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Two Jazz Legends. One Amazing Album.⁣ ⁣ Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (1963)

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🚨Top drawer split 12” and the first collaboration between Superluminal and Discarded Gems, two Berlin based record labels and party starters run by matthias.crew1 and marcopellegrino respectively. Here we’re treated to four nicely evolving and varied tracks exploring IDM and breakbeat alongside unique deep house leaning compositions 🎶 kristinarecords recordshop recordshopping vinyl newvinyl vinylculture vinyladdict freshwax instore online deephouse idm breakbeat electronic berlin discardedgems superluminal matthias ancut shoplocal independant independantretailer supportindependants

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Back in Berlin, and inspired by a weekend of digging and flaneuring in Frankfurt, I’m going thru my archive of Jazzanova records, the whole box of vinyl collected for nearly two decades. There’s so much quality music in their catalogue samples, cross references and above all unmatched electronic-jazz remixes. • I love the way the series of remixes of "Days to Come“ visually cite one another and how the basic cover idea appears to be a visual quote of the 1954 'spatial sculpture' by German artist Norbert Kricke whose work I discovered at staedelmuseum - swipe over for a comparative snapshot of the artwork and a snippet of one of the remixes. • Jazzanova DJ collective have influenced independent electronic scene since the late 1990s. Their "The Remixes 1997-2000" stood next to K&D Sessions as a landmark of the remixing culture within the scene. Collaborative projects with Stereolab, Matthew Herbert, Madlib and many others followed I can’t recommend all that shit enough if you haven’t given it a try yet. Pure sophistication and fun. • But they have always been avid vinyl diggers too, ones who insisted that DJ means also 'deep jazz' In mid-2000s they were asked to sample and compile in this spirit the Blue Note catalogue bluenoterecords. The resulting trip thru 'scrambled‘ jazzy beats is truly great, including a J Dilla remix of Jack McDuff, Gene Dunlap‘s "It’s just the way I feel“, or Marlena Shaw‘s "Save the “ used as the closer. Never reprinted, a clean copy of this double LP can now go for absurdly high price of a hundred € on discogs. Feeling lucky to have picked it quickly upon release Again, this stuff is definitely worth checking in one way or another. Swipe over for a couple of snippets. • digdeeper jazz vfrecordcollections vinylcollectionpost vinylculture vinylcommunity art coverart

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📻🏄🏼‍♂️ Arulan adalah band yang dibentuk oleh Sjahrul Ghozy Bajumi yang juga memiliki studio rekaman sendiri serta label sendiri dengan nama Sjailendra Record.Nama Arulan itu sendiri diambil dari panggilan Sjahrul G Bajumi itu.Di vinyl 7 inch ini Arulan didukung oleh dua bersaudara Imran dan Ismet serta penyanyi Sandra Sanger. Di album ini terdapat beberapa lagu-lagu yang kuat rasa Indonesianya seperti Tudjuh Sendja dan Mak Inang.Arulan di era 60an termasuk band yang paling rajin menghasilkan rekaman terutama berbentuk album EP (Extended Play). lawasrecords vinyl piringanhitam 45rpm 45rpmclub vinylcollection vinylculture turntable vintageaudio recordstore jualvinyl jualpiringanhitam sjailendrarecord vinylindonesia vinyljunkie vinyl7inch musician musisiindonesia piringanhitamindonesia musikindonesia indonesianculture indonesiatempodoeloe 60s iramarecords indonesia tembangkenangan nostalgia jajanrock iramanusantara

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Agallah - „You Already Know“ (2006)

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Sunday Night Spin: Changes (2016) by Charles Bradley You could really feel the soul in Charles Bradley’s singing. Just a truly incredible voice.

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Polish composer, arranger, pianist and organist, in 1974 Piotr Figiel released this LP with his studio orchestra as Piotr Figiel Ensamble. Great tracks in here, swipe to listen a sample 🚘⛽🍷🇵🇱🎧🔊 piotrfigiel piotrfigielensemble polishmusic polishmusician vinylsoundsbetter vinylcommunitypost vinylcollecting vinyladdicts lovevinyl musiconvinyl myvinylcollection vinyljunkiesunited vinyltime vinyltherapy vinylculture vinyllp vinylalbum vinylforever vinylfreak vinylgram vinylonly vinylig vinyldigger vinylseeker vinylsocialclub vinylgeek vinyllove vinylclub waxpoetics musicfrompoland

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The Queen of Soul for this lovely Sunday Morning.⁣ ⁣ I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You (1967) by Aretha Franklin⁣

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“All he wanted was to be free And that's the way it turned out to be Flow river flow, let your waters wash down Take me from this road to some other town” - The movie “Easy Rider” premiered 50 years ago today. That’s the official soundtrack on the right. The other record was an attempt to cash in on the movie’s success and features several German studio bands performing some songs from the soundtrack, as well as a bunch of totally unrelated tunes. Although I mainly bought it for the sleeve design, it isn’t as bad as you may expect. And, of course, Peter Biskind’s “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-and-Rock 'N Roll Generation Saved Hollywood” is mandatory reading for anyone interested in 1970s Hollywood. easyrider theballadofeasyrider soundtrack bornontheroadeasyrider easyridersragingbulls peterbiskind nowspinning onmyturntable vinyl records vinylrecords vinylporn vinylcollection vinylcollectionpost vinylcollection_feature huntvinyl vinyllovers vinyljunkies vinyllvrs yoquierodiscosvinilo vinylsecretsociety instavinyl vinylgram vinyligclub vinylculture cratedigging itswaxtime inmycollection

