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What does WALL-E and Dory from Finding Nemo have in common? They were both diligent. Today’s word of the day is Diligent. Watch this short video to cover Meaning Pronunciation Spelling 3 Examples in Sentences Like and follow for more videos like this diligent wordoftheday wordoftheweek kidstv cartoon animation childrensbooks childrenillustration kidstoys toddler toddlerlife toddleractivities dictionary pictionary nurseryrhymes abcsong alphabet vocabulary english findingdory findingnemo walle

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Technology Takeover 😨 don't say i didn't ⚠WARN⚠ yall 📢 Alot of peoples jobs are on the line. Better start acquiring some new skills 📚🚀🔬 ai artificialintelligence

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I am starting to draw again, in case you guys want to see some of it this is my first one. monstersinc pixar walle

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This is our official Pixar tier list. It was so hard to decide where these movies should go because for the most part they are all excellent (the inner in us loved these movies). They’re not only separated in categories,but also ranked in the categories themselves. Left being the best and right being the worst • • • Let us know what you think in the comments

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greeners.co Bawa Isu Lingkungan, 10 Film Hits ini Wajib Kita Tonton! Ada banyak sekali pilihan film yang bisa kita tonton saat ini, tapi gak semua film bisa memberikan pesan yang baik untuk para penontonnya Meskipun demikian, jangan khawatir dulu! Masih banyak sutradara yang berhasil menciptakan film dengan pesan yang sangat bagus, termasuk film yang membawa pesan tentang pentingnya menjaga lingkungan hidup kita. Termasuk film-film yang dibahas dalam artikel ini. Apa saja filmnya dan yang mana yang jadi favoritmu? Baca artikel selengkapnya di rubrik Gaya Hidup hanya di www.greeners.co atau swipe up langsung instagram story terbaru greeners.co yuk! thedayaftertomorrow happyfeet walle avatar interstellar sanandreas aquaman avengersendgame godzillakingofthemonsters GreenersNEWS Greenersco Greenersid BeInformedLoveTheEarth

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“Wall-E and Eve” Two memorable Pixar characters who touched our hearts. You can find this design on both Teepublic and Redbubble. walle eve robotlove pixar savagepumpkin Teepublic: https:www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/5154121-wall-e-and-eve Redbubble: https:www.redbubble.com/people/savagepumpkin/works/39729749-wall-e-and-eve

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ReleasedOnThisDay 11 years ago: "WALL·E" (2008), animated sci-fi adventure/romance, set in post-apocalyptic distant future, where a small waste-collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind. Voiced by Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, John Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy and Sigourney Weaver. Co-written and directed by Andrew Stanton ("Finding Nemo", "John Carter", "Finding Dory"). Nominated for 6 Academy Awards, winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. IMDb Top 250 64 mooveeblog thisdayincinema filmfacts film movie themovies cinema hollywood thisdayinhistory history filmgeek walle benburtt elissaknight jeffgarlin fredwillard johnratzenberg kathynajimy andrewstanton pixar top250 oscar academyawards 2008 Jun26

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生き残りたいのではない。生きたいんだ。  ウォーリー 艦長 2008年6月27日生まれ happy birthday 巨大宇宙船アクシオムの6代目艦長 2775年から就任しており、30年目 アクシオムに異常がないことの確認と、1日一回の朝の艦内放送が日々の仕事  walle captainbmccrea disneypixar happybirthday  disney disneyland disneygram disneysea disneylife disneylove disneyfan disneymagic disneystyle disneyinsta disneydream  ディズニー ディズニーリゾート ディズニーランド ディズニーシー ディズニー好き ディズニー大好き ディズニー好きと繋がりたい ディズニー好きな人と繋がりたい 東京ディズニーリゾート 東京ディズニーランド 東京ディズニーシー

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The ender tho 🤯 i_sk4te 📲/🎥 thanks for filming G

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I cannot with her- she figured this one out all on her own 🤣

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Quito | Una escuela dedicada a la robótica y electrónica se abre paso en la ciudad. Se trata de imbentaec, un centro de estudios que abrió hace aproximadamente 1 año y ofrece capacitación direccionada a la ciencia y a la creatividad 🤖 Lea la nota completa en nuestra web: www.diarioque.ec 💻📲 Robots Robótica Electrónica Mecánica Programación Walle

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What’s your favorite Disney•Pixar film? No matter how old I get, I’m never gonna be old to watch a Disney•Pixar film, so for me, I think my favorite is a tie between Toy Story (1995) and Finding Nemo (2003). Those two are my personal favorite Disney•Pixar films.

