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Ha sido un puente semana santa muy disfrutado. Lejos de pantallas, redes sociales etc etc - - Siiiiiii ¡he sumado kms y cumplido con entrenamientos! Los 101 de Ronda ya están aquí y no puedo relajarme 🚜💨💨💨💨🥑 - - Pero sobre todo he compartido ratitos de mucha CALIDAD con la gente que quiero. - - Foto de familia recuerdo de la celebración del cumple de mi madre 😍🤘🏽 - - yaestoydevuelta momentosdecalidad loquedeverdadimporta familia gracias soyrica orgullosademimadre sargentoaguacate veganpower veganwarrior semanasanta

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These dumplings are covered in a spicy chili oil sauce! The inside is filled with chestnut mushrooms. 🍄 Epic creation by legallyplantbased! Find the recipe on her original post. goodoldvegan 🌱 goodoldvegan 🌱

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A Nutribem está em festa! um mês de sucesso em Montanha! E para agradecer todo este carinho, estamos com 10% de desconto em todos os nossos produtos granel Estamos esperando sua visita saude vidasaudavel alimentaçãosaudável vegan govegan health nutrição fitness lifesifestyle nutrition gym nutriçãosaudável nutriçãoeficiente saudável veganpower vempranutribem nanutribemtem cuidandodasaude lojafit lojafitness lojasaudável lojanatural natureza produtosnaturais vidanatural vidasaudável montanha es espíritosanto

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🚨 Tofu veggie scramble with avocado toast and air fried russet potatoes on the side 🚨 ➖ ▪️ Made some tofu “egg” scramble with sautéed crimini mushrooms, diced peppers and onions to top onto some avocado toast with whole wheat bread and air fried russet potatoes. Just a good ol’ Sunday morning breakfast! 🤷‍♂️ ➖ ▪️ This came out to 641 calories with 29 grams of protein, 94 grams of carbs, 18 grams of fat and 9 grams of fiber. Small pre-workout snack for me 😂

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***Red Wedding Smoothie*** • With the final season of Game of Thrones on, befitting to have a blood red smoothie. This one is a carrot beet combo. • I want to reshare how smoothie-ing and retaining the pulp helps keep the fibre and nutrition in the fruit and veggie, more so than juicing that IMO leaves with little more than the sugars in fruit. That said, it’s ok to juice veggies, esp greens sometimes. Best practice- pick up a piece of fruit/ veggie and exercise that jaw yo! • Ingredients for the smoothie- Carrot Beetroot Orange Ginger Lemon Mint Kokum (had it so I added it) • Want more pareensplantbasedliving content? Double tap and follow pareensachdeva 😊 • Remember, veganism is not a faddiet A Healthy plantbaseddiet is easily accessible, largely inexpensive & better for the planet • • • wfpb pareensachdeva poweredbyplants smoothierecipes eatplantsnotfriends carrotjuice nutritionplan

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DILL SAUCE 🌿 SALSA DE ENELDO . 🇺🇸🇬🇧 We made it yesterday to accompany our tasty cauli-bites and it was delicious! This sauce just needs a blender + soy (or any other kind of veggie) yoghourt (preferably unsweetened), one avocado, half a lemon, pinch of salt and 1 or 2 TSP dill. YAS PS: Again veganizing the original recipe by nutriaconsejame . 🇪🇸🇪🇸 Esta salsa la hicimos ayer para acompañar las palomitas de coliflor (😻) y nos quedó riquísima. Solamente necesitas una buena batidora para mezclar todos los ingredientes ➡️ un yogur de soja (sin azúcar), un aguacate, medio limón, una pizca de sal rosa y dos cucharaditas de eneldo. ¡Tremenda PD: De nuevo reinventando la receta original de nutriaconsejame . veganfood vegana vegano veganrecipes vegans veganfoodshare veganfoodlovers vegansofig veganlifestyle vegancommunity veganpower veganeats veganlife veganism recipes yum yummy realfood realfooder healthyfood fitness picoftheday yes foodie

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That'll work.

