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3 months ago

“I could never do what you do. I don’t have the time.” If I had $1 for every time I heard that. Honestly does anyone have the time? Not really. Do we MAKE the time? Absolutely! I’m currently sitting in the Walmart parking lot closing a sale for month end. Time is what you make of it. 💃🏻 Happy New Year’s Eve, friends monthend newyearseve walmartmadness sendhelp lashesfordays lashboostforthewin lashboost rflife

3 months ago

Some pictures from our PJ adventures on Christmas Eve Husband had to work 24hr shift at the fire house . So the twins and I had to fight Walmart before they closed ( i didn’t know they where closing 6 until I got there at 5 ) but we survived the madness to go visit chickendude38 at another fire station davistwins saycheese😁 monomonotwins babyblueeyes💙 santapjs🎅 christmaseve2018🎄🎁 walmartmadness walmartonchristmaseve firefighterdaughters thinredlinefamily holidaysatthefirehouse lateposted daddygirlsforever

6 months ago

Hahaa yup! I was just in Walmart last night and Omgosh no matter what I did or where I stood I was in somebody's way! In line the older couple behind me were laughing at me and rolling their eyes at me. It was a totally new modern self checkout and I was slow I was learning. I needed help. 😫 You know what I said to them as I walked away ? I said so sorry to hold you up I'm sure your in a HURRY TO GO NOWHERE LOL 👀 so rude I mean come on give people a break. 🤷🏻‍♀️😫 walmart walmartoceanside walmartmadness

7 months ago

CHOO CHOO! The hot mess express has pulled into the station. 🤦🏼‍♀️ As the conductor of this train I would like to thank you for joining me on this ride. Some days I really feel like I’m losing it but other days I really feel like I have my shit together. Most days I feel like a kid lost in Walmart on Black Friday and not the 24 hour Walmart where the deals start on Thanksgiving but the throwback Black Friday Walmart where you woke up at 2 am to stand in line to grab one of the five available TVs and it’s a shit show. Anyone else feel like this? Just me? Well one of the days I’ll (we’ll) get it together. For now, I’m just going to take it a day at a time and survive life the best I can🤘🏼

9 months ago

Happy Summer dudes & dudettes! 😂😮And noI did not take this pic. I’ve seen recently that this is becoming the trend with a lot of femalesbooty cheeks hanging out the shorts. Never dreamt I would see it on a man-but hey, that’s where this world has headed. We are ushering Jesus’ return in faster & faster with every attention-getting tactic we employ. Raise your hand if you would like to see your grandpa wearing shorts like this and what is your take on this new trend? wow goodgrief evensocomelordjesus godhelpus bootyshortsneedtobebanned nothanks ewe walmartmadness peopleofwalmart immaquitwalmart angelaleachmiller

1 year ago

How would you feel if Somone did that to you 😂😂 tag a Friend

1 year ago

I usually try to avoid gallup Walmart from Friday - Sunday but My baby has been going on and on about art projects from YouTube soWe hit up Walmart 😫and we survived now she's home and we got art projects going hahahaha learningisfun artproject lol walmartmadness loveyousomuch

2 years ago

When you can breathe a sigh of relief cause you made it through Walmart on a Saturday! Side note, my lashes are killing it these days! thankslashboost walmartmadness

2 years ago

No just no