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Alfred "Red" was on the southeast corner of Illinois and Hubbard along with his friend KB. "I've been in jail a few times", he said and was frustrated with how he's been treated. "I hate it when people discriminate", he said. He's been out of his apartment, because he lost his key and it'll cost 65 dollars to get it back. "I might as well be homeless", as he shook his head, "and I smell like a banshee". visualoflife photosinbetween photographylife photographer creativeentrepreneur photooftheday lifeofaphotographer shootandshare clickmagazine homeless homelessness chicagohomeless homelessportrait humansofnewyork humansofchicago humanity homelessportraits youmatter alllivesmatter streetphotographer streetphotography streetportrait chicagopeople peoplebeautifulpeople streetsamaritans

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Vorrei fosse Domenica 👩🏻‍💻

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Hendara gate! Pasti sering liat tempat ini tapi gatau namanya~ pertama kali kesini ternyata gak setinggi di foto orang-orang yah, untuk foto di sini kena tarif 30rb, lumayan pricey si. Walaupun disini dikasih tempat antrian cukup baik tapi gua saranin dateng sebelum jam 8 pagi biar masih sepi dan gak buru-buru~

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"You picked the wrong house Bab”-Wolverine📸| 02 - 12 -2017 ~ 6:00 PM ~ Nikon D5100

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CIOMOTO . Mimpi anak yah apalagi selain mau orang tuanya selalu diberi kesehatan, kebugaran, dan waktu utk jadi saksi kesuksesan anak itu. Tapi, banyak yg ga sadar, anak yg mengejar mimpi lupa atas keinginannya itu, lupa buat waktu di hari-hari bersama orang tua. Manis , sekedar luangin waktu buat bugar bersama itu cukup. Menyamakan langkah dengan langkah orang tua kamu yg udah ga segagah dulu itu manis . Kamu, selagi ayah ibu kamu masih bisa melihat kamu berkembang dan terus berkembang, sembuhkan rindu mereka dan rindu kamu dengan beri waktu bersama. Kadang, dengan hanya jalan bersama tanpa berkata itu jadi moment termanis buat mereka. 😊 explorebandung photooftheday photography picoftheday justgoshoot letsgosomewhere photographyislife photoinspiration discover instagoodmyphoto visualoflife bestoftheday photographyeveryday photographylovers instagood instadaily instacool instalike instalove instapic instadailypic instamoment indodailypic indolove TagsForLike likeforlike killyourcity urbanphotography

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Jogja, punya Gudeg Garut, punya Dodol Jakarta, punya kerak telor . Kamu, punya kontaknya tp tidak hatinya :v

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Just got recommended to esteelauder set + refresh make up mist and I must say I’m sold! It doubles up as a setting spray and a facial mist, now I just need to see how my make up last🤣 • • •
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Halo wargi Jatinangor dan sekitarnya Panas terik gini rasanya cocok buat minum JYLO. Jangan lupa buat coba minuman jelly ini yaa. Banyak varian rasanya looh, bisa cek langsung di minumjylo

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« Je voudrais pas mourir Sans qu'on ait inventé Les roses éternelles La journée de deux heures La mer à la montagne La montagne à la mer La fin de la douleur Les journaux en couleur Tous les enfants contents Et tant de trucs encore Tant de choses à voir A voir et à z-entendre Tant de temps à attendre A chercher dans le noir » Borian Vian.

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Это было ярко, эмоционально и вдохновляюще А мы уже дома 🏘 и отдыхаем от отдыха 😌

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posti che fanno stare bene 💌

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Take me back to brunch where my hardest decision was: Argentinian red or New Zealand white? 🍷 (PS this entire look is aged like fine wine, all pieces vintage/secondhand except sunglasses!)