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Vegan nachos using plant based mince, nutritional yeast and dairy free yogurt ❤️ once again any meal you normally eat there is a vegan version and for this one once the garlic, onion, herbs, spices, tomato paste etc mixed in you honestly wouldn’t even know the difference ❤️

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Vegan Lover ❤️ ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Would you like to wear GREATDANE T-Shirts or Mugs, Legging, Hat? Grab yours by clicking the link in my profile Bio 💗 * Follow my instagram if you love 😍 vegan : ➡ welove_vegan 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * Credit: veganvideos vegan, vegansofig, whatveganseat, veganfood, veganism, veganlife, vegansofinstagram, vegangirl, veganlifestyle, vegano, veganeats, vegancommunity, veganbreakfast, veganfitness, veganfoodlovers, veganlove, veganpower, veganrecipes, vegandinner, veganforlife, veganathlete, veganshare, veganlunch, veganbeauty, welove_vegan

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Hade tänkt köra 40 km, men fick problem med rejäl kramp i höger ben. Öppnade i för hårt tempo så här i början på cykelsäsong 😂 DJJens VeganPower How many days in a row will I be able  to work out this 164th time ?? Part164 PlantPower BigDog Vegan🌱 WorkOut Day1 EasterMonday 11 am Spring Vår April22nd Cycling Bikeride🚴‍♂️ 20 km on my Czech SuperiorXroad Racer Vallentuna Lindholmen Roslagen Norrort NorraSidan Stockholm Sverige Sweden (© 2019 DJ Jens Photo)

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Beautiful Good Friday walk up the North Norfolk coast interspersed with a visit the morstonanchor for this wild garlic risotto. Tasted beautifully creamy with kicks of garlic. They also offered a vegan special on the day and their menu is really clearly labelled. Definitely recommend trying it out if in the area!

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⏩ WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE MEAL BOOSTING FOODS❔⏪⏩ COMMENT BELOW❕ ➖ 👉 There are a lot of so called SUPERFOODS that are seen by everyone as something magical but little do they know that these superfoods often aren't what their name indicates ! However, you do have to pay overpriced prices most of the times for these items like spirulina or matcha powder BUT don't get me wrong I do recommend these foods since they have great vital nutrients and are packed with vitamins and minerals 🙌 Nevertheless, there are some cheaper (some more than others) choices for YOU to implement into your diet like all the FOODS I MENTIONED ABOVE while enhancing your meals! ➖ The suggested foods are a great way to add nutrients to your meals and make them sometimes even tastier since FATS DO ADD A LOT OF TASTE 😉 Still you can choose for yourself if you feel like buying spirulina powders, matcha powders etc but just NOTE THAT THERE ARE EASIER, TASTIER & MORE OR EQUALLY AS HEALTHY OPTIONS 💪🌱 ➖ ◾ FOLLOW mysuperbodytransformation ☑ ◾ LIKE & SHARE this post with everyone you know ☑ ◾ TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS ☑ ➖ vegan veganfood vegansofig plantbased veganism veganlife govegan whatveganseat veganfoodshare vegansofinstagram vegans vegano vegangirl crueltyfree veganfoodporn veganrecipes veganlifestyle veganpower veganshare veganeats vegancommunity vegetarian veganaf veganfortheanimals foodporn healthyfood veganlove healthy mysuperbodytransformation dairyfree

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Wanna bowl her over ??? Failsafe trick : GO VEGAN 🌱

