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Nuestro bateroscolombia de hoy es Nicolás Barrera Hernández nicodrumm21 22 años Toca desde el bachillerato Colegio Inem Formación Grupo Música andina Semilla Actualmente estudia en "Bella Artes" El Conservatorio Antonio María Valencia de Cali Toca con el grupo de fusion folklor "Huari". bateros bateristas drums drumers drumsdrums shure dw yamaha studio bateroscolombia gretch vicfirth music calistenia cali calicultura colombia calivalle drumsdrumsdrums pearl drumeo bateroscolombia bateristascali culturaymusica quieroacali bigfatsnaredrum drumvideo drumheadspod drumhead drummerworld drumfill

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Trying to achieve 🔒 with the boys in bigboybrass this past weekend filling in for THE matt_drumz 🥁 - 🎶: Get Bent - listen to the original on their record dropping this week!

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Nothing like dropping some dough on a dying medium! CD’s on their way. They will be here in time for the show at the Kennett Flash, June 1. These will be for sale for $10, for those interested. It has 3 other tunes not released on the digital side. shannon.allday knocked it out of the park with this. Her handwriting fits the vibe completely. Not sure she envisioned doing Album artwork at any point in her life, but she has skills and you need to use her if you are looking for album art. Also, was able to get some tunes written by kabalaur (Dave Mattock) and elliotbild (Elliot Bild) on the CD. Pick them up at the Flash on June 1 or message me to get one! Add this jawn to your story! Pumped drums music jazz ChesterCounty delco PhillyJazz philadelphia zildjian remo SugarPercussion VicFirth philly drummersofinstagram musician drummer mindfulness ItsHappening mgallettidrums chesco exton downingtown Meditation EachOneTeachOne mattgallettidrums DontForgetToBreathe Yoga BeHereNow DoTheWork EvolveYogaCompany MarinosFitness supportlocalmusic

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Day138 drumchallenge lessonoftheday It's a waste having two or more hihats on your drum kit (depends on the type of gig), right? Well in this second lesson regarding this topic, I explain and show you why having two or more can come in handy. Tone colors/timbres, expressive reasons, playing certain rhythmic patterns, and voicings are some answers you'll receive. Enjoy and happy drumming! 😀😁👍🥁🎶 • • • drum drums drumming drummer drummers drumkit drumset drummerlife drummersofinstagram drumsdrumsdrums drumfam drumlove drumlesson sabian vicfirth mapex remo drumdots drumkubes LP hihat thescottlife • • • sabiancymbals_official remopercussion vicfirth mapexdrums protectionracket drumdots drumkubes lpmusicofficial drumsdaily drumset.up drumsandlessons drumsharing drummers_corner_group drummerdotcom drummersilike thedrumproject drumhood drummunity we_love_drums drumsoutlet drumcommunity thedrumcommunity thedrumheadspod drumeatsleeprepeat talentedplayerz percussivearts talented_musicians talentedmusicians

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Clip of “No Evil” from the recent tour. Love the simplicity and the grooooove. In this song I try to keep the hats uneven and sloshy to give a more ‘percussive’ element. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Always a work in progress! 9electric paistecymbals dwdrums gibraltarhardware tunerfishluglocks vicfirth playmusic 9electric tunerfishluglocks drummersofinstagram paiste dwdrums gibraltarhardware tunerfishluglocks vicfirth tour livemusic music musician band rockband guitar bassguitar vocals lights groove simplegroove solidgroove drummer

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There’s nothing like natural reverb.

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You think you know a kit Then all of a sudden it lops off your two middle fingers, serves you with divorce papers and your paying alimony for the next 18 years smh

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When a tray of pints goes by the stage.

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Super excited about my new meeaudio MXPROIEM custom in-ears Comfy fit, great sound, custom artwork courtesy of brigittablair 😍✨(swipe for a close up). Check out meeaudio for their MX PRO giveaway and enter a chance to win your own free pair! Or go ahead and head over to to start assembling your own custom in-ears. Use promo code DELEON anytime to get 10% off. Big thanks to Danny and the MEEAudio team for the love and support 😘♥️

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herniateddiscjams Ep. 7 - " lettucefunk in' Rejoice!" because Pre Op appts are tomorrowIt is drum corps season. Jammin' to the rhythmic truth that is deitchadam ericbennybloom and zoidis live at stubbsaustin back in Feb '18. Tune is Madison Sq. But they got a whole NEW album elevate coming out in June that I'm bout to go pre order right now Most of my musical choices were smart most 😉 water bottle comin in clutch at the end radiatelett lettuce rudiments drumming drums vicfirth thoseareonly5bs oldmanhands deitchbeatsdontquit horns

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Before I go and ramble on about 🇯🇵 under the shoguns and the economy of classical Athens it’s great to get some time in on the kit! 🥁🤘🏻 drums drumpractice metime😊

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Loved recording on this kit!

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even as a drummer i’m so dramatic 🤷🏾‍♂️ *watch until the end* full link in the bio 💜