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Right car, Right place. ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ➡️ insolentcars

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Sorry I’m busy, I drink my coffee ☕️ ⠀ Давно не было кофе в моем инстаграме 😬 Найти хороший кофе в Черногории большая редкость. В местных кофейнях пьют домашний/ по-турецки кофе или Нескафе Причём домашний/ по-турецки кофе - это измельчённый в песок кофе, который кладут в турку, ставят на плиту и заливают кипятком из чайника 1 минутка и ваш кофе готов Надеюсь сейчас вы понимаете всё моё негодование 😤😤 ⠀ Методом проб и ошибок я нашла несколько мест, где можно выпить отличный кофе! Которые на мой взгляд соответствуют стандартам человеческого кофе ☕️😋 ⠀ Вот мои любимые места, которые стоит обязательно посетить: ⠀ • kafeterijacg , Тиват • zrno_pg , Подгорица • peterspiebar , Херцег- Нови, кстати фотография с этого места 😍 visitmontenegro coffee coffeebreak coffeetime coffeeholic coffeeshop coffeelove coffeelover coffeelovers montenegro montenegrin hercegnovi tivat podgorica mojacrnagora crnagora kafa Kafeterija coffeeart coffeeaddict cappuccino cinnamonrolls break coffeevibes coffeeplease enjoying visualoflife latepost coffeeoftheday peterspiebar

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Jangan lupa tersenyum

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Massive 🏔🏔🏔.

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I have a patient today. He has a device that's implanted into his heart to help pump blood from his failed ventricle into the decending aorta and the lungs and then the rest of his body. This device is regulated by a computerized controller with a driveline that exits his abdomen. It's quite amazing really. Anyway, because his heart has failed, he is on a transplant list but needed the vad [ventricular assistive device] to bridge him over until he recieves a new heart ♡, my little bionic man. This morning I walked in the room to round on him and look over his settings and equipment when his roomate suddenly turned to him and said, Man, are you lucky to have such a beautiful oritental for a nurse. My quick-witted bionic man winked at me then replied with a straight face, Thank god, man, my heart already has an automated restarter plus a pump. She doesn't know my heart stops everytime she walks in the room. s i g h ♡ ps. every so often i repost this because it is my favourite story to tell js

3 months ago

there is this landscape in me of you

3 months ago

unless i stuck by you 🔆 sunflower •

3 months ago

night falls the  sun lowers over the  blue  rim of  the sky immense  darkness leaking in

3 months ago

here , where the sky kisses the sea

3 months ago

i don't wanna clean •

3 months ago

can you feel it? feel the air rushing into your lungs a breath pouring into you becomes one with you, like that

3 months ago

you fake messiah you save yourself savior complex of a narcissist, drowned in your own pool of backlogged verbage everything i knew of you but dust and shivers in the mist

3 months ago

love. this sweetness is something i almost remember. the cold breath of maple trees springing awake. baby's breaths. cold sugar. that numbs my slow tongue, resolves speech. you. youi loved and no longer touch even with my lips spelling your name against a stone. aesthetic °

3 months ago

March • be mindful of time.

3 months ago

i find you in the dark crush my toe on your frame the scratched black nail in the morning shines like the love i gave was too loud and bright, so blinding that you sank behind the sun as i sang " he loves me, he loves me not" the sword rayssplayed across my tongue an excerpt

3 months ago

repulsed, as i fall beaten down to solidity by the press of former feet, roaring in my head drowning out the sounds

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the light & the dragonfly. the sound of water. the sound of air. language & mind. present. deep structure. no structure. past. what is said. what is not said. implications. conclusions. innate structure. complexity. intricacy. speculative. light & wings.

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Why do I do this? Because I have to have to have to have to have to have to do this. Because he wants me to be a beige thing, soft and round. If I am moving, moving, nothing keeps up, nothing holds on. It all falters and tumbles in my wake. I know this is not the usual way. I know there are other ways. I’m willing. I’m open. Show me your version of the unbearable jagged wincing cheek biting howling jig along the building’s ledge that makes you love the world a little bit more once the anguish eases. Love yourself a little bit more the longer you can endure it. And thus engaged, hold all else at bay. But until then, I will not be denied this. Because in the marrow of my bones it sings. In my sleep at night it plucks lovingly at my lashes.

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november • and the world was bleeding to death.

3 months ago

vulnerable Our bones hollow fingertips feather pinions tinged with gold we hide in silver linings quills line down cotton scrapbook nests sinews mold the quiet mess of a body of lightlight of a body We soar into flare burn brighter burn a hole with a lighter and see