, & YKK zippers are just a few new things that make this case special. Fit both fixed and removable necks! details protection protecstyle saxophones saxophoneplayer saxophonesolo tenorsaxophone saxophonelife sopranosaxophone altosaxophone saxophoneworld saxophonelove saxophonemusic saxophonejazz saxophonequartet saxophoneplayers trumpet trumpetsolo flugel trombone flute clarinet sax case cases sopranosax jazz orchestra concert

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“Steppin Out” from the upcoming chasowens release, “Three and Thirteen” hitting “stores” 8/13/19! Recorded live at southerncville and released via ropeadope. Super siked that this will be the first release featuring my writing/arranging and the sound of the R4ND4ZZO BIGB4ND. Huge thanks to Charles Owens for being down to do this project and making this release happen. Super excited for all of you to hear this r4nd4zzo r4nd4zzobigb4nd charlesowens threeandthirteen joejackson steppinout bigband arranging trumpet trombone saxophone drums bass uprightbass jazz rock jckuhl suzifischer kevinsimpson peteanderson johnlloyd stefandemetriadis willevans gilevans marcustenney mambobob samkoff djharrison tight af

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とりあえず、第1関門の地区大会は1位で突破しました!早速熱中症でふらふらな娘。この他にもバレエ発表会の練習が立て込んでますが…両立できるかな?頑張れ〜! コンクールのたびに、この髪型にさせられる。前髪編み込みがマストならしく、コンクール見に行くと皆同じ髪型で見分けがつかない。 吹奏楽 吹奏楽コンクール 吹奏楽部 吹奏楽コンクール地区大会 宮城 東北 全日本吹奏楽コンクール2019 梁塵秘抄 熊野古道の幻想 福島弘和 吹奏楽コンクール小学生 trumpet tp トランペット フリューゲルホルン 午後の紅茶

1 hour ago

(IG ruined the quality of my pic againnn but idk how to even fix it :)))) Joining the WEBTOONCanvasSweeps ! I (of course) starred the main characters of the freedomflightbandkids for my entry. Although someone already beat me to a concert band webtoon recently, one day (in the far future prolly after college) I’d love to make something of my story , whether it’s a webtoon, comic, or even a dating sim/ visual novel game. Alongside of my giveaway entry, I made a cover for if I was ever going to make a comic/webtoon. —————————————- webtoon comic oc ocs characters characterdesign mkoceden mkocarchieandollie draw drawing art artist digitalart digitalpainting instrumentals oboe frenchhorn trumpet

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As a pilot study to ”MIDI in Green” I took my rig out on the jetty! Same prerequisites, different instruments: this time it was Imoxplus’ Respiro with an Ibanez RG (whammy use Satriani style!) . A studio in the woods - for real! This is MIDI Guitar next level stuff! Ok, my Macbook pro battery just allow for 1 take (max 20 min recording) right now! Don’t know if it is what to be expected given the fact that I run Mainstage, Kontakt, Space Designer, an external audio interface and the breathcontroller at the same time? But at least it forces me to see to that I am prepared when entering the woods midiguitar studio woods improvisation trumpet respiro imoxplus Ibanez samplemodeling guitar

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The one and only Tim Hagans.

1 hour ago

Anyone who was at the San Diego Comic-Con this year probably heard someone play some cool movie theme songs on a trumpet. This was the guy.

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Master the most common progression with these ii-V-I phrases! Check out these Diatonic/Voice Leading, Approach Note, Bebop, Substitution, and Ultra Modern Phrases in the chadlbsax “50 Major ii-V-I Phrases” Package! Package includes 10 phrases in each category in all 12 keys, plus video of Chad playing them, and backing tracks in all 12 keys! Link in bio!

7 months ago

Now those recordings have 55 years old (29 June 1964). Recorded the same day that I was born, Yusef Lateef LIVE AT PEP'S" is a very good example of Lateef's skills on the reeds and flutes (shenai, argol, flute, bamboo flute, oboe, tenor sax), at the trumpet, the very gifted but underrated Richard Williams; Mike Nock at the piano; Ernie Farrow, bass and James Black on drums. A must have Lateef's concert yuseflateef richardgenewilliams mikenock erniefarrow jamesblack jazzlovers sax saxmaster instasax tenorsaxophone oboe flute shenai argol trumpet piano bass stringbass drums hardbop postbop worldmusic jazz jazzmaster instajazz jazzsaxophone jazzflute instaflute flutemaster jazzlover