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Another batch of Tafcreations shirts will be out soon! More colors & more designs! For now, hit me up if you’re interested in white or red! 🤴🏽 • • • • • • • Thank you to the talented tannerjacobdean ! Go check him out! 🔥 colebennett colebennettedits musicvideo lilmosey dreamville larappers melly ynwmelly drake videoeffects videofx create inspire godsplan lilskies blueface drakegodsplan ybnnahmir ybnalmightyjay ybncordae 21savage jcole skimasktheslumpgod jid petermckinnon mosey blocboyjb lyricallemonade comethazine yungbans

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Attack Each Opportunity Until you Reach Greatness ⚔️ (Small Edit of one of my next video on mosamuels Wobzz pills👀) 3 weeks left of the semester to stay focused and motivated to finish. Don’t Forget to Check Out my latest video as well ! (Link In Bio)

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Time to chill out. Sound on. Quem quem aceita uma taça de vinho?

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Happy Birthday Valerie Ann Bertinelli Valerie you are literally Number one in my top five celebrities i could have as a mom. You are so iconic and so underrated I don’t know how people have not discovered you. You are a living meme and my ray of sunshine. Seeing your videos make my day. You can turn my day around so fast. I discovered you when watching “Hot in Cleveland” for the first time. I was around eight or nine and became obsessed as soon as you walked on. I named a stuffed dog after your character on “Hot in Cleveland”. You are my celebrity mom because we look alike (someone told me that ). Your Insta stories and snaps are so funny that i can rewatch it and it will still make me laugh. I actually want your cats. I feel like going to Malibu just to see your cats ( i won’t actually do that because i don’t have the money to buy a plane ticket). You are a living legend. You are the best celebrity that has tattoos ( besides Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange and Cher). It makes me want to get a matching one so i can be apart of the club. You are an amazing cook, author, actress, wife, mother, stepmother, and pet owner out there. The day Valerie dies is the day I am going to go insane. It’s like losing a mom. I’ll cry myself to sleep forever. You make me feel like the nine-year-old kid who was and still is obsessed with Hot in Cleveland. Every time I see you QVC or on the Food Network I go nuts. I’m praying that one day very soon I can see you acting again. Whenever you laugh it’s just like heaven Open its doors. that laugh is so infectious that I start laughing every time. You have one of the best gag reel out there. I’m not kidding when I say that. Thank you Valerie for being the best celebrity Mom out there.

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Midnight Watch

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`s post ❗ song: tal vez —— si te gusta comenta tu nombre letra x letra⬇️👣 ∆•denle apoyo 🐰 ∆•espero que les guste🤞🏻 ∆•edito con {KINE MASTER} ∆• TIK TOK📽️ ————————————— meapuntoatumundo videostar videos videofx viral video love tiktok talvez

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𝙷𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚢 𝚋𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑𝚍𝚊𝚢 𝙹𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚌𝚊 𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎 ———————————————————— She means the world to me and I can’t thank her enough for all the things she has helped me through. I’m going to cry because I cannot put to words what she means to me. If I saw her I Would cry and I think that right there says it all. ——————————————————————————— DT: Jessica Lange & to my jessica gaygrandmas AC : s.oftaudios ———————————————————— videostar videostaredit videoedit omgpage omgunderrated editing underrated 70sedit 70s 80sedit 80s videofx videofxedit likeforlikes like4likes famous love actressedit jessicalange jessicalangeedit ahs middleagedgrp

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Trippy circle. SOUND ON.

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Kï͂͑̉͆ͧͮͩ̓ͧ̒͒̉̎̂̊͆͑͐̊̓̊̅ͭ͗̐̄̏̾̄͊ͭͥ̐ͭ͊͐̉͗ͪ͐͊̽ͮ͑ͬͨͤ͒ͦ̿̈̽ͭͤ̃͌͂̅̄ͨ̐̐ͮͭͪ̈̑͐ͥ̊ͮͩ͋ͫss̼̠͓͕̲̘̰̓ͧͬͪ͂̓ͧ̄̈̓̔ͮ̇̿ͭ̚es Bac̫͇̟̙͍̝̠̣͎̿ͫk - DJ Moriartï͂͑̉͆ͧͮͩ̓ͧ̒͒̉̎̂̊͆͑͐̊̓̊̅ͭ͗̐̄̏̾̄͊ͭͥ̐ͭ͊͐̉͗ͪ͐͊̽ͮ͑ͬͨͤ͒ͦ̿̈̽ͭͤ̃͌͂̅̄ͨ̐̐ͮͭͪ̈̑͐ͥ̊ͮͩ͋ͫ Remï͂͑̉͆ͧͮͩ̓ͧ̒͒̉̎̂̊͆͑͐̊̓̊̅ͭ͗̐̄̏̾̄͊ͭͥ̐ͭ͊͐̉͗ͪ͐͊̽ͮ͑ͬͨͤ͒ͦ̿̈̽ͭͤ̃͌͂̅̄ͨ̐̐ͮͭͪ̈̑͐ͥ̊ͮͩ͋ͫx beach kissesback videofxlive videofx kissme composition veneers greenscreen chromakey msqrd c4d blender3d ремикс oldschool студиязвукозаписимосква msqrd_video vfx moscowcity москвасити афимолл аранжировщик matthewkoma finalcut fcpx media битмейкер media mediaproduction