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| I DONT REALLY LIKE TO FUSS‼️ I DONT REALLY LIKE TO HANG‼️ I JUSS SMOKE MA WEED💨 AND SIP MA DRANK‼️🍷 I DONT EVEN NEED TO BUSS ‼️🔫🔫I DONT EVEN NEED TO BANG‼️🔵🔵 I JUSS SMOKE MA WEED💨 AND SIP MA DRANK ‼️🍷 “DONT REALLY LIKE” BY novembersfinest10 OUT NOW‼️ON soundcloud LINK IN MA BIO ‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💥🌊🌊🔵🔵💣💣🌟🌟‼️ OUT NOW LINK IN MA BIO‼️ rap hiphop keithlegacy unsignedartist independentartist la cali westcoast hollywood atlanticrecords interscoperecords nextup motivation soundcloud qcthelabel xxl hits novembersfinest music lyrical songwriter innovative photogenic rapper dontreallylike single waves likes views

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New* Reusable Grocery Bag, Designed by Moco. Receive free promotional bag with $150+ purchase $150+ お買上げのお客様にオリジナルエコバッグをプレゼントキャンペーン実施中です。お近くにお越しの際はぜひお立ち寄り下さいませ〜♡ newdesign pineapple bikini ocean beach eco reusablebag sky blue waves hawaii aloha mocolima ハワイ ワイキキ ビーチ エコバッグ プレゼント キャンペーン ハワイ旅行 ハワイ好き ♡Mocolima Store Open 13:00-18:00 today♡

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¿Ya visitaste Puerto Piedra? Esta hermosa playita se encuentra a un lado de la bahía principal, puedes llegar a ella siguiendo el andador: “Un sueño posible” 😀 . 📸: difusion.puerto.escondido 📍: Playa Carrizalillo _ 🅾️ WE ARE DIFUSIONPUERTOESCONDIDO 🅾️ _ sunny sunnyday waves drone dronephotography dronestagram beach beachlife puertoescondido Oaxaca mexico vacations photography photographer photooftheday picoftheday fish loves landscape playita tbt sundayfunday

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"If you ask the ocean nicely, she'll speak to you in the voices you miss most. Advice, the pleasure of small talk, apologies all given and accepted; pieces of conversation and broken laughter curls inside your head like pretty paisley. All you have to do is stand there and sink slowly. Careful; she is the most compelling ventriloquist." - CB beach sand thoughts roadtrip rainyday waves pen grey alabama

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Let’s go to the beach beach

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🌴☀️ • Repost gohawaiiau ・・・ Soak in the sunshine and take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Kohala Coast on theIslandofHawaii. This side of the island sees an annual average rainfall of only 22cm and is warm and sunny for most of the year. theislandofHawaii hawaii beachvibes whitesand gohawaiiau luckywelivehi bigislandseahorseanddragonfly travelblog travelblogger travelphotography travelwriter instatravel visithawaii hawaiilife wanderlust welltravelled vacation holiday beach traveltips dreamholiday tropical rainbow beach waves travelguide sunny surf

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Un before/after réalisé avec les nuanceurs LaBiosthétique ✨ Couleur par Caroline✨

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Pipa. Brasil. Nordeste. Temporada Baja. Salidas Mayo-Junio. 7 noches con desayuno. Usd 669 + 143 imp por pasajero en hab doble. Aéreos, transfer + asistencia en viaje. Pipa es una pequeña villa de pescadores, muy famosa para el surf, fue en los 80 nombrada como una de las 10 playas mas hermosas. Sisterstur pipa playas nordeste brasil sol arena surf relax mar olas waves aldeas pueblos pescadores sisters sister sisterstur sistertelleva paquetes viajandodesdeargentina travellers travelling lugares beach vacations holidays

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Esta demostrado que Lemusurf te acompaña durante más de 4 horas en el agua sin una segunda aplicación en la piel de tu cara 🙌🏻 Nuestra Pantalla Solar te protege del ☀️ y del 💧 No contiene químicos ni tóxicos 🚫 No testeado en Animales 🐰 Contiene su envase reciclado ♻️ En nuestra linda presentación de una caja de madera cipres 🌲 pichilemu lemusurf surfers surf surfing surfer waves sea beach ocean surfinglife surfboard surflife surfphotography surftrip surfgirl surfline travel photography wave surfergirl surfersparadise surfboards surfstyle beachlife surfsup nature longboard paradise surfart

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No Lasers, No LEDs, but simple n pure Light. Phytoplankton, the organisms which emit Light in water The realm of this wonderful planet Earth is so beautifully vast that everyday I get to observe and experience something new and different. May be just because I have that immense love for the Nature, that it shows me it magic everyday. And out of that love, I feel so surprised to see the beauty around. Also pity on those ignorant beings who are lucky to be here on Earth and experience the joy present in Nature, but probably not everyone is so well connected to their own self and similarly not connected to Nature as well I now understand the physicality of reality and illusion, but even if the illusion of reality is so beautifully real and magicalthen why not to get stuck into it and praise itand thank the One who gave this human life to experience wonders I wish the most intellectual being(human) of the planet get some DNA change someday to see the beauty is not just bound in the color of skin, or the looks of physical beings. Look beyond, look deeper, look insideit's hard to change the conditioning of mind, but those who willthey willsomeday. Hope is all I have for the rest While bitches and riches were busy chilling and getting high I was walking alone under the stars and the moon light And the magic just begun when I looked at the rising tides N I thanked the universe for showing me such wonderful sight splendid_earth earthfocus wanderlust seetheworld worldtraveler roamtheplanet global_hotshotz master_shots sonyalpha travelblog special_shots illumination phytoplankton waves ocean wonderful_places awesome_earthpix traveltips nature_lovers ourplanetdaily natureaddict travelphotography lonelyplanetindia IncredibleIndia nature_good exploretocreate natgeoindia discoverearth gokarna innerjoon

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Ready for vacay with her fresh volume fill 💙

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Sem sentidos () O vento murmura o já esquecido Com chuva que não molha o mar saudoso de fé () Silêncios entalados na garganta da sabedoria, Gritos de alegria esquecida pela arrogância, Tons de graça imaculada pela virtude () Esfera, quadrada em mentalidade desumana, Da humanidade, em perpétuo, devota à descrença () E o nada onde encontro o que me é preciso. Ju nofilter

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Happy national siblings day ❤️ sistasista