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Hello everyone😊😍❤️🐬Cuteness overloaded😊😍❤️🐬 ❤️Double tap❤️For more content about lovely dolphins follow us don’t be mean tag a fellow dolphin lover❤️ 🐬 🐬 Follow us for more dolphinjohnwi Use dolphinjohnwi For Your Chance to be Featured! emptythetanks oceanlover underwaterlife jojothedolphin underwaterworld turksandcaicos saveourseas discoverocean oceanholic oceanlovers seacreatures underthesea underwatershot caribbean oceanlove marineconservation atlanticocean tropicaladdicted protectouroceans marinebiology sealife oceanconservation tropicallife paradiseisland caribbeansea

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One breath around the world 💙 📸 leliahoehn

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An amazing time has come to an end. Bu ursula.brunner has spent 2 months training and techdiving with us and is now on her way to the Philippines. It was a pleasure teaching you and we wish you an amazing time and lots of great experiences to come. We will miss you a lot and we are already looking forward to having you back in future! On the picture she is with her instructor theresia_gollner. Thanks nadine_eilhoff for the beautiful memory!

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. 🌟 Congratulations 🌟🌟🌟🌟 mike_room8258 🌟🌟🌟🌟 . ✨ With your likes, you have chosen Underthesea_Perfection's Weekly Winner . ✨ Please take time to visit the gallery of this exceptional photographer 🌟 Moderators of Underthesea_Perfection tamarakorac andrew_blacknwhite bostonjenn erik_vangsnes vagabrundo ✨ To be eligible for a feature 🔖 Keep tagging underthesea_perfection . 🔖 nauticam underwaterworld uwpics underwatermacro divermag total_underwater oceanminded_arts underwaterlife instadive oceanphotography wildlifeplanet nature_perfection wildlife_perfection water_perfection underthesea underwater worldoceansday waterphotography uwphotography underwatershots underwaterpictures underwater_world_ oceangram water_of_our_world splendid_shotz ourplanetdaily discoverocean perfection_family sea_per_2019

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Sealife Collection Pic of the day: Ladybug Amphipod (Genus Cyproidea) - Amphipods are mostly detritivors, crawling insect-like crustaceans. 📸: Craig Howe . Want more details of this photo? 👉 https:goo.gl/S92xru . If you want to see more photos of sealife species or contribute to our project with your own, 👉 https:goo.gl/uwn7yS . LadybugAmphipod Genus Cyproidea Amphipoda sealife marinelife uw underwaterworld underwaterphoto uwphotography underwaterlife marinebiology uwphoto instadive underwaterphotographer uwpics bg_underwater underwaterpic uwlife underwaterimages marinebiologyshots marinebiologists underwater underwaterphotography padi marinelife scubadive alivefund alivefundacio sealifecollection

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. freibad, samstag kurz nach vier. menschenmassen lagern hier. auf den tüchern, decken, matten, in der sonne und im schatten auf den wiesen, in den becken, ausgenützt sind alle ecken. der schatten lockt, ein lüftchen weht, das folgende gedicht entsteht es beschreibt von hier und heute kurz, prägnant ein paar der leute, die an diesem sommertag das freibad nehmen in beschlag summerday infinitypool swimming summer pool swim underwater sun underwaterworld travel travelling wolfganglörzer ilovemyjob hongkong kowloon china world

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Repost caymanjason ・・・ Of the 9 species of Hammerheads sharks found worldwide, seven of them have been evaluated by the IUCN Red List. The Great Hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) is listed as Endangered with a decreasing population. Like other sharks around the world, they are under threat from bycatch in commercial fisheries as well as shark-finning, long-lining, and trophy hunting. Like all sharks, Hammerheads play a critical role in our worlds oceans. Education is key. Save our sharks ambassadordiverscayman oceanconservation saveourseas oneocean nature wildlife scubadiving uwphotography scuba ocean oceanlover idive oceanlove oceanphotography oceanminded_arts underwater underwaterworld underwaterphoto underwaterphotography underwaterpic underwaterlife underwaterart underwaterlove caymanislands cayman grandcayman canon canonphotography scubadiver scubadive

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Reposted from divelinestore - Minas de ópalo en el este de Eslovaquia, cerca de la ciudad de Prešov, en el distrito de Červenica. Diecisiete niveles de túneles, pozos y adit que se extienden a más de 13 millas se excavaron manualmente en las colinas volcánicas, algunas hasta una profundidad de más de 150 yardas. En 1922, los cinco niveles más bajos fueron inundados. El área hoy es una región protegida del país, y la mina en sí se conserva por sus depósitos minerales. En su apogeo, más de 350 trabajadores y hasta 13 molinos fueron empleados aquí, hoy en día, 16 especies de murciélagos son los únicos habitantes de los túneles húmedos, fríos y oscuros. Si buscas una aventura de buceo en minas, sin lugar a dudas esta es una buena opción! Una más a la lista 👈 ~~ 📷 martin.strmiska ~~ scubadiving scubadivingaddicts cristalwater underwaterlife adventure explore outdoors sea ocean underwaterphotography underwaterpic caves scubadivingtrip underwater underwaterworld under_water_world scubadiver scubadive scuba scubaphoto scuba_diving scubadiverslife scubalife buceo technicaldiving divelife neverstopexploring tecdiving wreckdiving slovakia

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Komodo ❤️ | swipe left 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼

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🐢🐠Ninja Shark family🐠🐢 . 💯One of our best purchases we have made for our trip around Oz . ✔These full face snorkels have given, myself & the , the confidence to get out & explore our beautiful underwater world alongside hubby . 🐚🐙🐠🐬& what an amazing underwater world its been along the WA coast so far🐬🐠🐙🐚 ninjasharkau

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Long nose hawk fish out on a mid-day stroll. Crystal clear views and the art of underwater gardens are a couple of my favorite things to see when diving. What’s your favorite views on a dive? 📍 rakeedhoo corner 📸 sonyrx100

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Abstract tuesday. You shall find me in the shadows.

