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BIG NEWS: this week, I have a special promo code for 8 conscious brands that's valid until Friday 🎉 . You can use PETRA10 on any of the brands that are part of thegarmentlife 's virtual pop-up, including this lovely sage sweatshirt by aliyawanek that was part of my 10x10 planning. Link in bio I'll also be sharing a link to my blog with (even more) codes on featured brands from the spring 10x10 challenge. Let's just say it's a promo code party from now until the end of this week. Bust out the champagne, folks, and get ready for some shopping consideration! 🥂 It all ends on Friday Now you know what's been keeping me busy these past couple weeks 😉 I think after this a little break is in order, yeah? Yeah 😌 garmentpartner 10000garmentgoal

12 hours ago

Still counting down the days until the spring summer clothes come out from the box in my closet I just have to wait until April 1st. Just like I had to wait for October 1st for the winter switch.

13 hours ago

When you gotta look profesh at work, but you’re hitting happy hour at 5:30. Put a blazer on it 😉

14 hours ago

Hands down probably one of my MOST worn clothing items this Winter. ❄ (*next Winter I'll more than likely wear it just as often! Lol*)🙈 I purchased it during the end of the Fall season at a thrift store and I'm so happy I did because of how versatile and comfy it turned out to be. *What is one clothing item that you wore a lot this Winter?*

17 hours ago

GIRL TALK: 🛍 In today's post I'm sharing my favourite brand/style of bra with you. elitaintimates are my new favourite brand of bra and you can find them hudsonsbay or purchase them online. I actually came across them when I was shopping a few weeks ago and remembered that I actually needed a few new bras because my were older and starting to get worn out. I tried them on and instantly fell in love with how comfortable, flattering and soft the material is! I also love that these are more of a "bralette" style rather than an uncomfortable push-up wire bra. (* that's just my opinion*). Needless to say if you're ever in the need of a new bra give these a try if you can get your hands on them! 😘🙌🏻

17 hours ago

D A Y S I X Keeping it casual for dinner after running errands in work out clothes all day :) stsfxbfbipoc10x10

19 hours ago

A couple years ago I decided to make it a bit of a rule that I wouldn’t buy designer shoes full price. And while I’ve eased from that position (within reason - usually it has to be a classic to sway me!), I do often baulk at the idea of spending upwards of $500 on a pair of shoes 💸 But I have champagne taste on a beer budget with my wardrobe, *especially* when it comes to shoes 👠 So over on my blog I’ve found nine designer shoes dupes worth taking a peek at if the designer price tag is out of your budget, too ✨ You can have a read via the link in my bio ☺️ liketoknow.it http:liketk.it/2AyIQ liketkit LTKshoecrush

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Queremos celebrar o nosso Brasil nesta segunda! 🇧🇷☀️⠀ Para todas as nossas conterrâneas espalhadas pelo mundo, para todas as Brasileiras que trabalham, que não trabalham, que têm filhos ou não, que amam o verão ou o inverno! Somos uma nação, uma só Mulher em diferentes formas; cores e gostos! ⠀ Queremos celebrar a mulher Brasileira hoje! Você é especial, forte, linda, cheia de bossa e de cor! ⠀ Viva a mulherbrasileira 💕⠀ ⠀ We want to celebrate Brazil this Monday! 🇧🇷☀️⠀ For all brazilians around the world, for all the Brazilian women that work, that don't work, who have or not, that love the summer or the winter! We are one nation, one Woman in many different shapes, colors and tastes!⠀ We want to celebrate the Brazilianwomen today! You are strong, beautiful, special, full of bossa and color! 💕⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ riodejaneirofashion summerinrio brazilliangirls garotabrasileira carioca cariocadagema tucano estampa canga coverups coverupswinwear desvista creativefashion slowfashion consciousfashion smartfashion loveyourwardrobe wearrewear createtorenew modaverde

