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Y sigo, Solificando Gira 2,019 GUATEMALA . Mauricio Tubac EL SOLITO TROPICAL 🎶🎺🎶Un Merengue "PA’MI CHICA" 🎊Disponible en tiendas de Música 🎧 🌞🌴 contrataciones 🌞🌴 🇬🇹 📞WhatsApp +502 5204 4919 🎶+502 4259 9050 🎷🇬🇹 . en SPOTIFY . en DEEZER . en PLAY.GOOGLE . en CLARO MUSICA . en CLARO . en YOUTUBE . en SOUNDCLOUD . en ITUNES-APPLE . en YOUTUBE . en YOUTUBE . en INSTAGRAM MauricioTubac Mauricio Tubac ElSolito ElSolitoTropical semilladefé love festival merengue cumbia soca salsa model dj artist latina cool saxophone violin guitarra girls tour tv queen music drums brasil fan sax

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Epic virtuoso violin theme, one of the most known classical violin pieces. Composed by Niccolo Paganini, Italian violinist, guitarist and composer, this track will add that epic and dramatic virtuoso vibe for your movie, film, video game, soundtrack, montage, presentation, documentary, explainer, commercial, advertisement, photography project, slide show and more. License this track for your project for only $23! Contact us at contact for more info. Check us for more awesome music on this link: classicalmusic violin paganini niccolopaganini classical relaxing meditate calmmusic musicforvideos tvcommercial tvshow videography videoediting vlogger dailyvlog intro intromusic inspiring montage documentary advertisement

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Working on the timing in this exercise for grade 5 🎻

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The only kind of weights training I can commit to 😍♥️😘 peanutpugzu

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YAY FOR TWO THOUSAND FOLLOWERS I know everyone says this when they hit a follower milestone, but I honestly never thought I would ever get here. {skip to comments section if you want to hear about singing and not read a sappy caption} when I started this account 691 days ago, it was intended to be a spam account. 😂 pretty soon after however, I realized that I was not cut out to be one of those people, and instead started posting practice videos. I have learned so much since then. When I first started out, I never showed my face in videos. I wasn’t confident enough to identify with something that I wasn’t entirely proud of yet. Now, I realize that practice is progress, not perfection. And no one can expect it to be perfect. In 2017, I had yet to attend a summer festival other than Suzuki music camps when I was 6 and 7. Now, I’ve been to westmontcollege ‘s WAYA and the chloetrevor_musicacademy ! Those have been some of the best experiences of my life, and have really grown my musical ability and confidence. Since I created this account, I’ve done 100daysofpractice twice, thanks to violincase and her constant inspiration. If you haven’t done the challenge, I highly recommend it, but a fair warning : be ready to GROW. And I’ve made friends, too. 2,000 of them () but specifically, I connected with chloetrevor_violin , greencasegirl , blueviolincase , practicemakes_violin85 , nathanmills_cello , toboe.hautbois.practice , & my those_orchestra_kids fellow admins ALL THROUGH INSTAGRAM. If it weren’t for this account, I wouldn’t have known that these wonderful people existed. If you’ve been here since the start (I’m looking at a few of you in particular 😉) : thank you. Your support over the past (almost) two years has been key to my persistance in posting videos. Some days, I wouldn’t have practiced if it weren’t for you guys holding me accountable. If you just started following me, I’m glad you’re here Welcome I can’t wait to see where we go together. And if you’re somewhere in between, thanks so much for sticking with me lately. It’s been fun, and I can promise more practice in the future. And perhaps some collabs or giveaways.

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新入生の皆さん、合格おめでとうございます🈴🌸🎉✨ . . 室内楽同好会では部員大募集中☺️ もちろんの2年生以上の方も大歓迎です! . 今回の編成は、ヴァイオリン、ヴィオラ、パーカッション×2、そして写ってませんがピアノです! . . 室内楽は自分のペースで楽しめるサークルです🎶 好きな曲の楽譜を探してきたり、耳コピしたり、アレンジしています♩ . . ☑︎高校まで音楽をしていたのに受験を機にやめてしまった! ☑︎授業やバイトで忙しくてなかなかサークルまで手が回らない! ☑︎運動部と兼部したい! ☑︎未経験者だけど大学から何か始めたい! そんなあなたにぴったりです! 気になる方は新歓演奏会に遊びに来てくださいね💕 フォロー、DMやコメントお待ちしてます✨ . . 徳島大学 徳島大学室内楽同好会 音楽 パーカッション トランペット 楽器 ホルン 金管 吹奏楽 弦楽 ピアノ 蔵本キャンパス ヴィオラ ヴァイオリン チェロ 合唱 クラシック ポップス 合奏 春から徳大 徳大 蔵本キャンパス music violin piano 木管

