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シロタスキウミウシ 2019.3.26 3月の阿嘉島で撮ったウミウシ写真、まだ全部投稿しきれてない…笑 早くしないと来週は雲見に行くからそれまでには𓀤 名前の通り背中にタスキをかけてるようなウミウシちゃん𓆑 scubadiving diving sea nature underwaterworld underwaterphotography beautiful olympus olympustg5 tg5 camera スキューバダイビング ダイビング 自然 水中 水中写真 水中カメラ オリンパス オリンパスtg5 ダイビング好きな人と繋がりたい 水中写真好きな人と繋がりたい 阿嘉島 慶良間 沖縄 ウミウシ シロタスキウミウシ マクロ マクロの世界

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One of my favorite things to show at Koloa Landing right now are these Harlequin Shrimp. They live together in pairs and feed only on sea stars. My favorite thing about them is they are constantly moving their front claws! It looks like they are dancing! shrimp harlequinshrimp kauailife underwater_world_ underwaterphotography underwater_photography uwphotos uwpics uwphotographer uwphotos underwatershots luckywelivehawaii luckywelivekauai luckywelivehi alohabones venturehawaii divehawaii hawaiidiving kauaiscuba divekauai 808 808state hawaiilife hawaiisbestphotos hawaiistagram kauai kauaihawaii travel explore travelphotography

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Banyak cerita untuk generasi selanjutnya 😎😎 📷📸 : arularifin

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Cronogramas de cursos Open Water Diver Curso regular. Lunes 27 de Mayo Lunes 3 de Junio Curso intensivo Sabado 1 de Junio Inscripciones abiertas: Discovery 🐠👌 Curso Open Water Diver 🐋👌 Curso Recreational Nitrox Diver 🐙👌 Curso Advanced Open Water Diver 🦈👌 Curso Rescue Diver 🚩👌 Curso Divemaster ⚓👌 cursosdebuceo scubapro divemaster openwaterdiver ecuador diveecuador instructordebuceo scubainstructor cursodebuceo rescuediver advancedopenwaterdiver buzo buceo scuba scubadiving scubadiver underwaterphotography aqualung tourism allyouneedisecuador photography oceanlover aventura adventure adventures turismo turismoecuador divingschool advancedopenwater friends

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One of the 4 massive propellers on the Queen Mary, each one weighing 35 tons and measuring over 20ft tip-to-tip. Incredible dive opportunity with myersmarinedivision, jmyers and subseaglobalsolutions in the propeller room on the Queen Mary! Over the years, guests throw thousands of dollars in coins and cash into the water around the propeller, and these amazing folks donate their time and resources to clean in out. All money recovered is donated to ronaldmcdonaldhousecharity. scuba diving padi underwater underwaterphoto underwaterphotographer underwaterphotography uwphotography uwphotographer uwphoto queenmary paditv thequeenmary sonyalpha seaandseaimaging bigbluedivelights nauticamhousings commercialdiving propeller industrialphotography cruiseship offshore_diving

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Months of planning, preparing and visualization paid off for South Florida Freediver leifvida with this beautiful bluefin tuna 💪🏼🐟 ***Don't forget to tag southfloridafreedivers to have your photos featured!*** southfloridafreedivers freedive spearfishing ocean adventure outdoors natural underwaterphotography conservation sea relax beach fun respect goodvibes travel peace diving life fishing miami saltlife florida pescasub fish fishinglife lovewhatyoudo passion freediving spearfish

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한정특가12만원 ☆PADI BASIC FREEDIVER COURSE☆ 비용-12만원 (교육비,장비렌탈,발급비포함/입장료불포함) ※추가 비용 없음 내용: 이론 수업(약1시간) +수영장수업(약3-4시간) 혜택-무료 재교육 제공 (1회에 한하며, 장비 렌탈 및 수영장 입장료 별도) 교육문의 : 이동훈강사 01042848149 카카오(ID : palani) 또는 DM https:cafe.naver.com/divelifekorea diver diving freediving scubadiving underwater freediver scubadiver divelife sea underwaterphotography 스쿠버다이빙 프리다이빙 프리 스쿠버 교육 트레이닝 체험다이빙 다이빙투어

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跟喜歡的人去的每個地方都喜歡😆 想跟我們一起去海裡玩? 🔹臉書:南青潛水 🔸LINE: divepro (要加 ,不然會找到Don岳,雖然找他也可以啦😂) 🔺每天開課 🔺一個人也可以上課 🔺不會游泳也可以上課 🔺不想被毒到可以報名旅遊😆 —————————— 南青 南青潛水 南青潛水divepro 潛水 塞班 instadive instagood photooftheday diving dive diver freediving freediver saipan travel fun blue ocean blue oceanlove freedive dome uw underwaterphotography

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- 보홀 앞바다에 묻혀있는 내 마스크가 그리워서 이러는게 아냐——————————————————————— repost freedive_grandbleu ・・・ 이벤트 보홀센터 2박3일 숙식권과 더불어 프리다이빙 체험 혹은 스노클 체험 패키지를 드립니다. (항공 교통 개인 보험 별도) ——————————————————————— 🏝보홀 최고의 프리다이빙 그리고 스노클링 센터를 보유한 프리다이브그랑블루보홀센터 에서 카카오톡 플러스 친구 페이지를 만들었습니다. - - ✔️ 그랑블루보홀 플러스친구 추가를 해주세요 - ✔️본 페이지를 리그램 해주세요 ✔️ 그랑블루보홀이벤트응모 - 해쉬태그를 꼭 꼭 해주세요 당첨자는 5월 31일 본 인스타그램에서 발표됩니다. 많이 참여해 주세요^^ - - 보홀 필리핀 프리다이빙투어 프리다이빙 프리다이버 카카오톡플러스친구추가 그랑블루보홀센터 프리다이브그랑블루보홀센터 수영 취미추천 yolo 칼리카산리조트 스노클링 freediving freediver travel underwaterphotography