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Same outfit 3 ways only difference was the sun ☀️ beaming in and out behind the clouds. * I want to keep my “fall” coloured sweater into spring (goodbye arbitrary colour rules) and here are three quick styles with only changing out for 3 different summer tanks. I probably will add a scarf seeing as it’s still chilly out but this definitely allows me to see the look of an outfit can completely change with one small adjustment. * I am trying to figure out my spring closet because I really enjoyed having a small capsule and want to keep that up. Also, I only want to wear that I love and makes me happy (everyday) and get a minimum of 30 wears per item. Combos I thought in my head often aren’t my favs and when I take the time to try a few items I usually find a better (for me) option. I am getting close to narrowing things down but I am going to continue to play and have fun with it first. ❤️ In order to achieve 30 wears I have to want to wear an item at the very least once a week. I think mustard yellow will stay a year long staple. mellowyellow pybstylechallenge

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RED Redtastic! I have worn these red trousers a few time on insta but never like this! Red on red and I feel a little mischievous! 😆 I need to bring back all of my bright colours into my outfit choices now, starting today! (Apologies for not tucking in my top 😆) Happy beginning of the week Peace and love 💖 redtastic mondaymood styledbyme redoutfit stylebook dressinghappy fashiondiaries fashionposts sharemysquare wearrewear fashionblogger mystyle wiwt fashionover40 fashioninspo outfitinspo mumsmums whatmamaworemonday heyitsromeca spanishaprilx the_fashionstalker fashionable_later neverknowinglyunderdressed

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Woohoo we are on March Break this week and I am lucky enough to take a few days off as well. Today we ended up at the library and did some groceries. Not the most exciting start but it’s just good to be chill and together. mellowyellow cladwellapp

22 hours ago

do you guys use the cladwellapp ? i downloaded it a few weeks ago and i am hooked. i am also surprised at how little i wear things i thought i wore more. like this grey tee. it’s so interestingif you are into that sort of thing 🤓

22 hours ago

I find myself getting caught up with day-to-day struggles & letting them detract from my ability to plan for long-term life goals. But this past weekend as Eli & I enjoyed the prettiest view and quaintest locals on our fifth anniversary, we started planting those seeds. We decided where we want to be in five years and who we want there with us. I would say our driving force & ultimate goal is to 🐌 sloooow down 🐌 . What are some things on your five-year plan? Or are you more a person who goes with the flow? . secondhandoutfit Top: Cutie polka dot top from my clothing swap! Pants: lightbrownslacks_etc Blazer: longblackblazer_etc . clothingswap reducereuserecycle wearrewear thriftedfashion discoverunder1k project333 leancloset longtermgoals fiveyearplan slowliving zerowastegoals

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2019-03-18 Monday 🌴 I will continue my sweater-and-velvet-and-corduroy-filled spring 10x10 outfits tomorrow when it isn’t like, 70F outside. Didn’t have time to take a less snooty-expressioned photo with the belt not going everywhere, but I got the post up 📱 . Obviously instead of green corduroy trousers for warm weather I have my green woven linen-cotton trousers 😂 . On the other end of the weather, I got a blog post up on the 10 day travel capsule I used to my trip to Boston back in December 🐌 I should have my March outfits pt 1 overview up tomorrow Jacket Anthropologie petites Top Old Navy Pants Uniqlo Shoes Børn (ebay) . 70/50F ☀️ high humidity

23 hours ago

Taking time to get out in nature is so important. We are able to reconnect and be fully present in a way that is eminently easier than when we are in synthetic spaces. When I am outside I feel more alive, more connected to the aliveness of my own body and everything around me. Mindful walking is a wonderful way to intentionally connect to this kind of experience if you find it challenging, even when out in nature, to slow your mind down and put your phone away If this sounds like you, purposefully dedicate a few moments to walking meditation the next time you are outside. Bring all of your attention into your feet. Notice sensation in the soles of the feet, and then as you begin to lift one foot and place it down, notice the simultaneous lifting of the other heel, and the swinging through of the foot as you walk. This exercise is simply about being focused and present with what you are actually doing and where you are. You can also gradually expand your attention to your breathing or sounds and sights around you. Doing something like this, even for just a few minutes, can make an unbelievable difference to the quality of your experience Do you practice meditation already? What practices do you find help ground and connect you to the present moment, or to the natural world around you? Outfit details: Jacket: old navy (from a couple seasons ago) Sweater: Aritzia Pants: beatonlinen utility pants Shoes: veja esplar ethicalclothing mindfulnessteacher ethicalfashioncommunity simplelook responsiblymade responsiblefashion buylocal beatonlinen fewerbetterthings slowfashion consciousclothing fashrev fashionrevolution sustainablestyle mindfulnessmeditation thoughtfulchoices mindfulmoments 10x10friends basiccloset utilityofclothes simplestyle everydaystyle wearrewear vancity vancouver thisischronicillness invisibleillness thespooniesisterhood

