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🚨New Strap Color Alert🚨 In anticipation to BaselWorld2019 Everest would like to announce a new color to our line up, Gray Rubber 🔥👀 What do you think WatchFam?🤔 We think it looks sick on the Daytona😜 Available next week! | Customize your Rolex watch at - •Follow EverestBands - ===============================

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Aaaand another skx. But I hope to add something new to the conversation. I do think this watch is often misrepresented. For me I have come to love this thing. Not because it’s some glorious doorway to traditional watch making, an example of true haute horlogerie, or a beautiful timepiece comparable only to a rolexsubmariner priced so fairly entirely due to humble seiko ‘s refusal to stoop to the lowly depths of cooperate depravity, participating in the marketing war of the capitalist economy for the ‘right’ to overcharge the consumer No I don’t think any of these tell the right story. In fact the skx is precisely what Rolex sought to move the submariner away from. A dependable, robust, take-any-where and even somewhat crude, Toolwatch. Though both are divers, where the sub moves from utility to luxury (see goldsubmariner ), the skx makes its home. It’s rock solid and inexpensive so you can take it to its limits (if you can find them) and never have to worry you’re taking a small fortune on your wrist. It doesn’t need to be fussed over and it never asks to be. No hand winding, no hacking, it isn’t concerned with being perfect just reliable enough. The hour markers aren’t applied but are clear and visible in every situation and the bracelet sucks but it’s hella comfy. It fills a spot everyone needs and it’ll go with you to all the places you’re other watches can’t or are too precious to let them. And that’s why the skx will always always have a place in my and many others collection. Even though it may not always be this one^ ( skx013 👀) watchesofinstagram watchfam seiko vintageseiko sarb033 sarb017 sarb065 automaticwatch mechanicalwatch japanesewatch wrist check skx007 skx009 rolex divewatch

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📷 rolexdiver 🍀Keeping with the St. Patrick’s day theme of green. This time with the 50th Anniversary Submariner ref 16610LV🐸

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Patek Only $399, same day shipping with tracking 🚚

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The most peaceful place that I have ever been to. Welcome to Bali.

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Untouched movements and cases don’t get much better than this Heuer Autavia 😀. (DM FOR MORE INFO / PRICING )

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The Bat Signal is up 🦇 116710BLNR

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that feeling when it’s almost *time* for Baselworld 2019 🙌🏽 who’s excited?!

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Happy Tuesday - enjoying all the leaks and releases from Basel!

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Spring break but make it strategic. 🧠 💥

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ROLEX WARTELISTE ⁉️ In meinem neuesten Video erkläre ich, wie du als Uhrenliebhaber auch beliebte Modelle wie die submariner 116610lv rolexhulk zum Listenpreis und ohne übertrieben Wartezeiten bekommst. Hier eine Kurzfassung: ✅ Suche dir einen sympathischen Händler in deiner Nähe: Der erste und wichtigste Schritt ist, einen Händler zu finden, bei dem du dich gut aufgehoben fühlst. Ich habe gute Erfahrungen mit familiengeführten Unternehmen gemacht ✅ sei freundlich und gib nicht an: Freundlichkeit und Ehrlichkeit sind das A und O. So macht es dir und den Verkäufern Spaß! Versuche nicht die Leute dort zu beeindrucken ✅ Mach dich bekannt: Ich habe inzwischen die Mitarbeiter bei meinem Händler so gern, dass ich praktisch immer rein schaue, wenn ich in der Gegend bin. Dort verbringe ich dann meistens mehr Zeit als geplant 😂 ✅ sei loyal: wenn du begehrte Modelle bekommst, solltest du im Gegenzug auch deine anderen Uhren beim Händler deiner Wahl kaufen. Das ist nur fair und auch für dich einfacher ✅ Kauf was dir gefällt! Kaufe nicht irgendwas um schnell wichtig zu werden, sondern kommuniziere einfach alle deine Uhren so schnell wie möglich mit deinem Konzi, damit er besser planen kann ✅ Flippe NIEMALS eine Uhr: wenn du eine Uhr direkt für den schnellen Gewinn weiterverkaufst, musst du damit rechnen, nicht für weitere gefragte Modelle infrage zu kommen ✅ Sei nicht geizig: Verhandeln ist ok, aber Versuch nicht aus jedem Deal den letzten Deal rauszuquetschen - das macht beiden Seiten keinen Spaß und insgesamt wirst du auch so kein Geld kaputt machen 🚧 Im Video gibt es dann die ausführlichere Variante, inklusive noch einigen FAQs die ich zu diesen Tipps oft bekomme. Den Link zum Video findet Ihr auf meinem Profil! Und übrigens: VIELEN DANK ❤️ für 400 Abos und über 7.500 Aufrufe seit Sonntag 💪🏻 rolex warteliste rolexsubmariner greensub rolexwatch rolexlover luxusuhren watchesofinstagram wotd uhrenliebhaber watchlover 0711 74321 stuttgart 2019

