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7 months ago

Love comes in all shapes ❤️ mine is this star shaped wafer with yummy ice-cream centre😍😍 . In picture: Condensed milk with buttered toast ❤️ . Sounds so good and tasted very real and yummy😋😋 this is their current flavour of the month. This is my first visit to batterlife.in and I'm glad I visited ❤️ Until next time, ❄️ batter batterlife condensedmilk butteredtoast icecream dessert dessertcantgowrong icecreams icecreamday wafer wafercup streetsofchennai wherechennaieats whatchennaieats itzchennai sochennai itznamma_chennai foodofinstagram foodblogfeed shotononeplus nofilter chennaifoodjournal chennai withlove buttercup

8 months ago

We are so, so proud of our new catalogue created with our fantastic designer (and friend of Altimate), talianadesign. If you’d like a copy, just drop us your email below or in private message and we’ll email you one ASAP. altimatefoods

10 months ago

*Unbezahlte Werbung, selbstgekauft* dm_deutschland babylove dinkelwaffelbecher dinkel spelt wafercup cones netto nettomarkendiscount dalana kokosmilcheis coconutmilkicecream himbeeren raspberries 🍨 🍨 🍨 danngehdochzunetto Jawohl, bei netto_marken_discount war ich 😆😆 Und mit nach Hause gebracht habe ich ein sensationell leckeres Kokosmilcheis mit Himbeeren, dass in den Dinkel-Waffelbechern von dm_deutschland auch noch super serviert werden kann 😋😋I went to netto_marken_discount a few days ago and I bought this amazing coconutmilk-icecream with raspberries which looks so pretty served in wafer cups by dm_deutschland 😋😋 🍨 🍨 🍨 vegan bevegan veganessen veganesessen eatvegan veganfood veganism veganistüberall vegansofinstagram veganwerdenwaslosdigga veganemama veganmom instamom keinemilchmitaugen nomilkwitheyes 🐮

10 months ago

Sometimes, the originals are the best… Who loves a good old fashioned wafer up? We have to admit, it is incredibly useful that you can sit them down on a table or plate… altimatefoods

1 year ago

1. Black magic (black vanilla roll ice cream) with 24 carat gold and party poppers. 🖤 2. Haber bomb: Vanilla roll filled with chocolate cake dipped in hot chocolate sauce, topped with nuts and cherry. 💣 3. Kookie kiss: Vanilla with cookie dough and white chocolate chip. 🍪 icecream icecreamroll icecreamrolls icecreamlover icecreamofinsta icecreamaddict ediblegold latenightcravings wafercup foodporn foodlovers foodie icecreamlovers dessert dessertporn mymagicpinbangalore mymagicpinbangalore

1 year ago

Ooh how exciting, long post ahead. Saw this on Insta last thurs & biodegradable grabbed my attention. So I went on the Urban Brew website, found out they are locally roasted in South Australia with fairtradecoffeebeans, ordered a variety of 50 coffeepods. Shipped out next working day and delivered today via our trusty StarTrack guy. trackingprovided unboxing urbanbrewpods ubmoments caffeinehit greatvalue bonusgift wafercup TasteTested Strength10 Verdict: delicious fresh fragrant Will definitely reorder again when I'm out of pods! funnyquotes freeaushipping

1 year ago

Во многих городах мира вы найдете съедобные чашки, ложки, тарелки: ✅В Чехии можно приобрести карамельно-шоколадные чашки для чая. ✅В Германии – десертную посуду из фруктовой пастилы. ✅В Австрии чай наливают в чашки из сушеных фруктов. ✅Во Франции супы подают в сырных тарелках. ✅Во Флоренции в ресторанчиках посетителю предлагается шоколадная ложка для горячих напитков Наша вафельная крышечка единственная в мире😍 У вас есть шанс быть одной из первых кофеен, где подают кофе со съедобной крышкой🙌☕ . Для заказа пишите в direct📲 coffee yummylid waffles wafer wafercup cookiecups lekorna кофе

1 year ago

Знаете что сейчас в тренде?😎 Съедобная посуда🙌❤ Чашки, крышечки, тарелки, ложки🙈 И всё это можно съесть! Съедобная крышка уже в продаже🙋 Чтобы узнать подробности, пишите в direct📩 coffee yummylid waffles wafer wafercup cookiecups lekorna кофе

1 year ago

Hmmmmmm Salted caramel ice cream in a water bowl, in another bowl. Topped with chocolate sauce 😍😍😍😍😍 icecream wafercup delicious

2 years ago

Balancing texture is essential to highlight when making a great dish. The crunch of the wafer supplements the soft cheese in this orange cream cheese wafer cup. WAFER CUP 100g Elle & Vire Unsalted Butter 100g flour 100g icing sugar 100g egg white FROSTING 500g Elle & Vire Cream Cheese 150g Elle & Vire Unsalted Butter 175g icing sugar Orange marmalade DIRECTIONS 1) For the wafer, melt butter and in a separate. bowl mix with flour, egg white and icing sugar 2) Add melted butter and stir then pipe onto slipmat 3) Bake at 170C for 6 minutes then cut into bite size squares and shape into cups 4) Return the cups into the oven until crispy 5) For the frosting, mix cream cheese with spatula until smooth, add butter and sugar then blend well 6) To serve, take one tablespoon of frosting for each cup and a dolliop of orange marmalade, repeat then enjoy! indonesia diamond sukandadjaya elleetvire elleetvirepro food foodporn foodie foodgasm nom hungry instagood forkyeah picoftheday wafercup orangemarmalade texture crunch smooth sunday treat partyfood

2 years ago

Amazing hot chocolate

2 years ago

20160925 / Macau 🇲🇴 💁 Cassis w/ wafer cup