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This picture feels strange because there’s NO SNOW! (In the frame anyway, there’s still plenty of snow around). For the first time in over a month roads were visible, things actually melted, and I didn’t have to warm up my car before work. I didn’t even wear a coat today. It was only 38* F, but when you’re accumulated to sub zeros even that glimmer of warmth feels heavenly. I’m finally getting that springfeeling people are talking about. ☀️ shopvintage wearrewear secondhandfirst ethicallymyway shopethical ethicalstyle 10x10friends winter winterstyle realwinter thriftedfashion

1 day ago

~Day 6~ I was really planning to show of fun outfits and interesting combos for the 10x10challenge but uh the weather decided otherwise. So instead I’m bundling up in my warmest parka, comfiest shoes and toasty sweaters. And I’m smiling for once because my face may or may not be frozen like that stsfxbfbipoc10x10 ethicalfashionrepresentationmatters ootd blundstone consciousstyle consciousootd slowfashionstyle conscious slowfashion slowfashionblogger ethicalootd ethical ethicalfashion sustainablefashion sustainable minimalism everlane damngooddenim sezane blundstones blunnies wearrewear mindfulfashion ootd minimal sustainablestyle ethicalstyle ethicalstyleblogger fewerbetter disoverunder10k

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Day 6 of spring10x10 stsfxbfbipoc10x10 — using 10 items to style 10 outfits over 10 days ✨ . Who took a break and who keep chugging along! I’m glad I took a break bc it got chillier in Florida, so I would have been freezing in my choices Today, I wanted to try to turn my cardigan into a dress. I’ve seen someone turn short cardigans into sweaters and shirts, so why not a long cardigan into a dress! Might add pants to this combo later 🥶 . Need some help how do you get the smell of vomit out of carseat belts I’m trying water, vinegar, and peppermint essential oils, but just in case that doesn’t work, I want to have a back up! Thanks, everyone sustainability ethicalfashion ethicalclothing slowfashion slowfashionmovement slowfashionstyle createtorenew wearrewear inspiringsimplicity capsulewardrobe 10x10friends pregnantmama ethicalfashionrepresentationmatters ecofashion consciousstyle slowstyle shopconsciously explorejax thriftstorefinds thriftstoretreasures consciousfashion sustainablefashion fashionfinds vettacapsule

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I know you're all waiting to hear how these beauty loafers did in the office last week! Well, they launch today and the verdict is in: they're 💯 . When everlane asked me to join their affiliate program I totally did a happy dance (while in the office, I might add) because my coworkers and I ogle over their pieces all the time. Their emails are a topic of conversation weekly. Let's just say, finally slipping on my first Everlane piece is well overdue I've been looking for a pair of spring loafers for the office, and these are comfy enough to fit the bill. The only thing I'd advise is if you have feet on the wider side, or have one foot slightly larger than the other like I do, go up half a size! The elastic on my right foot is a bit too tight on my ankle after long wear because I ordered my regular shoe size, but otherwise they're perfect I've put together a little try-on and video for you in the stories, so go on and check it out They're also linked for ya Happy to answer alllll the questions if you have any today! ☺️ partner

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2019-03-17 🍀 Too lazy of a Sunday to bother filling in my eyebrows, but I still got a little dressed up for brunch 🍳 . I still can’t tell how to draw the line between “this really looks much cuter in person” and “no, that actually does look weird, your in-person stylist eye is just not developed” Top Anthropologie Pants Forever 21 Sandals Børn Purse Coach (ebay) . 72/50F 🌤

