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Wait a secondwhy does he get to be out and I'm in? That doesn't seem that fair. At least I've got my dad in here with me. Woof woof chiweenie

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When you rap like nas and you want jayz money. I was behind this back in 2014, bringing streetwear design to a campaign. I designed and printed the shirts. Jobs like these, just don't fall into your lap the old saying of 🗣"it's not what you know, it's who you know". But, it then comes down to your skills, and delivering btown brampton itsnotwhatyouknowitswhoyoublow whoa whoa whoa! waitasecond . 😕 ididntblownoooooobody ivegotthetalentandtheskills iraplikenas and have that commonsense 🗣When you rap like Nas, but you want that Jay-Z money 🗣You know I like that sayin' . 😉I know you would.

3 weeks ago

Dad thought it a good idea to put (almost) all our new awesomecons swag into a bucket until we can be sure to tag all the awesome artisans we saw! It was such a pleasure meeting you all and getting this amazing stuff! We will be sure to use it frequently and tag you as much as we can 😍 Please be patient with us. There's only so much one little Pika can do. Wait a seconddad? That Pika doesn't look quite like me Pika Pika waitasecond

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I think it was Marilyn Monroe who once said, “the older you get the more mature and wise you become.” Looking forward to my 30’s next year. Thanks for the bday wishes, here’s to 29! waitasecond

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