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comment for a dt 🙈 (again if no one comments act like i never posted this 💀) theme divider kinda 😂 - —————————————————— - ac: n/a dt: n/a et: n/a - - —————————————————— - - *ignore tags* blesiv carlosmena samanthapartida devynkohl devynkohledit blesivedit blesivfam vs likes gainlikes gainfollowers edit spanishedits happyedits sadedits explore explorepage sexualedit blesivgrinds blesivgrinding collab unholyedit jesseunderhill heartbrokenedits carlosmenaedits diegomartir diegomartiredits jesseunderhilledits

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is typing «—❀—» [vs + ccp] imagine being as powerful as yoonjin, no one can relate 💅🏼 i also just love doing collabs 🙈 especially with jacksamplemachine (aka a clown) that i love (no homo) 🥺💗 «—❀—» 𝙖𝙘 video.starclips 𝙙𝙩 cmt for a tag 👀

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flash warning ig??? lol watch this flop like a fat fish BUTTTT here’s my comeback wazzuh — seaveydaniel [🌋] AC: ? • SENPAI CYPHER - Shiki (TMNS) [🗿] DT: my poodle • Time - 1hr 24min [🌋] FC: 1157 whydontwe whydontweedits corbynbesson corbynbessonedits jackavery jackaveryedits jonahmarais jonahmaraisedits zachherron zachherronedits whydontweimagines danielseaveyfanfic jachary omgpage omgpageedit danielseavey danielseaveyedits edit videostar videostarpresets vs 8clippack videostarcodes videoedit wdw wdwedits

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Всем привет мои хорошие👋 За окном, совсем не комильфо) и прогнозы на ближайшие не очень😐 Хочу внести немного лета и солнца в ленту))) разбавить так сказать погодку вот таким летним тортиком🌞😉😍 ⠀ . На фото, любимая многими танита. Вес торта 1,7 кг. Стоимость 2700. cakeart pastry pastrylovers vs vsco vscofood foodgasam foodporn foodstylish foodblogger foodblog foodphotography instafood cake рецепты рецепткекса  выпечкадомашняя  фудфото likeforlikes like4likes l4l hipstamama instamama onthetable onthetable_project

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・゚⋆ hannah rylee ⋆゚・ ✎ app ; videostar . ✎ dt ; hannahryleee1 . sorry i havent been posting. i've been in an edit block ehehe. y'all have every right to unfollow cos i've been inactive. but hopefully i'll be more active now . edit edits editor vs videostar 100views 100likes explorepage like follow likethis likethispost followme videostaredit omgpage vsedit videostaredits vscoloring vspresent vsvideo videostarvideo watermarked explorepage hannahrylee hannahryleeedits

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Join us next Wednesday for our first hand lettering class hosted by jessreneeharvey! Students will learn the fundamentals of hand-drawn type beginning with an introductory to basic strokes Click the link in our bio to learn more. Tickets are very limited. scoutsac

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7:17:19 day 2 : jaehak or hakwon of 7daysofyotd2019 by sxnhak i’ll take the better duo ac. sashafan2.0 - - - - - - idek what i’m doing with my cc at this point buh i finally did day 2 oops , after a week 🙃

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Omgggggg he is ssoooo fkin CUTE

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOYCE <33 omg ur finally sixteen 🥺🥺🥺 i remember when we first met in 2017 and we were both 14 and cringey as fuck we dont talk about that. i would judge you but i find myself judging me more than you 😔😔 those were cursed times lmao. i can’t believe we’ve made it this far though?? and stayed this close the whole time? i never imagined that meeting you would’ve had the impact on my life that it did. you literally mean the world to me and i don’t know where i’d be without u 🥺🥰 thank you for sticking with my stupid ass for all this time and since you are legally old enough to drive you better come to my prom 😡😡 it still amazes me how we’re still always there for each other after all this time and all ur ups and downs 🥺💞 you’ll always be my og 🤪🤪 i love you so much and happy sweet sixteen baeby ❤️

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[00:00] Chelo feliz aniversario de 3 meses de ser mejoros, el dia 17 de abril fue cuando todo empezo, yo te conocí gracias a la zofi zlou, te hable y nos hicimos amigos 👬, en ti puedo confiar, estas conmigo en las buenas y las mala y de verdad te quiero un montón 💗💗 Dt chelo.vs Ac jabril.vids Cc ndeah Grps mamicult flamesquad marcianocult youtuberscult badchescult loadinggrp WorldOfGumballGrp softcultgrp🌸 Tags vedit vedits edit edits overlay videostar alightmoon cutecutpro aftereffects am vs ae ccp omgpageedit omgpage omgedit explorepage explorer plottwist plottwistedits

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the meme & best part of the movie 🙏 ac: ? | maniacgrp | omgunderrated this is an old edit - might delete later

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im not gonna post for a bit so;scrap

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- victorias secret pushup bra - front clasp - 34B - bid starts at $5 - buy now at $7 - ships for $14