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The clownfish finds food and shelter with the anemone, the "host" also benefits by receiving protection from the clownfish 🙏🏼. _ Double Tap👌🏽 - Tag a Friend below👇🏼 _ ⛓ L͚E͚T͚ M͚E͚ T͚A͚K͚E͚ Y͚O͚U͚ T͚O͚ W͚H͚E͚R͚E͚ I͚ B͚E͚L͚O͚N͚G͚ ⚓️💙🇸🇦 ‎•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ‎‏ scubadiving scuba dive destinationjed underwaterlife coral coralcolor tdidivers sdidivers reef xsidemount sea underwaterphotography underwater uwphotoghraphy underwaterpics underwaterworld underwaterphoto gopro selfie jeddah غوص الغوص_في_جدة جده جدة البحر_الاحمر بحر رحلة_بحرية ksa غواصين_جدة ‎••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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De Longfin Bannerfish of in het Nederlands de Schoolwimpelvis is een hele toegankelijke vriendelijke vis om te fotograferen. Ze zijn geneigd om je als duiker te volgen en zullen je niet alleen laten totdat je zelf wegzwemt. Je kunt ze meestal spotten in paren of kleine groepen, zoals op deze foto. Wil jij deze tropische vis nou ook komen spotten in Koh Tao, stuur ons dat een berichtje! Gebruik duikenopkohtao en tag ons voor een regram pearldiving coralfish pennantcoralfish fish longfinbannerfish fishpair Kohtao kohtaoisland duiken scubadiving koraal duikers duikersgids onderwaterwereld onderwater onderwaterfoto duikenopkohtao duikplaats scubadiving diving openwater tropischeiland tropicalisland underwaterworld dive diver underwaterpicture realdiving divessi

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Did you know that I create art using the sounds of nature? With vibrant color inspired by the ocean, I use sound vibrations such as various species of birds soaring above the heavy surf crashing on the shoreline and beachgoers enjoying a day in the sun to mix the saturated color on the painting Find my booth this weekend at the University Town Center Art Fair in Sarasota, Florida. I'll be there 3/23 and 3/24 from 10am to 5pm. Now offering 20% off for WomensHistoryMonth!

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Many clients are intrigued by the transition of color on the background of the painting. What do you see? A storm or a waterfall? I see a transition from day to night Interested in finding a piece of art that brings your unique taste and personality to your space? Find my booth at the University Town Center Art Fair in Sarasota, Florida this weekend 3/23-24 from 10am-5pm. artfestivals craftfestivals greatersarasotachamber

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It's difficult to summarise somewhere like Raja Ampat in images. There's so much life and diversity underwater to be captured that it can at times be overwhelming. It took many dives there, being swarmed by fusiliers, swimming through huges schools of fish over pristine coral bommies before finally being able to start developing an eye for compositions without being totally distracted and overwhelmed by all the action! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ getwetmakebubbles girlsthatscuba immersione duiken 海洋 plongée tauchen madeofocean スキューバダイビング дайвинг paditv 다이빙 스쿠버다이빙 giliislands octopus uwphotography underwaterworld discoverindonesia wonderfulindonesia gilitrawangan underwaterphotography scubadiving bbctravel scuba natgeowild diving natgeotravel lonelyplanet natgeoadventure

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You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one 👌🏽 _ ‏🌊R͚E͚D͚ S͚E͚A͚ I͚S͚ W͚H͚E͚R͚E͚ I͚ B͚E͚L͚O͚N͚G͚ ⚓️💙

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When everything feels like a struggle just look at it from the top 👌🏽 _ ‏🌊R͚E͚D͚ S͚E͚A͚ I͚S͚ W͚H͚E͚R͚E͚ I͚ B͚E͚L͚O͚N͚G͚ ⚓️💙

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Let me take you to where I belong 💙👌🏽

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Let me take you to where I belong 👌🏾 ⤵️ • • • • 📘دورة غواص مياه مفتوحة كل اسبوع ابتداءً من الاحد الى السبت 🛥🚤رحلات بحريه & غطسات للغواصين واللي حابب الاستجمام في رحلاتنا يومي الجمعة والسبت 💚 Enroll for an Open Water Scuba Diver & Etc 👌🏾 For Diving Guide & Boat Trips 🧜🏼‍♂️🛥 DM for ℹ️

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Weekends vibe 🌴 ‎••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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To where I belong 🤙🏾 إلى حيث أنتمي🌊

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🗺exploring underwater life

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With my buddy big_star1 🤙🏾

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Life underwater 👌 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••