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As it’s Sunday, I’ve decided a day of nostalgia and reflection is on the cards, so what better way to kick it off than the original theme song, to the 1991 movie, The Addams Family MC Hammer performing the theme tune to an Addams Family movie? What could possibly go wrong? Turns out, quite a lot actually. Despite reaching No. 7 on The US Billboard Hot 100 charts and No. 4 in the UK charts, MC Hammer was the (probably, unwanted) winner of the Golden Raspberry Award for the worse Original Soundtrack in 1991. The awards were a parody ceremony to basically highlight terrible performances within the film industry. Having said that, Will Smith won the same award for Wild Wild West in 1999, so how well can we Really trust their judgement? . Want to decide for yourself whether this deserved such a sarcastic award? Swipe left for a snippet and your chance to make your own mind up nowspinning mchammer addamsgroove addamsfamily originalsoundtrack ost hiphop hiphophead hiphopaddict hiphopjunkie hiphopcollection hiphopcollector hiphopculture hiphopcommunity hiphopvinyl vinyl vinylcollector vinylcollection vinylcollectionpost vinylcollective vinylcommunity vinylculture vinylhead vinyladdict vinyljunkie vinylporn vinylpost recordcollector recordcollection records

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Abdul Al-Hannan „The Third World“ LP (Third World, US, 1971). “The purpose of art (music in particular) is to demonstrate transendance. When the artist himself is enslaved morally, economically, politically, or mentally, then his art in most cases, will perpetuate enslavement owing to the tyrannical foundation which supports it. Therefore, you, the listener, will not find this record being sold for "chump-change" on the "slave-market". It has been five years of dues and persistence to get to this pointmusic on record, direct from the artist to the listener, without the "slick" proverbial promotion people. All of you who have been waiting and who love and understand this free cosmic music are what has helped to pull this album into reality - all of you, who for the last five years have spent hours in record stacks looking for "the record"HERE IT IS!” (Abdul-Hannan from the liner-notes). Well, I’ve certainly spent more than five years looking for this one and am more than chuffed the search is over. Hannan is quite an obscure figure and there is about zero to be found about him. All I know is that his sole face melter of an LP is everything I want from a freeform experimental Jazz record - it’s as out and uncompromising as it is deeply spiritual and sublime. A most powerful DIY statement by a true renegade of radical music with a delivery so pure and intense, it tickles each and every one of my senses in a way very few free Jazz recordings do, the record sounds more like some distant field ethnography than a „proper“ studio recording. If Harry Smith had recorded uncompromising free jazz instead of folk & blues, I guess it could have sounded a bit like this. On a side note, the lineup enlists a very David S. Ware on one of first recorded appearances (his second one apparently, thanks tallswami ). Completing the cast are Arnold Clapman on congas, Rollins Ross on piano, Anne Brudevold on violin and Chris Amburger on bass. Stellar sounds for a Sunday. • • • abdulhannan thethirdworld awareness lp originalpressing privatepress jazz freejazz spiritualjazz rarejazz nowplaying nowspinning recordoftheday

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Vangelis "Beaubourg", RCA Victor, 1978. As I wrote before, I never get tired of listening to and re-posting this gem. One of my favorite albums of all time. This one is the original US pressing with a different cover artwork from the original UK and European versions. vangelis beaubourg rcavictor vinyl

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Classic tune by Bar-Kays, released in 1967. It features a chorus of neighborhood who had been loitering outside the recording studio; they were instructed to shout "Soul Finger!" and were paid with Coca-Cola. 😀👌🔥🔥🔥 barkays soulfinger instafunky vinylsoundsbetter vinylcommunitypost vinylcollecting vinyladdicts lovevinyl musiconvinyl myvinylcollection vinyljunkiesunited vinyltime vinyltherapy vinylculture vinyllp vinylalbum vinylforever vinylfreak vinylgram vinylparty vinylonly vinylig vinyldigger vinylseeker vinylsocialclub vinylgeek vinyllove vinylclub waxpoetics

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Must have. Beastie Boys' debut in 1986: rap, rock, punk, funk. Seminal work including classics like "Fight for your right the party", "No sleep till Brooklyn", "Rhymin' and stealin'", "Hold it now, hit it". 🔥🔥🔥 beastieboys beastie oldschoolrap vinylsoundsbetter vinylcommunitypost vinylcollecting vinyladdicts lovevinyl musiconvinyl myvinylcollection vinyljunkiesunited vinyltime vinyltherapy vinylculture vinyllp vinylalbum vinylforever vinylfreak vinylgram vinylparty vinylonly vinylig vinyldigger vinylseeker vinylsocialclub vinylgeek vinyllove vinylclub waxpoetics