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📣TOMORROW📣 JOIN US! For our featured Werking Women Wednesday (WWW)! We will have two of the baddest nurses that are entrepreneurs and on top of a popping career and business they have the healthy lifestyle on LOCK! 🔐 nurse health entrepreneur baddie wcw

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I Did A Whole 360 With My Life ❤️ I’m So Proud Of Myself Ion Think Y’all Understand 😩 Wcw 🌼🤪

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BREASTFEEDING T I P S 🌼 . Here are some of my top breastfeeding tips I’ve gathered during my journey from doctors, lactation consultants, nurses and other mamas. 🍼 Newborns clench their fists when hungry and spread their fingers wide when full! Listening to and observing baby’s cues can help you worry less about breastfeeding. 🍼Nipple cream (with a lanolin base) or good old coconut oil mixed with breast milk will soothe sore nipples. 🍼DRINK WATER! Breastfeeding makes you thirsty, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Also water is my number one tip for increasing/stabilizing breastmilk supply— after all breastmilk is made up with 90% water. 🍼Try different positions to see which one works best for you. Cradle and cross cradle tend to be the most popular. Football hold is great for mamas with bigger breasts. Side lying is great for when you’re exhausted— just be sure baby can’t roll over or get trapped in bedding. 🍼Support. Your. Back. While. Nursing! It’s so easy to be hunched over while nursing and prolonged poor posture can lead to severe pain. 🍼Most women tend to have a slacker boob and it’s often the left one— you can increase supply on the slacker boho my increasing stimulation (more nursing or power pumping) 🍼Use a warm compress followed by a massage before nursing to increase milk flow and encourage complete drainage! 🍼Use a rolled up receiving blanket under your breasts to support the weight of your engorged and painful to hold breasts What tips, tricks, or hacks do you have? Share in the comments LagosMums ForMamasNG Breastfeeding BreastfeedingTips ExclusiveBreastfeeding NursimgMom FedIsBest LagosMoms NaijaMums WCW WomenHelpingWomen LekkiMums FirstTimeMom MillenialMama NaijaBrandChick NaijaBabyFood NaijaWeddings LagosWorkingMoms

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