1 day ago

This last week I’ve been feeling like I’m going through a break up- with Olivia being a one year old. I feel like overnight the terrible twos occurred and this is just the beginning; we’re past the honey moon phase now y’all. Her true colors and emotions are shining through,the screaming, kicking, excessive use of the word MINE and doing the opposite of what I ask is now in full force. I’m patient with my girl, I speak to her like an adult, I wait for her to finish crying and ask her gently to “please use your words.” But man, some days I feel like I just want five seconds of walking away, five seconds of taking a deep breath and hiding in the bathroom, five seconds of ME throwing myself down on the floor and crying because I don’t speak toddler fluently and sometimes I can’t decipher what exactly she needs. Do any other parents feel like this? Or am I just a twenty five year old big baby? 👩‍❤️‍👩: jumpsuit by rachelpally

1 day ago

Looking for that pot of gold 🍀

1 day ago

Day 7/10 of the stsfxbfbipoc10x10 challenge for me. I’m going through the weekend because I am traveling at the end of the week and I want the challenge to end on Wednesday. 🐪 . I have been dreaming of this combination since I first pulled pieces for the challenge and wondering how it would go together. And I like it During the past challenge, I tried everything on before deciding but for this one, I procrastinated and ended up pulling things last minute. Luckily, things have been working well but I picked a complimentary color pattern so I think that helps. 🧡🖤 . Adding a bodysuit into the challenge has been great for layering and I feel like it’s made the challenge feel more versatile. I am definitely on the bodysuit bandwagon nowadays. How about youdo you like bodysuits? 🌻 . Wearing a vintage wool plaid blazer, everlane bodysuit, jessekamm sailor pants, livefashionable mules, bergandbetts watch and the belt and necklaces are old.

1 day ago

A comfy green sweater for St Patricks Day. Very basic and very comfy for an afternoon of board games and perhaps another walk around the lake for this sweet girl. I bought this sweater two years ago and I haven’t worn it all that much. I think if I style it differently with a stripe shirt or buttoned down and kept it open would help with the versatility and perhaps I could get more wear out of it. It’s items like this that help reinforce making better choices. I read somewhere you should only buy items that you want to wear tomorrow! That feeling that you cannot wait to wear it is the one to confirm your decision. If you don’t have that feeling - it’s a no. I like the sweater it’s just not a wow item. I will play around with it and see if I can use it more. :)

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SUNDAY Feeling grateful for this Sunday. Had a rollercoaster of events last week and still smiling today - surprisingly! Oh well! life is to short - happy happy happy happy now Looking forward to the week a head. Here I bring you navy feathered arms and leopard print shoes Cooking Sunday dinner now and finishing off last nights bottle of wine before my 5 days of no alcohol starts tomorrow 😄 The sun is still trying its hardest to stay out this afternoon. Have a great Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead Peace and love 💕 Top hm 2019 Jeans bychristianaudigier 2018 Shoes georgeatasda 2017 mystyleessential mrsmlmode fashionblogger discoverunder1k outfitinspo currentlywearing sundaystyle mummystyle wiwt photooftoday sundayblogshare fashiongram jeans stylist wearrewear casualoutfit mtsm fashionable40s fashionover30 fbloggeruk mystyle metoday sharemysquare fashionmoment fashiondiaries fortyplusstyle fashionposts fashioninsta happytobemeoutfit

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Knee out, hand in hair. Is there any other way to take an outfit pic? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Day 4 of the stsfxbfbipoc10x10 was comprised of this thrifted top, secondhand sweater and my trusty levis jeans.