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Благодарю за концерт оркестр badorchestra который прогремел в ДКиТ МАИ 22-го марта под руководством нашего лидера и вдохновителя Арсена Бадерхана baderkhan.wav ! Было мощно! Благодарю так же ребят из команды перкуссионистов)) а так же зрителей которые не пропустили такое мероприятие! На этот раз я пересел с дарбуки на сурды))) дарбука darbuka violin скрипка бас барабан ударнаяустановка drums orchestra оркестр флейта труба flute guitar mihaelor михаэльор

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Tambourin Chinois - Kreisler Sneak peak for recital tomorrow. I don’t know why but when I record I find it very difficult to get into the zone and the recording never pleases me. violin classicalmusic

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My absolute FAVORITE part of our 8am (!) performance of “Café Music” by Paul Schoenfield with my buds andyliangviolin and jessica.j.choe in seattlesymphony new technologically advanced space Octave9! We were appropriately caffeinated for our performance! ☕️🤪❤️ — innovatewithpassionexecutewithpurpose dathalftimetho throwdown letthebeatdrop classicalrave classicalmusic musicrocks violin cello piano paulschoenfield cafemusic espresso chambermusic stringmusicians musiciansofinstagram

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• • 4 DAYS • • Til “Pride” is out on major music platforms 🎧 Aren’t you glad you waited forever for me? 🌹 jk, I appreciate it like crazy! Thank you so much for the continuous support you all have for me. I can’t wait to show you guys all I have inside my heart ❣️ oh, and there’s more music coming soon after 😉😬 koleenestrada pride march30 🤘🏽🦄🦄🦄

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Happy humpday ! How stunning is this mozaic chandelier at palaumusicacat ? Inspired by the blazing sun of Barcelona ☄️

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The making of “All Of The Stars” Seriously my favorite song on my album right now! haileywardmusic marlowe.offic natetylerviolin all_2_human & I all got in a studio and started jamming out with nothing planned except making some music together! Hailey helped me arrange everything after it was recorded & she laid down the most gorgeous sounding hook! loveofpharaoh jumped on the verses later & I ended the song talking about my time in prison. I can’t get over how beautiful it turned out! • • • realisticproductions piano ukulele violin bass friends studio music hiphop mixing beatmaker maschine producer beats me style bts studiolife musicproducer instamusic engineer musicblogger

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AFTA's front desk receptionists are an essential group of individuals who donate their time every week. Meet Ann, one of the amazing faces behind the front desk Ann, Friday morning receptionist, began working at AFTA three and a half years ago. Before retirement, Ann worked for Asheville City Schools as a teacher’s assistant. She has enjoyed seeing the at AFTA grow over the years. In her spare time, Ann spends her time working in her garden. Thanks for all you do, Ann academy art music asheville afta violin viola cello strings guitar sing piano mandolin trumpet flute tuba harp drama folk students choir banjo learn voice percussion drums organ saxophone brass dulcimer

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EMOTION • Not much you can say technically about emotion, since emotion should never be a mere technique. Be mindful of it, of course, and know the tools that will take you there, but especially remember to take. your. time. in the passages which require the most heart. And here I am, trying to channel some of that expression sauce into the gorgeous second movement of the Dvarionas Violin Concerto (aka, a beautiful rare gem that I had never heard of before!). ♥️ Have a beautiful Tuesday, my lovelies!

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Hey warriors Jacob Y and I are recording the new IronFiddle track for you guys We are so excited and can’t wait And yep, I’m singing in this one😁😊🔥✨ Meanwhile Guess for who it is written from GOT??? davosseaworth 💿GET YOUR FREE IRON FIDDLE SONG DOWNLOAD: ‼️IN BIO‼️ songoficeandfire vikingwisdom electricorchestra electricstrings violin gameofthrones fire fireandice transsyberianorchestra gypsyfire violinartist violinist violinrock electricviolinist gypsyfunk violin violinlove gypsyviolin gypsyqueen metalviolin swordbow warriorsaga warriorqueen warriorgoddess femalewarrior valkyre ironfiddle songoficeandfire horsemen asongoficeandfire

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