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Ever wondered what it's like to eat as a medieval monk did? Our Medieval Cooking Display, which takes place on both days of this year's Timahoe Heritage Festival, will give you an opportunity to see what they cooked, how they did it, and even a taste, for the more curious of you! TimahoeHeritageFestival MedievalCooking Monks Vikings MedievalFood

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• Superman that Gogh • soldierboy

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Sabato è il mio giorno di scarico. Sto con la famiglia e gli amici. Tornando a casa ho notato che delle pozzanghere sembravano un fiume, così ho fermato la macchina, mi sono spogliato e Usate le vostre fantasie come armi per liberare la vostra realtà. Se vi va di fare una cosa non vi bloccate per morale, società, giudizio o altro fregatevene e fatela. Magari vi guarderanno male, magari non capiranno. Non date ascolto a nessuno, solo a ciò che vi fa palpitare il cuore e lo spirito. Giacomo Cappello giacomo_cappello nature vento pioggia zen tao mentalcoach medicineman sciamano tatoo vikings meditation limitless artist artista poeta poetry art warrior freddo wild personaltrainer flessioni freedom water

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GoT real king

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Junto dessa vitória eu me torno Tricampeão Brasileiro de Supino Raw! Conquistando o melhor atleta Jr do Brasil! Gostaria de primeiramente meus pais alekssandrasandrini e Délcio por toda ajuda nessa jornada. vinisandrini por ajudar na correria do dia a dia. Minha professora anarosacastellain por tudo que vem me ensinando! Ao 3mateus por ter me ajudado na me direcionar no esporte e meus amigos gabe_lifts _edupower e alessandroribeiro22 por tudo! Obrigado blacklions_cf e paulo_aguimaraes por me proporcionarem um ótimo espaço e apoio aos meus treinos! Minha nutricionista taimeogava vitalfisiooficial e jailsonjanssen e pedroaraujofisio por me ajudarem na reabilitação física! Ao oishi_powerlifting por me ajudar no dia da competição! E por fim, não menos importante, à cavepizzas e ao fogoburgers leosandrini powerlifter powerlifting benchpress press strong record styrke styrketräning followme followtrick ipf brasil vikings valhalla

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If you're a fan of Game Of Thrones and looking for something to fill your void, check out TheLastKingdom on Netflix. There's no dragons but the saga of the warrior Uhtred and his band of badass warriors during the vikings invasion of England. It has everything: big battles, history, drama, it's about war, family, loyalty, friendship, love, betrayal, justice and has some humour too. It's amazing! It has the most amazing cast and production. An epic series. You won't regret it! ⚔️ AlexanderDreymon TLKTV Netflix TeamUhtred ArselingsForLife Vikings Saxons Danes TheLastKingdom TLKTVFanGroup History War GameOfThrones GOT

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Name this video/image! DM for/ Credits: vikings_living

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Yesterday at the traditionaltattooandworldculturefestival2017 I tattooed paulacruztattooart. It was really wonderful to get to tattoo such an unusual part of the body, for me. Paula sat like stone as I dotted away on her for hours! It's been really amazing so far to meet other artists and amazing people. More photos to come! viking vikings vikingart vikingink vikingtattoo nordic nordictattoo nordicink norse norsetattoo dotwork knotwork knotworktattoo celtic celt celtictattoo dragon shieldmaiden rune runetattoo bindrune futhark futharktattoo pagan pagantattoo asatru ásatrú🇮🇪💚

