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“Where the Buffalo Roam“ -A smooth hammerhead shark cruises on the surface at the edge of New Zealand’s continental shelf. Here warm and cold water mix in underwater pressure waves to draw plankton up from the depths –fuel that powers the biological economy of the wild blue yonder. Read the nzgeo feature “Where the Wild Things Are” forged form this project www.nzgeo.com/stories/where-the-wild-things-are Photograph Richard Robinson © 2017 No Reproduction without Prior Written Permission. WhereTheBuffaloRoam OurBluePlanet Canon5dMKIV canon.nz  hammerhead   saveoursharks sharks freediving freedive freediver saltlife diver divingsuit divinglife camoflauge pescasub scubadive underwatershots deepsea underwaterpics underwaterlife apnea underwaterphotography scubalife underwaterworld underwaterphoto diver uwphotography sharkweek sharkweek2019

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. 💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💦 . Today's special feature goes to: . 💧Featured iger 🏆 wanderdeeper🏆 woow_wanderdeeper . 🏆✨Congratulations✨🏆Thank You for sharing with all of us. 👏🏻👏🏾👏🏼👏👏🏼👏🏾👏🏻 . Please go Check out their gallery and show them some LOVE💦💧 . Feature selected by: muratkaptan35 💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧💦💧 . ☑Note: by using our tags. You are giving water_of_our_world water_of_our_world permission to repost your photo.☑ Follow hubdirectory . 🌊💦🌊💦🌊💦🌊💦🌊💦🌊💦🌊 . underwater underwaterphotography underwaterpics underwaterphoto natureaddicts uwphotography underwaterphotographer loves_underwater ilovediving scubadiving jj_underwater instadive aquagallery igersdiver coralreef nature diving love uw oceanlife scubalife underwatershots water_shots water_captures ig_ocean padi goprounited gopro

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Turtles often sleep on coral beds when they're close to shore. This green turtle, spotted off the coast of Muscat, was glaring at us for interrupting his nap (don't blame him). Sweet dreams little turtle 💙 Diving with: discoverseaoman Shooting with: olympuscameras olympusinspired seaandseaimaging ikelite ikelite protectwhatyoulove . underwater underwaterphoto underwaterphotography uwphoto ocean waterlust underwaterworld underthesea wetpixel girlsthatscuba divetravel waterlust divetheworld explore_wildlife biodiversity marineconservation greenturtle turtle daymaniyat daymaniyatislands diveoman oman credit: kimberley.underwater

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An immersive experience —— OSS special envoy swimstaman is taking the ‘selfie’ to new heights Don’t forget to enter this months ossredhat competition by using the hashtag. You could be in with the chance to win an item from the shop! See our IGTV for more info. sharetheswimlove outdoorswimmingsociety

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Fish are friends, not food! First pelagic dive in Mexico. We sailed out on the nautilus undersea hunter for roughly 28h and reached the Revillagigedo islands. All were busing to get in the water for the check dive. So we split in two groups and headed out in our zodiacs for the first dive. We rolled in and sorted ourselves out. When all was done and sorted the wildlife started to come round, first some reef sharks, some Jacks, and some small fish, then the first manta graced us

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Polar bear considering a new career path? ❄️ you got to help me caption this one :) What really happened - we were photographing this beautiful male polar bear, when he suddenly noticed and started approaching us. Of course we left everything, hopped on our snowmobiles and drove back. The big guy checked out my camera, realized it is not actually food, and kept walking. What a relief!😅 . Follow divinglife.today How cool is this shot! You can read the back story from roiegalitz who took this shot! Repost roiegalitz williamwinram ocean diving underwater scubadiving dive underwaterphotography oceanside diver oceano oceans freedive oceanlove underwaterworld deepblue uwphotography oceanlover underwaterphoto scubadive scubadiver underwaterlife oceanphotography savetheocean freediver saveourseas divingtrip oceanconservation underwaterpics divinglife scubadiverslife underwaterphotographer

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KAŞ gezimiz çok keyifli ve güzel geçti!🌠 Bizi her zaman evimizde gibi ağırlayan dragomanoutdoor ‘a ve bir sürüüü güzel eğitmenden oluşan ispermecetdive ‘a teşekkür ediyoruz♥️ Bröve almaya hak kazanan ve yıldızlarını yükselten arkadaşlarımızı tebrik ederiz🌟🌟🌟

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Jack Fish Alley in Ras Mohammed is a really cool dive site with this amazing cave at 5m and all its marine life. 📷 alex_dawson_photography Tag a friend who should see this! Tag narcosisimages in your photos for a chance to be featured on my feed. Follow narcosis.images for more awesome underwater pictures and videos!

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I love diving because I always meet some fun individuals Look, it's waving at me 😍😂

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Yeah! Today I have spotted my first sepia (Sepia officinalis) in the Eastern Scheldt in the Netherlands ( nationaalparkoosterschelde ). Each year they come to mate and lay their eggs. Divers place bamboo sticks in the seabed so the sepia can tie the eggs to the sticks and divers can observe the sepia. A win-win situation I think. Unfortunately numbers are declining each year due to several factors. Let's hope their numbers will increase again duikeninbeeld duiken diving scubadiving scuba nature underwaterlife underwater underwaterphotography uwphoto underwaterphoto underwaterphotographer uwphotography onderwaterfotografie underwater uwmacro inon nauticam olympus macro nederland thenetherlands zeeland oosterschelde npoosterschelde saltwalter ocean sepia squid cuttlefish weekend

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. فیل برای کمک به مرد در حال غرق شدن می پره توی آب The elephant tries to help the guy in the river Via: wildlifeoftravelers ماهی  ماهیگیری  شکارچی شکار  طبیعت  رازطبیعت  رازبقا  حیوانات  حیات_وحش اردک_ماهی کپور  سونگ fish  fishing  fisher  mahi  mahigiri  mahimahi mahigiran dive diving scubadiving scubadiver paditv buceo   plongée   water  underwater underwaterlife underwaterphoto

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Mantas en Revillagigedo.