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We’re still swooning over all the Toy Story merch available right now Toy Story 1 was definitely a childhood memory for me, so it’s so fun to see it be so popular again! Tap picture for details! Tumbler can be found on our website pixar pixarfest toystoryland toystory uphouse carsland mcqueen lightningmcqueen walle incredibles theincredibles monstersinc findingnemo findingdory disneyland disneyworld disneylove toystory4 mmlshare disneymom disneygirl allthingsdisney styledbymagic magicalmakers disneyig instadisney

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Mini wall-e and Ev-a build. I enjoyed putting these two together and I believe that building this dynamic Pixar duo was a great idea. pixar lego walle disney robots moc plants

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Holaa holaaa!🌻 • Hoy vengo con una fotito diferente, y es que encuentro que Walle es una de las películas más tiernas de Disney con un importantísimo mensaje acerca de cuidar el lugar donde vivimos🌱. Que Tierra no hay más que una, y la pobre debe estar harta de ver sus bosques convertidos en ciudades, sus mares llenos de islas de plástico y su cielo contaminado. • Dejando a un lado este tema, creo que nunca había disfrutado tanto Disney como ahora🙊. Me paso los días cantando la banda sonora de cualquier película (ahora estoy obsesionada con Parte De Tu Mundo), me muero por ver de nuevo películas de mi infancia que hace la vida que no veo (Oliver y su Pandilla, Spirit, La Dama y el Vagabundo 2, Aladdin) y no aguanto a noviembre para ver Frozen 2😱. Me alegra muchísimo saber que, por mucho que haya crecido, siga disfrutando de ello como una niña, y agradezco mucho a la gente de mi alrededor que me acepte tal y como soy y, sobretodo, que me aguante hablando de Disney durante horas y más horas🙊. • Y vosotr s, ¿seguís disfrutando como niñ s? ¿Cual es vuestra película favorita de Disney? Yo no podría elegir solo unaa😥 En mi top 5 no podrían faltar Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootrópolis, Hermano Oso y Tiana y el Sapo (esto sin contar mis prefes de cuando era pequeña🙊). Nos leemoooos, no crezcáis nunca y cuidad nuestro planeta💖. • lecturasetereas savetheplanet read  books  bookstagram  instabook   bookstagramespaña  bookstagrammer  bookish  bookaddicted  leer  libros  walle  disney   instafunko

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"OBJECTIVE!" Character: Eve Series: Wall-E Cosplay & submission: mar_galliti_ 📸 memories_by_dimi Event: Facts2018 Like her take on Eve from one of my most beloved Pixar films Wall-E. Wall-E Album: https:www.cosplaywon.com/mar-galliti/series/wall-e Signup and share your cosplays at CosplayWon.com 🏷 cosplay cosplaygirl cosplayphoto cosplayphotography facts facts2018 factscosplay facts2018cosplay belgiancosplayer walle wallecosplay eve evecosplay pixar pixarcosplay disney animation robotcosplay

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📖💚👳 Bi-smi llahi r-rahmani r-rahim "In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful" Ar-Rahman (He is) the All-Merciful Allamal kur’ean (kur’eana). He has taught the Quran Haalaakaal insean (inseana). He has created the human Allamahul bayean (bayeana). He has taught him the expression, comprehending and being able to express and explain Ash shamsu val kaamaru bi husbean (husbeanin). The sun and the moon, their creation and movements in their orbits are by astrophysical calculations are designed based on delicate balances Van nacmu vash shacaru yascudean (yascudeani). The stars and the trees, both prostrate to Allah Vas sameaa rafaaahea va vadaaaal meezean (meezeana). And the sky, He raised it high according to the astrophysical rules based on the Bing Bang theory, He made an event of expanding and rising from inside towards outside happen and designed the Balance, the measure, the weight, and the equilibrium of gravity Allea taatgaav feel meezean (meezeani). Do not exceed the limit at Due Balance Measurement, do not act unjustly Va akeemul vazna bil kisti va lea tuhsirool meezean (meezeana). And observe the weight with justice and do not make the measure deficient when measuring Val aardaa vadaaaahea lil aneam (aneami). And the earth, He designed it for animals and all living creatures. He designed it through the geological movements so that the living creatures could live on it Feehea feakihatun vannaahlu zeatul akmeam (akmeami). Therein are fruits and blossomed date-palm trees Val haabbu zul aasfi var rayhean (rayheanu). There are grains with leaves and scented herbs Fa bi ayyi ealeai raabbikumea tukazzibean (tukazzibeani). Then which of the Blessings of your Lord do you, jinn and humans belie? - 🌱👽🚧🚜ᴡ🅰ʟʟ-🅔| okletsgo| aliffaziz| suraharrahman| nevergiveup| walle| love| cute| 일상| workout| safetheplanet| inspiration| training| instacool| malaysia| singapore| pretty| swag| kualalumpur| motivation| zayan| quran

