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Volume up for the most glorious red dragon final blow ever😂 • Long story short: We were attacked by a red dragon, and after being downed over 2 times within 6 rounds, we were finally healed up enough to pull it off. Reggie (Warforged Paladin) used his cape of Mont Blanc to dimension door him and Sapply (me) 175 feet above the dragon, where we then grabbed onto the center pillar. Reggie drops his cannon ball he'd been holding onto, and I casted Conjure Animals to conjure EIGHT Hadrosauruses above the dragon. Due to fall damage, the dragon would take 17d6 per hit with each dinosaur that lands on him. Of course, I roll 8 d20s and literally miss all of them but one. But that was enough to kill it 😂 SAPPLY TIMBERS BACK AT IT AGAIN • To see more awesome stuff like this, check out our YouTube Channel Let's Call it Crits, link is in my bio! • dnd dndstory campaign toa tombofannihilation reddragon timber dnd5e 5e dungeonsanddragons rpg rpgstory dm dmstory greatdm dead victory dice dnddice rpgdice letscallitcrits hadrosaurus d6 d20 chult ttrpg tabletop tabletoprpg

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So many of our issues with health and nutrition stem from our underlying feelings towards food. ⠀ ⠀ Taking some time to really dig into what your relationship with food looks like, and WHY, is one of the first steps towards healing. eatforlife

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Goodbye insta🥺, I’m going on a vacation so I won’t be as active but I will try to post at least 3 times a week🌵 I love you all, see you in month Grinding for razd_clan Story Shares Appreciated Use code: Mvves Follow my twitch, link in bio ————————————— Follow _mvves if watching ————————————— (Hashtags ignore) battleroyale fortnite fortnitebattleroyale gaming playstation victoryroyale gamer twitch youtube game victory epicgames fortniteclips fortnitecommunity solos games fortnitefunny apexrc apextsrc apexggcommunity releasethehounds teambhrc clips fortniteclips fortnitepro releasethehounds explore explorepage apex100krc kevviiiii razd_clan razd_haunt razd.nyxe razd_zongy razd.wavy razdveo razd_flick razd_snowyy razdside razd_clown booosh_fx razdkodak hateshoji coderawhil razdup razdclanrc

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A lot happened yesterday, and my heart's so happy to meet this girl again and share the word of God 😍 I'm glad I have a new church buddy now How was your weekend guys? ♡

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Got a win and carried my thrash brother I got 8 kills. 🎖🏅🏆 victory

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Big up the one krkaru on his birthday! What a life and example you have lead. Dad always seems to have an answer to everything, and I know every kid says that, but his solutions tend to be extremely accurate most of the time. You have created an awesome family, and helped shape 3 to be their best versions of themself. Enjoy your special day, and I love you ❤️❤️❤️ Dad Father Birthday jerseyshore belmar asbury love family summerbody personaltrainer victory summerlove victorysummerlove losangeles california zen summer2019 happy

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💪🏽Strength is a strange thing You only know how much you have when you are at the edge of giving up. 🙏🏽In our weakest moments, that is when God does His best work! dontgiveup neversettle 🙏🏽 money bank victory god hustle grind prayer entrepreneur startup power creation churchgirl womenofgod smallbusinessowners paper strategy  business  tdjakes sarahjakesroberts newbusiness newbusinessowner successful success news breakthrough smallbusiness thebreakthroughagency

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Cool Whip Curls On an episode of Shark Tank Mark Cuban talks about the power of a track-record Reputation is your social shadow And like circumstances our track-record can be influenced I’ve been pouring my energy into teaching lately As an educator being voted to get pied is an example of what success looks like And success is the product of showing respect to our gifts through the management of our mental health. We have influence - and we have it over our circumstances as well as track-record. Homeless to a trap-house Small Steps, Great Distances 👏👏 Let’s go mentalhealth advocate hypeman faith lovelife hope teach coach education leadership mentor reputation success respect effort smile laugh live learn grow empower inspire motivate positive energy winning victory ssgd letsgo