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Algo Simple (Instagram translation available below) Cuidar de nuestro Planeta es algo bastante simple. Así como tenemos una sola vida, un solo cuerpo y nos corresponde cuidarlo de manera intencional, también nos corresponde cuidar del planeta, después de todo tenemos sólo uno donde vivir. Alguien me dijo una vez, no hay porque exagerar, el planeta tierra se renueva por si solo, cierto; pero si seguimos siendo el cáncer que le causa daño , también dañamos cada fase que se renueva. Hay que tomar consciencia. Aquí 4 cosas simples que puedes hacer en lo adelante: 1. Ahorrar agua Mantén cerrado el grifo mientras no necesites el agua y siempre que puedas reutilízala. 2. Ahorrar energía eléctrica En casa puedes tomar las siguientes acciones: Apaga las luces que no utilices y desconecta los aparatos eléctricos. Cambia los focos de bombilla por focos ahorradores. El refrigerador es el aparato que más energía consume en tu casa, abrelo lo menos posible. 3. Disminuye tus desperdicios De preferencia no uses artículos desechables, ni recipientes de aluminio y de plástico. Recuerda que productos como las botellas de plástico pueden tardar entre 100 y 500 años en degradarse completamente. 4. Compra sabiamente Elige productos elaborados localmente, pues así se reduce el consumo de combustibles empleados para su transporte. También procura comparar en mercados, allí se venden frutas y verduras orgánicas vegan veganism veganismo govegan organic vegana plantbased nutricion saludable comidavegana plantstrong veganknowledge veganpower plantbasedfood onlyvegan solovegana alimentacionsana tryvegan veganconfa algosimple earthday ahorraagua noplastico tierra climatechange compralocal apagalaluz

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Reposted from animalequality_de - WIE WILLST DU TIERE SEHEN? 🤔 Wenn die Antwort für dich auch so klar ist, wie für uns, dann unterstütze uns bei unserer Arbeit für eine bessere Welt für alle Tiere! 🐷💕 WERDE MITGLIED BEI ANIMAL EQUALITY: (Link in Bio) compassionate choosecompassion compassione compassioninternational compassionovercruelty compassionisnotacrime compassionoverkilling compassionforanimals compassionforall compassionworks compassioninaction compassionateliving compassionfirst compassionforallbeings compassioninactionvegan kindness plantbased vegan govegan vegansofinstagram vegansofig crueltyfree veganpower veganlife

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These new LoveRaw Butter Cups are lush.

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Frohe Ostern noch an alle 🥳 ein Osteressen ohne den Osterhasen zu essen ist ein gutes Osteressen 😄 bei mir gab es zum Beispiel Kartoffeln mit Gemüse, Cashew Kernen und Ingwer, alles in der Pfanne kurz angebraten. Super easy und super lecker. Schönen Tag euch allen noch ✌️ vegan veganfood veganfoodporn veganfoodshare eatplantsnotfriends govegan veganism plantbased happyeaster lecker yummy foodblogger vegangermany vegansofig veganforlife vegandeutschland veganwerdenwaslosdigga letscookvegan veganlife veganpower veganblogger veganheadchef

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Who relates?💚💯 👉🏼 vegansabove•⠀⠀ •🐶⠀⠀ •🐮⠀⠀ •🐷⠀⠀ •🦊⠀⠀ •🦁⠀⠀ •🐻⠀⠀ •🐭⠀⠀ •🐱⠀⠀ •🐔⠀⠀ •🐥⠀⠀ •🐯⠀⠀ •🐰⠀⠀ •🌎⠀⠀ •💚⠀⠀ •🌱 veganshare veganforlife veganpower vegansofinsta veganmemes veganmemes fitvegan bestofvegan veganfitness veganmuscle vegancommunity veganism veganaf vegan veganfortheanimals govegan veganhumor veganliving eatplants veganfashion veganvibes veganfit animalactivist savetheanimals whatveganseat vegangirl

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Surprising good food next to the temple at LianChiHui vegetarian restaurant. There are 3 veg restauarany along this street. The crafting of butterfly on a plate of a strange mushroom that i never ate before was good. The bowl of pumkpin with lots of mushroom and veg in it is huge for 1 person. 😅 Total cost sgd24 : sgvegan  sgvegetarian  vegansg vegetariansg  sgfood  sgvegancommunity vegansofsg  vegancommunity  vegansofinstagram vegansofig  veganfood  vegetarianfood  sgfoodie  foodie  vegetarian  vegan veganism  vegetarianeats  veganeats  veganpower vegetarianpower  veganfoodshare sgcafe veganburger veganofig cafesg 素食 纯素 plantbased

