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New Eyes. 👁️ Keine Verschwörung! Ich bin derzeit nur so sehr von Adam Lamberts neuer Single "New Eyes" so inspiriert. Zudem mag ich derzeit alles Mystische. Erklärt mich bitte nicht für verrückt. 👀 ∆ • inspiriert musikinspiriert malenlernen jedentageinbild mystisch illustrieren illustration wasserfarben schnaud traditionell witchery inspiration neweyes mystic witcherart artofpencil womenwhodraw womenofart artwork witch witchesofinstagram artonpaper watercolor art illustrationart illustragram jasmexilexi

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Wanna gift u r pals? Wanna show your love? Then what else will be more perfect than gifting ur memories in form of art. Umm Quite interesting,isn't it? Then It's not that difficult now to search and choose the art you love CREATE made it easier for you. Get into www.wecreateforyou.in and find the best and fresh types of art Get 15% off on your first order ❤ Do order it now from wecreateforyou.inwecreateforyou.inwecreateforyou.inwecreateforyou.inwecreateforyou.inwecreateforyou.inwecreateforyou.inwecreateforyou.inwecreateforyou.in ❤ - (Hashtags) sketch art drawing artist illustration sketchbook draw artwork instaart thegoodquote digitalart pencil painting artistsoninstagram sketching ink design creative drawings happier fanart artoftheday arte pencildrawing artsy portrait watercolor sketches illustrator bhfyp

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Cleaning up stuff around the house, decided to get rid of this pirate town model I made for Bert the Dreading Pirate. Really helped me get all the angles and directions I wanted in this wonky little pirate port picturebook kidlitart kidlitartist illustration art painting watercolor pirate pier ships pirate ship pirates illustrator childrensbooks childrensbookillustration scbwi piratetown maquette modelbuilding scbwi childrensbookart childrensbookillustration nwillustrator pnwillustrators wip pbdummy dummybook

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" I am Aragorn son of Arathorn, and am called Elessar, the Elfstone, Dundan, the heir of Isildur's son of Gondor". A4 watercolor drawing. 🌿Наследник Исильдура сегодня в вашей ленте, потому что в Арт-Дуэли новая общая тема🌿 aragorn viggomortensen LOTR tolkien middleearth peterjackson artduel eveningstar thefellowshipofthering арагорн kingofgondor arwen warofthering watercolordrawing watercolor aqurella aqurelledrawing yesitswatercolor originaldrawing instaart lotrfanart

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Fun little snailshell doodle i kinda wanna do a whole bunch of these

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• HEART OF THE MATTER• . Was inspired to make these phone inserts from the preaching I heard earlier “How do you love?” was a lingering question in my head. It’s difficult to even define it more so act on it when people make it difficult for us to love them. But today’s preaching reminded me of the radical love God has shown us even in our brokenness. His relentless love pursues us no matter how many times we break His heart. I pray that even in hurt, pain and hopelessness; we will continue to choose love. That God’s love will grow in us that we could obey His command to love others. We have been loved radically, unconditionally and without fear. May we have the heart to love just as how God’s loved us. • • L O V E R A D I C A L L Y calligraphy brushcalligraphy practicemakesprogress 100artsyjhesydays 100dayproject watercolor watercolorart typography handlettering love letteringlove handwrittenscript watercolor_blog

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여울이 일러스트❤️ 제가 늘 그리고싶은 모습으로 그려드렸어요! 캔버스 에코백에 넣고싶다고 주문주신 여울이~하앙 너무이뻐서 티셔츠에도 넣으라고했어요! 배경이 없는 그림(투명!) 어디 넣어도 이쁠거에요~~~ 고양이그림 고양이페인팅 디지털페인팅 반려동물초상화 캔버스인화 illustration cat cat_features 수채화일러스트고양이초상화 catdrawing illustration 고양이키링 키링제작 커스텀키링 반려동물 에어팟키링 watercolor illustration watercolorpainting 색연필그림

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mermay DAY 26 : Run . Hellooooooo 🙌😊🌼 . This is my new mermaid for the mermaychallenge : I must confess that this one was quite hard cuz' how can a mermaid run ? . It's not that easy to see, is it ? 😊🌼😸 If it was the case, I believe that fishes can swim faster than a mermaid running 😸🙌😂😂🌼 . Anyway, I hope you'll like it 🙌😊🌼 mermay2019 mermayday26 mermayrun mermaidrun mermaiddrawing mermaid girldrawing colorful coloreddrawing artchallenge myart mangaart mangaartist mangastyle animestyle tradiart kawaiiart cute artaccount artist artistsupportingartists artistsupport watercolor markers artmarkers

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📍2019.05.25 - 정물 수채화 미완 - 오전에 치과 간다고 오전 타임 거의 통으로 날려서 미완성할거 같아서 아예 주제부만 팠다 선생님 시범보고 연탄하니까 확실히 수월하고 쉽고 재밌었당 ㄹㅇ 연탄 갔다고 칭찬 받아서 기부니가 좋았다

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Джису любит вставать рано , вместе с солнцем. Смотреть на рассвет и пить горячий чай с лимоном . Она греет свои руки в больших и мягких свитерах , даже если на улице светит солнце. В ее плейлисте песни , которые она записала вместе с Чеён из класса музыки . Летом она собирает васильки , чтобы украсить ими комнату. Джису добрая и веселая , она соткана из солнечный лучей и полевых цветов 방탄소년단    일상  그림스타그램  손그림  그림  인물화  수채화  일러스트  rose btsfanart blackpink 최연준 bts blackpinkfanart kpopfanart killthislove bangtan jisoo chaeyoung korea 정호석 watercolor illustration greenflaxart 김지수

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Start to finish. This is a birthday present that I worked on for 6 months straight I'm really happy with the outcome and that I waited to give this present to my friend a bit later than her actual birthday whoops 😅. I'm actually super proud of this piece and it's crazy to be so patient to see the finished product but it was worth it.