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Alain Silberstein Krono 2 ———————————————————————— Tag someone who should see this! 📌 ———————————————————————— Pic by: pinterest ———————————————————————— chronos watch timepiece perfection masterpiece

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[Werbung/Ad] Which watch to wear for Baselworld 2019? For sure the Highlight of the previous Baselworld: the Rolex „Pepsi“ GMT-Master II 126710 BLRO 🔵🔴

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Our Seven Sins watch is more than just a watch, it’s a lifestyle for those who dare to be bold. Be sure to sign up for early access and discounted pricing by visiting the link in our bio watchesofinstagram watchfam watchgang watchaddict watchcollection watchuseek ablogtowatch dailywatch womw wotd microwatches divewatch kickstarter kickstartercampaign crowdfunding everydaycarry edcgear tattoostyle tattoosofinstagram rebel dailyknife gamer lootcrate knivesofinstagram motorcyclemafia motorcyclegear areyousharp sharpbros videogame mensaccessories

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One of my favorite recent combinations that I wore to an event last week. It’s slightly less formal since I didn’t wear a tie and they are definitely a bolder pair of pants - toned down with a plain blue blazer and pale blue shirt. weisswatchcompany watch allenedmonds shoes boardroomsocks socks ansonbelt belt tailorstore shirt and blazer

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1969 Rolex Explorer ref. 1016 is on my wrist today. Dial/hands in very good shape, but very easily could be replacements made by Rolex, when previous owner had it serviced. But its still the same period dial without the metal borders around the hour markers. Always worth remembering, the date of your Rolex, as determined by the serial number stamped on the case, may not reflect the age of dial, hands, crown, even movement/parts, as Rolex service has been rumored to just replace things on vintage pieces without asking owner if they want it replaced. Stories, maybe apocryphal, about people with beautiful vintage pieces getting it back from service, and they've put on a brand new dial, destroyed the old! Is this true, anyone? Well, unless I know for sure, I'm not letting Rolex near this one. I love this watch, and really should wear it more. Perfect blend, I think, of sporty & dressy. Could wear it anywhere. Has a nice legacy, worn by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, as they submitted Mt Everest in 1953. Not the same 1016 reference no. as this one, an earlier ref, but the same Explorer line. Which I think is kind of nice. It's the same size as TIMEX Camper!

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DTM Champion Edition - BMW M4 - Limited edition (200) - Follow - londonsupercarspotting - For more amazing content

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Early spring morning spotting - Spotted this fantastic Lamborghini Aventador sv - Who agrees this is one epic car pure perfection 😍👍 - 6.5 litre V12 - 0-60 in less then 2.8 seconds 739bhp 😮 - Follow- londonsupercarspotting for more amazing content -

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Pay and display - Loving this amazing - Porsche GT3RS 👍 - Follow : - londonsupercarspotting - for more amazing content. -