2 days ago

Damn this chick just uses me for my gold fish snack stash ❤️💋

2 days ago

1019-03-16 Saturday 🌷Attending a wedding. I feel very spring-y and grown-up This trench is on the long list of things I still haven’t taken to the tailor. I want the sleeves and buckles taken up. Currently I just fold the sleeves under Trench coat Banana Republic (Goodwill) Dress Urban Outfitters Sandals Nine West Purse Coach (ebay) . 69/47F ☀️

2 days ago

Oh that glorious time of year when hope springs eternal. Also that time of year when you can’t bear to wear your winter jacket another day so you stuff yourself into two spring coats! 😂 Either way I will always be happy to wear my favourite tights. These tights are hand printed and hand made locally poisonpearhfx . I have had them for quite a while and have worn and washed them a ton and they still look and feel great. Avoiding fast fashion also means to buy and support local and it’s so fun when a local artist makes the cutest items. As you are aware buying locally helps your community in many ways and local artists pursue their dreams. In my experience every piece of clothing I own that has been handcrafted, the quality is second to none, lending you to own the pieces for longer as well. ❤️ 30wears 30pluswears sustainablefashion wearrewear rewear ethicalfashion ethicalfashion

2 days ago

I just can't cope without doing a 10x10challenge Since the last challenge ended, I repeated outfits from my larger capsule, but basically felt lost whenever I looked in the closet 🤔 My mind seems to thrive with a limited number of choices at one time. I also love seeing all of my capsule pieces hanging on the closet door together. They are like puzzle pieces, and having them out and visible helps me to brainstorm. What a disaster my bedroom was after choosing pieces for this capsule. Yikes! I wanted to lighten up the look with color for spring, but still need warmth. Next week's forecast doesn't seem friendly for baring ankles. And it's probably my last chance to wear cords until the fall. I don't foresee a need to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy over the next 10 days *sigh* lentreinvent capsulewardrobe wintercapsule springcapsule sustainablefashion slowfashion minimalistwardrobe wearrewear reallifemomstyle shopyourcloset styleonabudget sustainuable333 capsulecollection capsulecloset project333 nonewclothes minimalistfashion livingwithless 30wears 30wearschallenge hunterboots fashionoverforty

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Saturdayyyyssssss I’ve been a bit under the weather (managed to fend off a sore throat/cold) this week, but looking forward to getting back into some semi-daily posts again soon beatonlinen beautifulbc yvr ethicalblogger mindfulnessblogger ethicalmyway makemoments makememories mindfulmoment slowliving bepresent fashrev sustainablestyle basiccloset utilityofclothes simplestyle everydaystyle wearrewear lessbutbetter fewerthings ethicalfashionootd minimalistcloset capsulecloset locallymade shopsmall thisischronicillness invisibleillness thespooniesisterhood

2 days ago

Dear friends I have a new insta pg called The Sustainable Fashion Way ( thesustainablefashionway) it is my personal blog as I transition into a more sustainable way of living fashion. Curious about how you can do it yourself, check it out.

2 days ago

Dear friends I have a new insta pg called The Sustainable Fashion Way ( thesustainablefashionway) it is my personal blog as I transition into a more sustainable way of living fashion. Curious about how you can do it yourself, check it out. Don't worry the shoe and coffee obsession is still standing strong 👠☕

2 days ago

Still all about this denim jacket, especially paired with my new to me Mary Janes! They are made in England docmartensshoes that I found on eBay super cheap. I will most likely live in these this summer! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now let’s talk about these pants noelleandfox has been killing the vintage pants game and I found these recently thrifting. The best part, they had a Toy Story 2 movie ticket (which came out in 1999) in the pocket. I instantly imagined some cute little grandma taking her grandchildren to see Toy Story wearing these pants 😭It makes these pants even more special, plus she was short like me so I didn’t have to hem them! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ sustainablestyle drmartens docmartens everlane secondhandclothes wearrewear createtorenew slowfashion fashionrevolution sustainableliving fashrev thriftedfashion ethicalfashion

2 days ago

Watching "Christopher Robin" on netflixca How are you spending this beautiful Saturday morning? 🌞

3 days ago

It was a warm day today! So I decided that I must wear some of my favourite jumpers quickly before spring really sets in. 🌞🌞 Happy birthday to our wonderful friend ozi.anwar! His beautiful wife abeera.fatima.113 and his adorable daughter are in this photo with us. We had a great meal at kallistorestaurant and spent the afternoon together. /Jumper from debenhams / jeans from zara / wedges from newlook ootd saturday weekends weekendvibes outfitoftheday outfitpost islamabadgram islamabaddiaries islamabad lahorestreetstyle lahore karachibloggers karachistreetstyle karachi faisalabad peshawar capsulewardrobe slowfashionblogger slowliving wearrewear fashiondiaries currentlywearing wiw whatiworetoday budgetfashion instastyle styleinspo outfitideas styleinfluencers summeroutfits

