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5 hours ago

From the billabong into the tree house - we loved designing this Australian inspired play space. 🐊

5 hours ago

Cute Easter window installation today giftgiversgallery • so many gorgeous bunnies & all things pretty, pastel & pinks.

9 hours ago

springvibes basically, one month closer to all the christmasvibes! 🌴 These festive palms were designed using our neon flexible lighting. Visit the shop in our profile to learn more!

13 hours ago

A big, big fat thank you, guys! Things will never be possible without the help of each and every one of you. Till the next set-up! DMSQUAD vmlife visualmerchandiser .

19 hours ago

Freelance Visual mercandiser & Window stylist available to hire. I offer a wide selection of services to suit small independent shops. Either by day or hours In-store Display. Spatial layout Exhibition sylist. Prop sourcing. Seasonal displays. Visual merchandising, product handling. Hampers & Gift wrappings. Trends. Etc Contact me for more enquiry at love.iarasanyang yahoo.co.uk retailers shops freelancer visualmerchandiser uk seasonal windowstylist christmas smallindependent business stylist windowdresser bournemouth london vmlife productmerchandising display visualdisplay producthandling

1 day ago

I was digging through my photos looking for something green to post for St Patrick’s Day (because I am my mother’s daughter and love a good theme), and I stumbled onto this mood board I made a few years back when I was an Environmental/Window designer for Nordstrom I made this for a spring window display, and wanted to convey the idea of nature taking back it’s place and pushing its way through man made objects 🌱👊🏼💚 . So basically this has zero to do with St Patrick’s Day, but it is green, so cheers windowdisplay moodboard nordstromwindows nordstrom green windowdesign propstylist propstyling naturedesign moodboards vmlife visualmerchandising windowinstallation installationart