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🇫🇷 Poisson ange empereur (Pomacanthus imperator) - du juvénile à l'adulte. La première image représente l'espèce au stade juvénile, qui vit en solitaire et se nourrit de parasites/peaux mortes sur de plus grands poissons. La deuxième photo montre l'adulte, qui est territorial et se nourrit de petits invertebrés et d'algues 🇱🇷 The emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) - from juvenile to adult. The first image shows this fish in the juvenile phase, they are solitary and feed themselves by eating parasites/dead skin of larger fish. The second picture is the adult, which is territorial and feeds on small invertebrates and algaes emperorangelfish angelfish underwaterphoto uwpics divingpics marinelife marinelifephotography frenchtravelers blogvoyage greatdivepics marinereserve travellingblogger staycurious scicomm coralreeffish conservationbiology conservationist voyages blogvoyage tropicalfishes frenchtraveler backpackersintheworld backpackwithme

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Yes! The Dutch National Geographic magazine of May 2019 published a story about Dutch Caribbean coral reefs, with some of my pictures in it! (As well as the far more impressive pics of my colleague mazeasfranck and some others). Part of the story is about the Saba Bank research we did last year. So go and buy your copy! marineresearch wageningenmarineresearch underwater dive diving duiken plonger tauchen scuba marine underwaterphoto scubadiving ocean naturephotography wildlife uwphoto scubaphoto underwaterlife marinebiology uwpicture coralreef coral sababank

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Can you spot the crab? Swipe left The soft coral crabs are truly at one with nature and their habitat They blend in so perfectly, it is possible to spot them only when they move. Their appearance mimics the color and the spike-like tubercles of the carnation (Dendronephthya) corals, they live on. 🎏Soft Coral Crab Hoplophrys oatesii Immitator crabs - epialtidae 🌏 Raja Ampat, Indonesia 🚢 arenuiliveaboard

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A true Red Sea classic! A female anemone fish and her habitat The anemone fish is hard to get to pose juuust right - after 50 shots I decided to give her a break.⁣ Fun fact: The female anemone fish keeps harrassing the smaller males. The stress hormone keeps the male from evolving into a female.⁣ Canon 5D mkIV f/22,0 1/40 15 mm ISO200 ⁣ redsea scuba scubadiving underwaterphoto underwater findingnemo uwphoto naturephoto reef naturephoto hugyfot discoverydivers egypt underwaterphotography diving uwphotography divingphotography nemo clownfish anemone transgenderfish

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СЕКРЕТЫ ДЕТСКОЙ ПОДВОДНОЙ ФОТОСЕССИИ📸 . Для тех, кто вдохновился и хочет сделать подводную фотосессию, делюсь своими секретами посекретувсемусвету . 💧 При погружении под воду максимально выдохните воздух из легких. Вас не будет выталкивать из-под воды на поверхность. И ваши щеки будут выглядеть более естественно😄 . 💧 Не "пылите". Видите на фото мелкие пузырьки? Вот так делать не нужно. Это не добавляет тайны😄, это делает фото мутным 💧 Истории с тканями и шлейфами оставьте для взрослых моделей. Для детской фотосесии лучше использовать обычную одежду и красивые купальники. Из всей серии фото со шлейфом, я оставила только это и то больше "на память"😄 . 💧 Для съемки в одежде, которая плохо тянется (например, облегающие джинсы) нужна хорошая физическая подготовка. Поэтому, если вы не занимаетесь плаванием профессионально, лучше взять на съемку одежу свободную. Которая не будет ограничивать движения😄 . 💧 Глаза👀 Им будет сложнее всего. Их придется много открывать под водой. Поэтому возьмите с собой капли и закапайте глаза перед началом фотосессии и потом еще Надеюсь, мои советы пригодятся. И вы сможете получить удовольствие от фотосесии, невероятный опыт и красивые подводные фото🤗 . PC amirgumerov LO ash2noll . подводнаяфотосъемка подводнаямодель underwaterphoto соболеваполина sobolevapaula gymfeaturez gym_dance_world . teamsportgala tsga kidsrussiamag amirgumerov_photographer

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Voting just opened up for the Gore-Tex “tested for life” video contest. 🎬🎥 We had so much fun making these. If you have a quick second come check it out, and please cast your votes. Follow the link in my bio to vote. 🙏

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When you ask your friend for one bite ☝️🦈 . Tag that friend 💥

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Our oceans cover 71% of our planet, and occupy 99% of the worlds habitable environment. Coral reefs make up 1% of the oceans habitat, but provide 25% of ocean biodiversity!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ Macro photography allows us to witness a whole new world underwater. Corals are no longer just colourful structures, but homes to thousands of species that are dependent on themthere is more to the ocean than meets the eye! 28 of the worlds 33 phyla can be found in our oceans, and 11 of these are exclusive to the ocean.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ Who can name the phyla in this photo?🦐⁣ .⁣ .⁣ theconservationnetwork⁣ .⁣ .⁣ 📷 okdiversbali .⁣ .⁣ ocean diving underwater scubadiving dive underwaterphotography oceanside diver volunteer oceans freedive oceanlove underwaterworld deepblue uwphotography oceanlover underwaterphoto scubadive conservation underwaterlife oceanphotography savetheocean freediver saveourseas oceanconservation underwaterpics divinglife scubadiverslife macrophotography