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And trust me, it is gonna be VEGAN 🌱

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Delicious steamed veggie dumplings 😍😍

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Go vegan this easter💔💯 👉🏼 vegansabove•⠀⠀ •🐶⠀⠀ •🐮⠀⠀ •🐷⠀⠀ •🦊⠀⠀ •🦁⠀⠀ •🐻⠀⠀ •🐭⠀⠀ •🐱⠀⠀ •🐔⠀⠀ •🐥⠀⠀ •🐯⠀⠀ •🐰⠀⠀ •🌎⠀⠀ •💚⠀⠀ •🌱 veganshare veganforlife veganpower vegansofinsta veganmemes veganmemes fitvegan bestofvegan veganfitness veganmuscle vegancommunity veganism veganaf vegan veganfortheanimals govegan veganhumor veganliving eatplants veganfashion veganvibes veganfit animalactivist savetheanimals whatveganseat vegangirl

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⚡️Cardio Kickboxing Combos⚡️⁣ ⁣ If you have taken a cardio kickboxing class before then these combinations will feel familiar. I love putting on a fast and upbeat song to bang out these combinations! You can work thru timed sets or towards a specific number of rounds for both. ⁣ ⁣ ⚠️Make sure your pets or are distracted to avoid any accidental collisions. ⁣ ⁣ Combine these moves with any of my other Kickboxing or Combat inspired videos for an insane workout. ⁣ ⁣ ✨Let me know which videos you combined in the comments!⁣ ⁣ 1. Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Double Back Knee⁣ 2. Jab, Cross, Jab, Uppercut, 2 Ali Shuffles⁣ ⁣ *Hook = Punching across the chin⁣ *Uppercut = Punching upwards to hit the under part of your opponent’s chin⁣ *Ali Shuffle = weight in the balls of your feet, scissor jump back and forth for 1 rep⁣ ⁣ kickboxing kickboxinggirl kickboxingworkout kickboxingtraining cardiokickboxing cardiokick punchingpower workout fitness fitnessgirl workoutmotivation fitnessmotivation lancasterfitness berkscountyfitness veganfitness veganpower workouts fitspo fitgirls lancasterpa workoutclothes homegym lancasterkickboxing dogworkout pugs myfabletics plantbased poweredbyplants plantpowered plantpoweredathlete

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Vegan cream tea as we’re treating Jamie to the Somerset life😂 Always love thecreamerycakery in Minehead as they are always so good for vegan cakes and snacks. Haven’t been since last summer and was happy to that there is even more vegan options available! thatsveganbaby vegan veganrecipes veganrecipe plantbased veggie plantbaseddiet veganfood veganstudent vegano vegans vegana veganismo veganos vegansofig veganism veganpower veganlife vegangirl veganbaby veganshare veganeats veganlove veganfoodie veganaf veganfortheanimals veganfoodporn veganuk veganwales vegancardiff

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❤ BLACKBERRY CHEESECAKE ❤ [VEGAN] of course 😁 & made by meeee Recipe is 20min oooonly 👉Crust: - Grind in the mixer until powder: 1/2 cup almods, 2 tbps dry scraped coconut, 2 tbsp coconut oil and 8 dates. - Press it on a tray with your hands and bake it on the pre-heated owen at 200°C for 10min 👉 Cream: - Make a cream on the mixer with: 1 1/2 cup veg milk, 2 cups hidrated raw cashews, 2-4 tbsp sugar, juice of 1 big lemon and 1 tsp vanilla essence. - On a pan dissolve 1 tbsp agar-agar with 1 cup water then add to the mixer and mix - Quickly add it to the base (already cooled) and take to the freezer for min 5h 👉 Jam: - Add jam to the top right before serving and decorate it with mint leaves . Easy han?! :)

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In other words , : BE VEGAN 🌱

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That should be enough for this morning . GO VEGAN 🌱

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Why eat animals when you can eat ass? GO VEGAN 🌱

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There are screams that can not be heard.