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Upplands runinskrift 966. (U 966) - Also at Vaksala Church are two fragments of a runestone built into the outer wall of the church nave (tvärskepp). There are no runes left at all, only the cross that would have been in the middle of the runestone made of light-gray granite. You can see that the two pieces go together, the second one being just a fragment of the outer part of one of the cross's arms. The fragment with the larger part of the cross is first mentioned in 1876, "in the wall of the church's southern choir is found the remains of a runestone of which only the cross remains". In 1942 the other fragment was found around the corner on the other wall of the nave. - Since there is nothing more to write about this runestone I will give a brief history of Vaksala Church. The area around the church was the location of the oldest thing in Uppland during the Viking Age. The church was built in the late 1100's in Romanesque style. The sacristy was added on in the middle of the 1200's. In the late 1200's the choir was demolished and replaced by a new one with the same width as the rest of the church. Around the year 1300 the style was changed to Gothic style and the longhouse was built up two meters to its current height. In the middle of the 1300's the longhouse and choir got four riv-valves of brick and around 1400 church porches (vapenhus) on the north and south were built. These church porches were demolished under the years 1783-1785. Albertus Pictor or his workshop painted the north and south chapels during the second half of the 1400's. During restoration in 1793-95, the paintings were covered with white lime but were uncovered in 1929. They were severely damaged but the outlines and some of the colors are still visible. Vaksala Parish has a large ammount of ancient monuments. From the Bronze Age there are burial-cairns (gravrösen), burnt-mounds (skärvstenshögar) and cup-mark petroglyphs (skålgropar). From the Iron Age there are 55 grave fields, 1 hill-fort and 18 runestones.

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Mon tout premier vêtements fait main (c'est moi qui l'ai fait ) ! Une tunique pour mon cosplay de femme viking. Une couche en daim viendra par dessus et le tout seras ceintré avec une grosse ceinture. (Inspiration Lagertha ^^) Vos avis pour cette première pièce ? . cousu cousumain faitmain tunique couturedebutant couture vikings viking lagertha vikingcosplay archery arrow chasseuse cosplaylove handsmade cosplay cosplayphotoshoot cosplayer cosplayeuse cosplaygirl cosplaysofinstagram frenchcosplayer girlcosplayer

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unicorn The presented work is based on: 1. Hand-engraved glass (plate) Diameter size 23 cm (9.05 inches) 2. Stand: length 20 cm 7.874 inches 11 cm wide 4.3307 inches a height of 5.5 cm 2.1654 inch 3. Lighting: Led Power supply: 12 V (from 220 AC) Presented glass is the result of manual engraving using various techniques on spherical glass (diameter 23cm (9.05 inches). In the process of creation, no laser was used. After connecting the set to the electric current (12 V adapter) it becomes a unique, decorative lamp. It gives a subtle light, illuminating your desk with aura, a room or a bedroom. You can choose: White, cold, which promotes self-confidence, adds energy and vigor. White, warmth that supports the feeling of warmth and comfort. The green that soothes your emotions calms your shattered nerves. Blue that helps in concentration because it is very helpful in conceptual work and supports communication. text and photography Copyright 1999-2019 © HAGAL hagal Available on etsy. Link in bio. rune runes pagan paganism celtic jewelry vikings viking asatru altar druid paganjewelry norse norsemythology handmade etsy etsyshop runic magic paganmagic futhark witch Vikingjewelry talisman celtic celticcross celticculture unicorn

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Secretly admiring someone from afar be like

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¡Unos colgantes con las iniciales en runas de los nombres de una parejita encantadora! ☺️ Regalito del novio, que es hiper fan de la cultura nórdica. woodworking love vikings

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Vi kommer til valhalla, og vi vil skåle til vores sejre sammen med odin vikings

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🔶 Tratte dal Guado, o da quelle foglie da cui si trae la tinta dell’indaco, o da quella dura pietra semipreziosa che trova la sua casa in Afganisthan. Di certo le tinte del blu hanno sfumature incredibilmente sottili che possono cambiare totalmente la percezione di un ambiente od un oggetto rispetto alla luce che lo circonda. Nella storia il colore blu ha avuto alterne vicende e curioso è il suo percorso: nato dall’incontro tra luce e materia, è entrato nella nostra vita a poco a poco fino a diventare il colore più amato e utilizzato tanto nell’arte quanto negli oggetti di uso quotidiano. Gli egizi lo consideravano il colore degli dei conceriavictoria leather madeinitaly cuoio handmade fattoamano madeinitaly leather artigianato accessori shoes artigianale moda calzature artigianatoitaliano leathercraft cinture bag scarpe fashion bags italia borse santacrocesullarno pelletteria portafoglio lavorazionecuoio borsa calzolaio vikings verapelle