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Spot di wilayah exploresurabaya yang masih ada hijaunya sawah dan pepohonan pisang. Sejauh mata memandang hijaunya tanaman padi yang baru saja ditanam Entah kapan foto ini akan berubah menjadi lahan pemukiman😂😂😂 Sudah banyak lahan pertanian yang tergusur oleh lahan perumahan. Padahal menurut cerita emak tahun 1970an di wilayah rungkut dan sekitarnya merupakan lumbung padi surabaya and Now jadi kawasan industri dan perumahan.😂😂 Di hari bumi ,saatnya kita peduli terhadap bumi kita yang semakin uzur kurangi polusi,galakkan penghijauan. What else? 😀 Selamat hari bumi🤗 earthday haribumi stoppolution diy environment lingkunganhijau travelling art green greenpeaceindonesia watchdog tv&film gaya lifestyle

2 hours ago

Getting some nice cookies from my human cousin🥰😋

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Combo Of Three Metallic And Leather Super Quality Watch - For Men Japanese Quartz Movement Suitable For Men And Boys For Casual And Formal Purpose Dial- Blue, Black, Grey, Band- Silver & Black. Case- Alloy Package Includes - A Watch And A Box With Genuine Bill 1 Year Warranty Against All Manufacturing Defects SHOP NOW FROM 》》 watches watch watchesofinstagram watchporn watchfam watchaddict watchoftheday watchnerd watchlover watchgeek watchcollector watchmania rolex watchuseek instawatch watchanish luxury wristporn watchmen horology fashion dailywatch timepiece luxurywatch wristwatch wristshot watchdog instagood onlineshopping shadowsecuritronics

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We are back from holiday Maltese are bred to be companion dogs. They are extremely lively and playful, and even as a Maltese ages, its energy level and playful demeanor remain fairly constant. During the first century, the Roman poet Martial wrote descriptive verses to a small white dog named Issa owned by his friend Publius. It is commonly thought that Issa was a Maltese dog, and various sources link Martial's friend Publius with the Roman Governor Publius of Malta. Maltese is a beautiful companion dog that will radiates the beauty of its owner if properly cared for. Sorts_pets will give out some beautiful Maltese for a very affordable price. Who is in??? dogmedics doglovers Nigeriadoglovers Southafricadogs Nigerianewtribe watchdog Dss sorts_pets policedog maltese Lagos Abuja Portharcout Ibadan petplanetinternational

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Looking out for those pesky bicycle people watchdog

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こんにちは。 今日は、こちらあいにくの''どんより曇り空☁️''ですー😒⤵️⤵️ なのでコロ吉さん🐕大好きなぁ''日向ぼっこ🌞''が出来ず、ちょっぴり不満そう💦ですっ…😓💨💨 dog doglove shiba shibainu ワンコ 柴犬 しばいぬ わんダフォ わんだふるjapan わんだフォ エブリドッグ 愛犬 番犬 watchdog 不満 可愛い かわいい kawaii cute fun sohappy love awesome adorable amazing cool lucky friendly 優しい

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Sleeping in the job. I ate all my dinner tonight and mom gave me 1 and a half cookies for dessert. Hopefully my tummy doesn’t go rumbly rumbly because it scares me, and then I have to sit on my mom’s head to wake her up to feed me at 5 am 🤦🏻‍♀️ truestory sleppypup tiredpup watchdog securityguard security nightshift

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“Chacun voit midi à sa porte” is a beautiful expression which, while being somewhat unfortunate, is nevertheless quite true. The literal translation goes, “Everyone sees noon at his doorstep.” It means that every individual is occupied, first and foremost, with his or her own personal interests, and each feels their subjective opinions as objective truths watchoutformywatchdog chihuahua henry myboy littleguy californiadog rescue babyboy💙 loveyourself mylove myheart mysoul greenvest bigears smalldogbigattitude watchdog henrysadventures munchkin terriermix Thank you so much!🥰🙈 simplylavishpetspdx simplylavishpetspdx simplylavishpetspdx

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Эссенс Путешествия✈🛫🛬🚀 О, БОЖЕ🤯У НАС ТЕПЕРЬ ЕЩЕ У КАЖДОГО И СОБСТВЕННОЕ ТУРАГЕНТСТВО😍 За покупку билетов и путешествий вам будут начисляться баллы Запущен 1 Апреля Доступ будет через личный кабинет Сначала запустят билеты, в 2019 году запустят тур-пакеты и будет работать выбор гостиниц по отдельности))) В планах также запустить покупку билетов в музеи и достопримечательности по всему миру Скидка будет 30% Чем больше будете приобретать билетов, тем скидка будет БОЛЬШЕ 🤩 Сотрудничество будет со всеми авиакомпаниями на всех языках МИРА . ПОИСК БУДЕТ ОСУЩЕСТВЛЯТСЯ ПО УНИКАЛЬНОЙ СИСТЕМЕ  Watchdog за 5 сек🤑🤑🤑 . Essens - это не не просто компания, это МЕЧТА 😍 . ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ В ЛУЧШУЮ КОМАНДУ ЛИДЕРОВ  Ставим + И добро пожаловать в нашу команду ! Регистрация и обучение бесплатно essensofficial  essenstravel ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯ  туры бронированиеотелей  какоткрытьбизнес какоткрытьтурагентство  млм мойсетевой  сетевойэтомодно networking  лидерсаратов лидерысетевогомаркетинга  лидермлм обучениевсетевом  лучшаякоманда лучшийсетевой

10 hours ago

We are all doing great with our new baby brother! Even Sashimi is ready to play ball ❤️👶🏼🥰🐶🐶😺

11 hours ago

We moved into a new house this weekend and I’ve been on lookout ever since to make sure this place is safe!👀

12 hours ago

I take my guard duties very seriously.

14 hours ago

I don't usually do this but basically, Vega has a skin issue and I'm taking him to the vet on Saturday. I don't have the funds to cover it but he really needs this checkup. His back is flaking and cracked, he's scratching and biting himself until he bleeds, and sometimes his lower body tremors (like muscle spasms) GoFundMe like on page: Update - I reached my goal pitbulls puppy proudpitbull pitbullsofinstagram bully americanbully pitsofinstagram pits dogs mansbestfriend vega razoredge razoredgebully watchdog watchdogpits dontbullymybreed dontbullymypitbull

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We took a bit of a hiatus from social media to meet some very important deadlines. Piglet arrival is always a busy time for us but the weather this year made it extra special 😝 - Thankfully we got everything finished and everyone seems awfully happy in their new home. - Our pups have resumed their farm dog duties and are keeping a close eye on our little ones. - piglet pigfarm farmraisedmeat iamyourfarmer newengland homestead growyourown knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom isthatyouspring dirtynose watchdog