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Hoje é dia de segundasemcarne Happy day! Saia da zona de conforto e participe do movimento mundial da segunda sem carne. Experimente novos sabores e variados produtos como nesta foto. É difícil ser vegano??? Aí temos: Hamburguer Mix de sabores, coxinha de jaca, empadão de palmito, quiche de tomate seco e espinafre, tabule de couve flor, salpicão light, fromage, caponata, kibano fit (kibe de quinoa e beringela) e salada de grão de bico. govegan crueltyfree vemcomigo segundasemcarne whatveganeat caponataberingela burguervegano kibe Kibanofit fromage empadãovegano tabule salpicão coxinhadejaca quichevegana grãodebico plantbased eatclen healthyfood saiadazonadeconforto veganpower cozinhavegana errejota

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Good morning, and a happy earthday to you all. Recently more than ever I'm trying so very hard to be as green as I can be for our planet. We live like this earth is disposable, but there is no planet B! Animal/farming agriculture is THE leading cause of CO2 emissions on this planet, around 30% of the earth’s land surface is currently used for livestock farming and growing. It is also a main cause for world hunger. To produce one kilogram of beef requires 25 kilograms of grain (to feed the animal) and around 15,000 litres of water. 25 kg of grain could fead up to 50 people. Imagine how much we could save if we stopped this, Crazy right!? Feeding grain to livestock animals increases global demand and drives up grain prices, making it harder for the world’s poor to feed themselves. Grain could instead be used to feed people, and water used to irrigate crops. If all grain were fed to humans instead of animals, we could feed an extra 3.5 billion people, and put so much less pressure on our planet bringing global warming to an end for our generation and the generations to come. The best thing anyone can do for the planet, for every species on it and for yourself is to go vegan. Peace out ✌️🌱 - hullvegan vegan earthday2019 savetheplanet veganism vegano vegancommunity veganfood plantbased peace veganblog vegansarethefuture foodporn govegan veganpower veganUK instavegan truth veganlife foodblogger livegreen veganeats veganfoodporn choosevegan vegansofinstagram veganfood veganfoodshare veganlife Hull UKvegan vgang

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Overindulged this Easter?!🙈Time to reset with our Two For Tuesday Deal🥤🥤 . Buy any Small Juice or Smoothie and receive another of the same for FREE* Available every Tuesday! rawsqueezeclontarf 70 Hornibrook Esplanade Clontarf Open from 7am -7pm 7days a week charliesrawsqueeze rawsqueeze rawsqueezeclontarf . *Second juice or smoothie must be the same as the first!

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PINK QUINOA PORRIDGE IS BACK! After all that Easter food and not training for a week it feels good to get back to the routine ↡ 🌿 30gr Quinoa Flakes cerealesandinos 🌿 200ml Almond Milk from agrodely 🌿 30gr Protein Powder from mannaecuador 🌿 150gr Blackberries 🌿 Stevia And for the toppings ↡ 🌿 150gr Strawberries🍓 🌿 20gr Almonds 🌿 15gr Pumpkin Seeds 🌿 10gr Shredded Coconut Easy as that!

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are you vegan?🌿 if not, why aren’t you vegan?💙 the animals need us to be vegan, they need us to share their stories, they need us to stop using, abusing, exploiting, killing, selling, testing, and raping them. we have no right to hurt them! they’re here with us on this planet, NOT for us✌🏾🐥————————————————————————•please go vegan for the animals• •please go vegan for your health• •please go vegan for the planet• ———————————————————————— vegan vegans vegansofig veganaf vegangirl veganism vegansofinstagram veganactivist veganlife veganpower veganism veganlove zerowaste animalactivist plantbased lowimpact climatechange photooftheday picoftheday peta thesavemovement dxe animalliberation directactioneverywhere animals animalrights anonymousforthevoiceless animalliberationfront seashepherd love environment