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morning music ~ ⁣ the things that i find⁣ floating through the voltage of my early morning mind {woke up feeling wrapped inside a huge protective wing}⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ „morning is not the only way to be continuous“GS⁣ ⁣ ancestrallightvoltagemind lightbetweentrees treerhythm thedoorsofmorning treefingersgoodmorning morningmusic lowerrhine birdsong lovelyniederrheinmorning morgen tomorrow niederrhein bird mist shapethemist fantasticshapes mistymornings themistofthingssyrup lowerrhinelight spell wakeup birdinside shapeofabird istartedabird⁣ ⁣ throbbingwithsong

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Focus on getting better everyday ❤️ if you agree 🔳Follow👉🏻👉🏻 hajiaposh_store 🔳Follow 👉🏻👉🏻 hajiaposh_store —————————————————————— Mondaymotivation dreamchaser strategist businesstips marketing Hajiaposh_store entrepreneur businesschicks bossbabe bosschicks ambition ambitiouswomen femaleentrepreneur businesswomen businesswoman successmindset femaleempowerment womenentrepreneurs womeninspiringwomen hustlerscorner wakeupandgrind wakeup

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Repost By themindofbizzel: ‼️Artificial intelligence isn’t a new thing. Here is a machine that sorts ripe tomatoes from unripened green tomatoes with amazing accuracy at seriously high speeds. So think about this for a secondif this is the technology that we have today readily available to the public, what type of A.I. do you think they aren’t showing us?🤔 🤫 tribe healer artificialintelligence naturalremedy herbs minerals nature wakeup herbalmedicine intermittentfasting organic alkalinevegan vegan sacredgeometry african electricfoods alkalineliving plantbased meditation alkalineveganrecipes veganfood alkalinefood alkalinediet fastingtips melanin yoga consciousness buddhism (via appskottage WizPost AppKottage)

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In the 1970s the CIA once had access to a real and working weapon which could give people heart attacks without leaving a trace of evidence in sight. Only a tiny entrance hole would be visible on the body of the victim and the bullet would actually melt away leaving no evidence behind. Remember that high level technology has always been available and it is suppressed to the public. awakening thinking research knowledge information news media truth awake wakeup weather travel explore learn relearn learning orgone orgonite pyramids

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E vais tomar esse pequeno almoço toda a vida⁉️ E porque não ⁉️ . Em 21 anos o meu pequeno almoço variava entre torradas e cereais com leite agora com 25 tenho 9 sabores diferentes à escolha para o pequeno almoço, posso combina-lós e ainda fazer milhares de receitas 😋😋 . Sim é para a vida toda, o objetivo de perder peso foi sempre secundário e alcancei-o, mas a saúde e bem-estar, não sei para ti, mas para mim quero-o para a vida toda 😍 changingpeopleslives breakfast herbalifenutrition makingtheworldhealthierandhappier morning wakeup energy

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You don’t need to be sick. Our body is strong then you think if you gave him the right conditions. Our body is our temple. Follow those 3 healers on YouTube and Google and learn. :) Love to all

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Il cibo sfama il bisogno fisiologico dell’umanità; Non limitiamoci a sopravvivere, diamo ascolto anche agli altri bisogni che vorrebbero essere appagati. Food feeds the physiological need mankind; Let's not limit ourselves to survive, let's listen also to other needs who would like to be satisfied. ( julieta.ganea ) venezia wake gettingready fresh refreshed mornings morn goingout sunrise daytime early happy awake tired morning goodmorning ready day sky sluggish breakfast earlybird work wakeup wakingup sunshine bed sleepy instamorning

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"One of the fundamental rules back of all magical processes is that no man is a magician or worker in white magic until the third eye is opened, or in process of opening, for it is by means of that eye that the thought-form is energised, directed and controlled and the lesser builders or forces are swept into any particular line of activity." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1008) thirdeye higherconsciousness magick chaosmagick pathworking tarot thelema kybalion aleistercrowley occult occultknowledge wakeup mage

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🐯 "Over-Promise & Under-Deliver" Is What I've Been Taught 🐯 And if I'm ever running behind, I will stay up until 2am to Deliver for my Clients because Integrity is huge for me. I'm not saying that I won't miss the mark even with things like my time but that won't stop the grind I'll put in for my Clients. 💜💜💜 🐯 Contact Me For Designs. I Work Remotely 🐯 KNOW WHO YOU ARE. KNOW YOUR PURPOSE Be sure to browse on my profile & leave your thoughts engaging in Healthier Conversations💜💜💜 DoLoveBeLove Encouragement Freedom BlackBusiness Peace LoveHealthyLifestyle LoveYourselfFirst SelfInvest SelfLove InnovativeDesignsAndBreathtakingConcepts WakeUp BeKind BuyThisNext Brand SpiritualHealth MentalHealth PhysicalHealth Nature Natural PricelessFaith MyLoveIsStrongerThanYourHate PeaceAndLove AdultColoring Focus ColoringBooks Massachusetts Shopaholic SupportSmallBusiness

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