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Who do you predict will make it onto the podium by the time the riders reach Paris? Comment below parispodiumprediction superleaguecycling predicts a consistent and strong finish from stevenkruijswijk to take the maillot jaune with alafpolak cracking in the alps and slipping to 5th overall by the time they cross the finidh line on the Champs-Elysees. tourdefrance tdf2019 letour maillotjaune yellowjersey cycling roadcycling bicycle cyclingpic cyclingphoto racing roadracing bike ciclisme ciclismo procycling uci uciworldtour pedal victoire victory vivelafrance champselysees uci uciworldtour 🖍 jnsbseoul

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I pray for us this morning: These wee The types of breakthroughs that cause people to wonder and say "how did it happen?" will manifest in our lives, The Glory of God that swallows shame will shine on us, The type of high positive changes that brings about arguments and controversy in our enemies camp will happen to us. An unstoppable acceleration and prosperity beyond human comprehension, is taking root in our lives. And Finally, the joy that brings sorrow to our enemies and the transformation that produces congratulations and celebrations shall be ours in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST Amen🙏. goodmorning my instafam have a blessed week ahead. I Love You All😘 monday prayer motivation positive vibe smile Instagood good mood happy greatness blessings miracles lifting victory all the way goal

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➖ credit: fortleak 📷 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Watch your step 🍌 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ double tap the picture to show your love to Fortnite Leaks & News by liking 💖 the post want to see more great FORTNITE posts, head to fortleak profile and start following. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ fnitecrazy fortnite fortnitebattleroyale fortnitevbucksgiveaway boogiedown replayroyale lmao liker funnymemes xboxone fortnitememes fortnitememe solo duo pubg playerunknownsbattlegrounds love fortnitegameplay br youtube yt twitch cod callofduty fortnitememes FNBR fnbrplays fornitebr victoryroyale victory

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I love OnlineGaming because of moments like this. Everyone wanted to quit, but my friend and I. We didn’t even lose any ground, but because we weren’t dominating our teammates wanted to give up. Nothing is over until it’s over. Life is going to knock you around and make you feel like you want to throw in the towel, but you gotta push through. Then when it’s all said and done you come out of the smoke and ashes stronger than you were before Motivation Smite Teammates Team Victory NeverQuit Nerd Gamer MOBA Xbox Microsoft Cannabis Weed Comic Memes Comedian California SoCal SouthernCalifornia OC OrangeCounty HuntingtonBeach LosAngeles WestCoast

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Just a solo v duo clip also missing Tilted ———————————————————————- For more Fortnite content make sure to follow scopy_yt

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Came to New York applying for job interviews, ended up being the interviewer. My OJT on Human Resources starts tomorrow; which is funny because I majored in Health science, but I loved reading my CPA brother's business books. Now I get to experience both office work now, and hospital duties in the future! How do you like them apples Big Apple? See you again in October newyork manhattan timesquare vessel nightphotography spring earth sky architecture birthday thisisnewyorkcity building instagood love beautiful unitedstates victory fun happy picoftheday photography backpacking amateurphotography amateurphotographer broadway travel photography me adventure philam ig_fotografdiyari

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It's not yet my Birthday here, but since I was born in Metro Manila, best I celebrate it in Philippine time! Or why not both? To make it last 36 hours! This is also my first Birthday outside my home country and Family (except my big brother is here), so to compensate, we celebrated it in one the biggest events of the year! WRESTLEMANIA 35! After 16 years of being a fan, it's my first WWE live experience! I feel like a Champ haha! Here's for more years to come! Enjoy your Day Everyone newyork newjersey wwe metlife nightphotography sports earth wrestling architecture wrestlemania thisisnewyorkcity building instagood love beautiful unitedstates victory fun happy picoftheday photography backpacking amateurphotography amateurphotographer thevesselnyc travel photography me wrestlemania35 birthday ig_fotografdiyari