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Lembeh Strait. At last. I am happy to finally dive the "macro capital of the world" September 10-18, 2019 with 72aquatics Join me on this remarkable trip with outlandish critters over volcanic sand, sloping reefs and WW2 ship wrecks 8 nights in Kungkungan Resort with 7 days of diving, 21 dives all inclusive and free nitrox, $2295 I will be offering a free uw photo workshop during the trip and a trip photo book will be included too divetravel diveindonesia openwater underwaterphotography uwphotography 72aquatics scuba scubadiving azdiving diveaz tucson diving macrophotography underwater tauchen sporttauchen buceo uwphoto

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It's whale Wednesday Here's a humpback whale coming in for a close up! One of the things that really amazed me was how the whales had an incredible sense of exactly where they were relative to me. While I kept a respectful distance, for all their size they showed precise control over how they they moved when they were close to me. To see something the size of a school bus move with such control is something I will never forget. humpbackwhale silverbank turksandcaicosaggressor aquaticadigital canon7dmarkii oceanconservation scubashooters underwaterphotography

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A picture that always reminds me of underwater giggles with crittersresearch ☺️ This triple fin did not want to share its spot, instead it persisted to peck at the nudibranch’s rhinophores until it moved away. 🐠💥🐌 Not long to go now and I’ll be searching for critters in Indo with crittersresearch again before moving to our new home in the UK 🇬🇧 luckygirl marinenerd marinescientist marinescience getoutstayout bali indonesia ocean nature getoutstayout keepitwild wildernessculture adventure nudibranch triplefin thebarefootwalker natureonly scuba scubadive diver uwphotography underwaterphotography sidem diamonds iloveanimals muckdiving beatifulcreatures

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While I was shooting the Chub mound I noticed some commotion at the rear of the school and a scattering of shiners, then I saw the cause of I all. A small adult northern watersnake nerodiasipedon had invaded the mound and grabbed an adult male Central Stone Roller and was being carried downstream, I wished him luck. Later, on leaving the stream for a battery I stumbled upon the snake and still struggling fish. The snake finally realized he could not handle such a large prey item and released the fish which had died during the struggle. ichthyology herpetology nanfa herps snek nature underwaterphotography naturephotography nativefish reptile cyprinidae minnow snorkeling scubadiving food goodeats tennessee seviercounty river

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ニシ浜💎🕊🐢 ②枚目は撮ってもらったやつ! カメさんとセットで嬉しい〜🤩❣️ おかんに見せたらノーパンかと思ったって言われたけど 安心して 履いてますよ😂 . 📍Point : ニシ浜 Hateruma Island, Okinawa, Japan🇯🇵 underwater underwaterphotography diving divermag okinawa ニシ浜 lascuba 水中写真 水中ワイド シュノーケル 沖縄 八重山 波照間島 波照間ブルー ウミガメ ニシ浜 スキンダイビング

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Marine life in Melbourne's shore dives is usually tiny macro subjects a few milimeters in size. But the water hides some of the biggest annimals in the world. A regular to Fllinders Pier is the smooth ray. This girl (?) was so big that almost all of my shots only caught half of her. I estimate she was easily 2.2-2.5m diameter. Once we calmed our excitement she kept coming back for fly by's and even settled for a feed in front of us. stingray smoothray flinderspier inaturalist melbournedownunder divemelbourne underwaterphotography melbournescuba olympusunderwater olympusem5

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We are all “passengers”. Diving in our universe . 在電影《星際過客》中,男主角Chirs Pratt 因為不堪一個人的寂寞,喚醒了休眠中的女主角Jennifer Lawrence ,而女主角在知道真相後崩潰,但最後還是選擇了原諒。 「人因寂寞而荒唐,也因寂寞而珍惜。」 而潛水,絕不能缺少你的潛伴。 潛伴就是你的牽絆! 重點就是 來潛水記得揪團啊! outerspace innerspace ocean scuba scubadiving diving underwater underwaterphotography photography taiwan greenisland gopro padi passengers universe star discover 外太空 內太空 潛水 台灣 綠島 朋友 スキューバダイビング ダイビング 写真 友達 다이빙 스쿠버다이빙 우주

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Cute little buddy!😚 📷 noname

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العومان كايرجع أكثر متعة مع ديكاتلون

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Weedy Sea Dragon. (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus). beautiful, delicate and mesmorising to watch in the sea grass. Located only in a few places in Australia these are regular attraction at Flinders Pier. Reef Watch is doing a program where they are trying to identify indiviual animals by their spots and markings. Hopefully i find a few un-claimed dragons so i can name them! flinderspier weedyseadragon reefwatch underwaterphotography divemelbourne melbournescuba inaturalist australiageographic nationalgeographic olympusem5 olympusunderwater melbournedownunder

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Lessons to be learned from a sea turtle 🔆 . Stay grounded. Even in the strongest storm, and biggest chaos. Stay determined. Despite how long the journey ahead may seem, continue on. Stay balanced. No matter what Mother Nature or the universe may throw at you. Be peaceful- Learn to live in harmony with your environment and all the life around you “Slow down, & trust the flow” 🌊 Always in awe of the things we learn from the world & creatures around us. So much wisdom in the world that we just need to get down and connect with, sometimes, ya know? Taking these values and putting them into practice! Days like today for me can make it seem impossible to slow down and take a breathe, but when you see the way everything around us with stands it’s own hurdle- it puts things into greater perspective. Just be the sea turtle 🥰