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2 hours ago

watched Wall-E a few nights ago. Got me inspired, so I combined a few lego models online into something that fit what I had available. walle wall-e lego

4 hours ago

See you in another life bro. Have a good rest there!

4 hours ago

Find your special moment ✨

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5 hours ago

Welcoming these two awesome robots to my collection. Visited boomloot.toys for their monthly Pop! meet and was stoked to see these at their store. Canti was all at my husband’s request (trying to get him to collect Pop!s with me 👀) and Wall-E is just something for both of us (yes both of us 😉). Hoping to score some ISOs at WonderCon next week! See y’all there? ✌️ funko pop funkopop funkopops originalfunko funkofamily funkofunatic collectibles popvinyl funkopopvinyl funkolove funkophotography sarahkaypoppins canti flcl adultswim funimation walle disney robots

9 hours ago

This is just behind the scenes of this morning creating a pop up studio. Walle was my main test subject to get me practicing. - Taking some photos and getting some video clips to put the project together for the launch in April. Took all the footage today in manual mode. Learning and playing around with setting to trying and enhance the look I am going for. - simplycreate studio photography walle lego disney disneylego pixar pixarlego buildinglego behindthescens bts sunday video camerasettings canoncamera canon videocreator project picture create creative inspire igdaily instadaily photooftheday london creating camerasetup

11 hours ago

Наша новая игрушка - Валл-и. любят этого персонажа из одноименного мультфильма. Сын просил купить ему игрушечного Валл-и. Нашли мы его на али и только в виде конструктора. Хоть он и хрупкий, были в восторге увидеть Валл-и "вживую", правда пришлось ее собирать мне. Ну а я, честно говоря, была этому только рада 😉 валли walle wall-e

12 hours ago

“Let me see you put your hearts up”

1 day ago

“Let’s go buddy, I have some friends at the station I want you to meet” - Officer Johnson