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100% that bitch tryme

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Well I have ONLY ONE THING to SAY GOOD LUCK in keeping up with your Business cause U guys are Absolutely Nothing without US and FOR all the other companies who did and continue doing the SAme this is to BE CLEAR. U guys are NOTHING without Us influencers. and We work pretty much For Free for you all and All u guys Do is to be ungrateful and suddenly change the terms without even telling US because U all just Think social Media is this cool “FREE ADVERTISING . here is the Thing I am not Working for free FOR Not Damn anyone. And I hope Everyone DO the SAME. TRY my best i am TAKing down all the free ads I made for u all Loves Please share So everyone knows they changed its policy without noticing doteshopping dote dotegirls advertisingnomore trymebitch tryme againstslavery freeads shoppingonline dotereferral sadbuttrue

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I got the receipt toothat toilet going back 🚽 🚽😎😎🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️😂😂😂 TryMe

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I have screenshots and texts for years 😂😂 tryme

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Drinking 1-2 drops of orange oil in your water throughout the day will help you drink more water because it's delicious, and it will also help a sluggish digestive system! I try to drink atleast 64oz of water each day. I'm also picking about how my water tastes 😂 I can't stand city water and most bottled water watersnob 🙈 and I will never ever ever drink from a public water fountain Those things gross me out so much. If you aren't a fan of "orange" tasting water try Grapefruit, Lemon, or Lime! How much water do you drink each day? water drinkwater waterisgoodforyou hydrate orange orangeoil doterraoils oilsforeverything oils holisticliving naturalsolutions allnatural easytouse naturalchoices tryme drinkmorewater oilsforeverything tummyhelp digestive fullerlifewithoils waterandoil holisticliving naturalsolutions allnatural wifelife springdrink doterraoils

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One of our staff went on a vacation near the beach last February. Here's her story on how Organic Face Oil and Face Loofah helps her throughout the holiday : Repost from hello.anna.mikkelsen "When I was younger, I didn't have any problem with my skin. Didn't really care about anything. But as I get older, vacationing and trips away from home have some tolls on my skin. Especially if it's at the beach. The beach can make my skin dry, tight, prone to sunburn and dull at some point To be sure that my skin stays moist, dewy and to avoid damages caused by the sun and heat, I apply some ADANIA Luxurious Organic Face Oil all over my face before I go out (and on my hands as well!). It's a very handy beauty must-have and a quick fix for skin nourishment and protection during holidays 🌊⛱ at night, before I went to bed and get my beauty sleep on, I'll make sure to apply some face oil on my face as well. The next morning, I wake up with a much needed glow Because during vacation, we all just need something convenient, quick and easy to use! And oh, Face Loofah also helps a lot! All those sebum build-ups, whiteheads and dirt vanishes with just a scrub away. Very easy to use and easy to store in my bag" adaniamynaturalbeautysecret teamadaniaphilia adaniaofficial adanialovers adaniafaceoil adanialuxuriousorganicfaceoil naturalorganicskincare natural organic skincare trustme tryme supportme supportus supportlocal adaniakualakangsar adaniaserimanjung adaniasitiawan trusteddropshipadania adaniaperak adaniamalaysia malaysia

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I am strong notresilient ! I really don't want you to tryme 💪😐

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She is i. My eyes area beautiful but this soul 🖤🥀 tryme imnotsane i love hard tho!

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I promise not to bombard you with Built Bar posts. However, if you are interested in these amazing 3 pt protein bars I do have my own code now! imbuilt Discount Code: WWMGH10 I started with the sample box for $6 and just bought a make your own box of 18. I personally love them when I chill them in the fridge! They also just came out with Banana Cream flavor 🤤🤤🤤 imbuilt built builtbar builtbars discount discountcode protein worthatry proteinbars weightwatchers wwfoodjournal freestyle wwfreestyle weightwatcher wwinstafam weightlossthatworks weightlosssupport healthy gettingfit wwconnect wwig wwcommunity wwmom wwonline healthymama healthymoms gymlife gymmoms tryme promotion

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Used up the rest of my Coming Up Rose Gold strips and got my second mani out of one set! Two mani’s for the price of $13 and each mani lasts 10-14 days each 😱?!?!? You can’t go wrong with that! I did not layer this time. This is my natural nail color with the Coming Up Rose Gold dipped glitter. One of my new favorites 😍😍😍😍Ready to try Color Street? Let me know bebrilliant becolorstreet mani pedi nodrytime momhacks tryme effortlessbeauty colorstreetnails joinmeforfun

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This is my second 🐘 drunkelephant product, I will be ordering more as the products I have tried so far are so amazing! I wasn't expecting them to be as good as they are. This product - B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum is so good for my skin, prior to using this my skin always felt 'thirsty' no matter what I used- this is a game changer It keeps my skin so hydrated, soft and gives me a lovely glow ⭐ If your skin is needing a moisture miracle I can 1000% recommend this! Available from cultbeauty This will be a staple in my skincare regime💕

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Handing out fades to any one who post something on social media tryme (second photo is me on my way to your house if u spoil some shit )

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This week has been met with a lot of self reflection. I have learned I am not one to deal with drama. People push me bc I’m nice. And lately I don’t have that patience. The truth hurts and I know that. Always a tough pill for people to swallow. But interjecting drama into my life for no reason is not something I tolerate or ever has. People call me drama bc I confront them about their drama head on, and they rarely appreciate my honesty or my lack of backing down from being called names and accused of things I’m not guilty of. I am a humble human. I hold myself to high standard as well as everyone in my life. And I’m grateful for that circle of people. My boundaries are set. tryme bc I won’t tolerate it ever ahwb barber baberbabe ladybarber toniguyusa toniguycos leftybarber coloradobarbers barberstudent behindthechair barberbybambi bambibarber beautybybamberly barberintheworks ladybarber pixiebarber ladybarbernation barberstrong barberladies femalebarber redheadbarber usabarber foreverfreshrazors

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𝒮𝓉𝓇𝒾𝓅-𝐿𝒶𝓈𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔-𝓃-𝐿🌸𝓋𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝐼𝓉❣ Strip-lashes are bombb! Anyone agree? Maybe I should say the “Right” strip-lashes are bombb! The right strip-lash set will keep you coming back for more! SERIOUSLY! “True love at first lash” 😍🤤 Who’s looking for: Multiple wears✔️ Flexible bands ✔️ Apply and remove whenever✔️ Easy removal, no tugging ✔️ Instant eye glam✔️ A flicking change✔️? Ready to join the striplashgang? eyeglam flickinglashes indianapolisminkstriplashes eyelashesonfleek mink minklashes indianapolisminklashes eyelashextensions eyelashes lashesonlashes lashextensions striplashlook worldwidelashes lashgamestrong lashlove indianapolisminklashextensions pink eyemakeup eyes tryme lashesareeverything lashesarelife fleeklashes fleeky