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Hallo ihr Lieben 😉 . Nachdem wir gestern so eine heiße Temperatur🌡️ hatten, bin ich froh🌞 dass es heute etwas abgekühlt ist Das klingt jetzt vielleicht ein bisschen komisch😂, aber genießt das küle Wetter⛅ ein bisschen Liebe Grüße 💕 Monique hannover bremen wuppertal heidelberg würzburg paderborn leipzig berlin mannheim köln düsseldorf nürnberg freiburg mainz kiel hamburg münchen münster braunschweig rostock schwerin nrw neuköln walle halle stuttgart frankfurt frankfurtammain dortmund göttingen

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🌱👽🚧🚜ᴡ🅰ʟʟ-🅔 Beautiful Flora and Fauna Jelutong Trail, Subuh Trail in Bukit Nanas Trail's Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 🌿🌎🍄🍀 - 1. No single trail or trail race is the same. 2. Keep safe the Planet. 3. Respect other trail user's and the trail. 4. Keep your eye's on the trail. 5. Slow down and feel your run. 6. Focus on time over distance 7. Your ego has no place on the trail's, please leave it at home.✌👾ᴿʸᵃⁿ - 🌱👽🚧🚜ᴡ🅰ʟʟ-🅔| walle| love| cute| 일상| runningonthetrails| subuhtrail| workout| safetheplanet| inspiration| training| june2019| forest| instacool| sonyxperia1| malaysia| jelutongtrail| instagram| pretty| swag| bukitnanas| kualalumpur| motivation| bokehlicious ⌚ ɪʀᴏɴᴍᴀɴ 🏼 |🏃🚴🏊 | 2019

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🚀 Secret Cold War Base. - If you can't put someone up, please don't put them down. Being a rocket scientist isn't all that smart when you could work in finance. When you launch in a rocket, you're not really flying that rocket. The deeper the journey into inner space, the further the possibilities in outer space. ✌Peace out! 👾ᴿᵞᵃᴺ - 🌱👽🚧🚜ᴡ🅰ʟʟ-🅔| iss| astronaut| love| instagood| photooftheday| beautiful| happy| cute| angkasawan| walle| instadaily| nasa| like4like| follow| followme| picoftheday| friends| nature| girl| fun| style| smile| food| instalike| likeforlike| travel| fitness| igers| tagsforlikes| follow4follow|

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👾ᴿᵞᵃᴺ🚴 There is no shortcut to success. Physical and mental should alway's be strong, if you want a beautiful body fitness go to the Gym everyday's, but lazy to strengthen the muscle heart, please forget it about to join us of Marathon or Triathlon, you will die with a heart attack. 🐯MᴀʟᴀʏsɪA💪 - - - - - - - - - - 🌱👽🚧🚜ᴡ🅰ʟʟ-🅔| walle| pangsun| athlete| triathlete| lookbicycle| loveheart| majlissukannegara| 일상| timetrialbike| nevergiveup| workout| malaysia| inspiration| training| instacool| vsco| l4l f4f| bikelicious| pretty| swag| model| motivation|

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👴💪🌎 💓 Thank you for being an awesome Dad! To all Father's, Uncle's, Grandfather's, Brother's, thank you for all the unconditional love that you've showered upon your loved one's. ❤ - - - - - 🌱👽🚧🚜ᴡ🅰ʟʟ-🅔| walle| love| instagood| photooftheday| beautiful| happy| cute| art| instadaily| 일상| like4like| follow| followme| nature| girl| fun| style| smile| instagram| instalike| likeforlike| travel| fitness| igers| tagsforlikes| follow4follow| life| fathersday| ourforeversuperhero