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Smiles in Gilfach garden. Not in anyway self conscious. 🤓

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🎶NO CLASSES THIS BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY🎶 🎵Group Classes Continue Monday 3rd June 2019🎵 ⬛️◻️◾️▫️Classes Focus On:▪️Vocal warm ups▪️Breathing Techniques▪️Performance Skills▪️Microphone Technique▪️Audition Preparation▪️Recording Sessions▪️Improving Tone, Pitch, Clarity & Diction▪️Learning Some Of Their Favourite Songs▪️Building Range & Repertoire▪️Introducing Harmonising▪️Voice Anatomy▪️Classes For Age 3+▪️All Ability’s Welcome▪️New Comers Welcome▪️Please Call:📞‭07387747620‬▪️Email:💻info songbirdsingingacademy.com Or▪️Private Message To book On A Session▫️◾️◻️⬛️ • • • songbirdsingingacademy songbirds singingclasses singingclassesforkids singinglessons sing lovetosing fun happy vocals smile learn singers starsofthefuture amazing perform stage dream believe confidence music amazing instalike instagood photooftheday instapic noclasses bankholiday bankholidaymonday

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‘Brave New World’ (Lyrics) It’s a brave new world we’ve been living in Ain’t no talking bout it Ain’t no talking bout it It’s a shame that we ain’t more different Ain’t no crying bout it Ain’t no crying bout it Everything is changing me My home ain’t clear, clear to me (oh) I’m losing it a little bit Tryna hold on my grip Losing it a little bit more music original originalmusic originalsong song songs sing sings singer singers singersongwriter singersongwriters acoustic acousticmusic acousticguitar vocal vocals vocalist vocalists live livemusic

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MEMORIAL DAY JAM PARTY TOMORROW! 2pm tomorrow is the annual Memorial Day jam party at Heretic House. Everyone is welcome to join the jam so bring your voices and your instruments for a fun day with friends and food. DM for address music musician musicians singer songwriter songwriting singersongwriter vocals vocalist guitar guitars guitarist effyourbeautystandards celebratemysize bodypositive liveperformance womenofamericana womeninfolk folkrock melbournemusic melbournemusician losangeles losangelesmusic originalmusic melbourneartist sheshreds feminist feministmusic atheist atheistmusic

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i finally posted🥵 ac:sexual_bizzle ib:sexual_bizzle cc:forgot dt:tagged

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5 Colours In Her Hair by mcflymusic cover by Fringless. Here is our first video cover! There is more coming soon so make sure you turn on post notifications so you dont miss out! 😘

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Sometimes we need a helping hand to know, that we’re not alone 😊 ————————————— BE YOU MONDAY w/ One Call Away by charlieputh ————————————— PianoCover: sing2piano_ Full video: link in bio beyoumonday beyou beyourself helpinghand youarenotalone onecallaway charlieputh ninetrackmind coversong songcover song sing singing singingcover singingvideo pianocover sing2piano sing2pianocover music musiccover musician acoustic acousticcover vocals vocalsinger

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remember when someone tried to take her ring

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Beyonce - Halo May is Mental Health Month in the US and I wanted to post something about it before the month was up. I was hesitant as I am very aware people will sometimes assume it’s an attention seeking thing but it’s that attitude that is part of the problem, so I had had to do it regardless of what people may think. Many of us are all too familiar with mental illness, but all too often people are not willing to talk about it. As far as we have come, stigma still exists when it comes to issues like depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. That is exactly why it’s important to keep taking about it as publicly as we would talk about having a cold. “The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain Take the time to look after yourself. Stay grounded, be with people who respect you and give you the time of day, don’t let anyone dictate what you can or can not achieve. Mental heath is very real and very difficult to navigate through. If someone is withdrawing please don’t judge them, reach out and see if they need help or if they simply just need someone to listen to them. I have been in that place and sometimes find myself back there. Always remember mental illnesses are real, common and treatable! When you’re ready you will find there is always someone there to help you. If you read this far, I love you! ✨🌙 Cleo xx mentalhealthawareness mentalhealthawarenessmonth mentalhealth singingcover instacover singingvideo instasinger instamusic instamusician femalesinger femalevocalist vocals vocals bestvocals vocalist coversong coversongs covervideo musicianslife inthestudio singersofinstagram musiciansofinstagram musiclovers indiemusic indiemusician musicproducers musiclife alternativemusic musicians

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God not Man! Have a great week 🙏

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V EXCITED to announce that I’ve got my first ferrnsmusic show for this year booked! ✨JUNE 20 thecrankerhotel with themonikers & Flat Moon Society✨ Got some new songs being debuted, plus some from the upcoming release! Be there or get hecked! 💕

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Original rough draft: “Inside Out” I’ve been working on this one a little more 🤟🏻🎸

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Friend Or Foe by Curren$y 🔥🔥

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I'm very happy about last weekend. I've been working hard on some new cool tunes. I really miss the stage but that's just a matter of time, and I'll be back in the saddle again.

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Thinking about May 31st 🔊

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Is this beat fire or trash Please check out the full thing on YouTube/Soundcloud trapstar beatz. Dm me or gmail me trapstarbeatz09 gmail.com if you want to buy beat.