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Today is the last day of our honeymoon sadly 😔 Leaving Thailand tomorrow and heading back to NYC. I’ve basically just been wearing a bathing suit the entire time here which has been so easy. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Yesterday we went out to Phra Nang cave beach and it was beautiful! Such a relaxing and fun day. Feeling ready to get back to real life but sad our vacation is coming to an end ☀️ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ minimalove minimalstyle classicstyle femininestyle classicfashion slowfashion sustainablefashionblogger vintagestyle ethicallymyway ethicalstyle ethicallymade ethicalfashion sustainablefashion sustainablestyle slowfashion morewithless responsiblestyle ethicalootd casualstyle 10x10friends buylessbutbetter shopethical shopconsciously consciousfashion wearrewear lovedclotheslast slowliving minimalstyle ethicalootd krabi

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We want to wish you an amazing Saturday! ⠀ A time to relax and hangout with family & friends, the real and important things in life. ⠀ We hope you have a great day :)⠀ Coat by sondeflor⠀ ⠀ Queremos te desejar um Sábado incrível!⠀ Um tempo de relaxar e se divertir com os amigos e família, as coisas reais e importantes de vida.⠀ Esperamos que você tenha um dia incrível :)⠀ Casaco sondeflor⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ desvista berlinfashion creativefashion slowfashion consciousfashion smartfashion loveyourwardrobe wearrewear createtorenew modaverde berlinfashionweek fashionsustain minimalwardrobe armariocapsula armariominimalista

3 days ago

i picked up this shirt during the tradlands sample sale the other week. i just love how their button ups fit! they are definitely an investment piece (exchange & duty, ugh) but made so well. i know it will last. 💙

3 days ago

Tonight's supper broccoli soup & grilled cheese. 😋🥦🍞 *Who also eats their grilled cheese with ketchup?* I discovered the pairing in high school so since then I always have ketchup with my grilled cheese 🤷🏻‍♀️

3 days ago

D A Y F I V E aaand that’s a wrap on the first half of the stsfxbfbipoc10x10 Tune in next week for the second half!

3 days ago

Our NZ trip is finally coming to a close, and I have to say, it’s been one of the most incredible holidays we have been on so far. We have just spent the last few days in the Te Anau and Milford Sound area, which truly is a magical part of the country 🔮 Before we drove to Te Anau from Kinloch, we made a quick pit stop in Glenorchy to get a view of the lake, and see the iconic red boat house ✨ liketoknow.it http:liketk.it/2AvdK liketkit

3 days ago

Welcome to riodejaneiro ladies⠀☀️🏖🤗👙 3 ways to wear your cover ups! There is still time to enjoy the rest of the sweet Brazilian summer, so go ahead ladies and be creative with your summerclothes ⠀ ⠀ Bem vindas ao riodejaneiro mulheres⠀☀️🏖🤗👙 3 maneiras de usar sua canga! Ainda dá tempo de pegar o finalzinho do verão certo? Então vá em frente e tenha criatividade com suas peçasdeverão⠀ .⠀ .⠀ riodejaneirofashion summerinrio brazilliangirls garotabrasileira carioca cariocadagema tucano estampa canga coverups coverupswinwear desvista creativefashion slowfashion consciousfashion smartfashion loveyourwardrobe wearrewear createtorenew modaverde

3 days ago

Counting down until I swap out fall winter items for Spring Summer! Then I will evaluate and see what I might be missing, but I am guessing some top layers.

3 days ago

Day 5 of spring10x10 stsfxbfbipoc10x10 — using 10 items to style 10 outfits over 10 days ✨ HALFWAY THERE 🙌🏼 . In the Florida spring, all white is a survival skill more than fashion! I love this combo BUT I have this sneaky suspicion that I won’t be wearing this very long 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 Evie has learned to wipe her fingers and food on me Yesterday, I had a thought come back to visit - Michael and I were in bed and talking about new baby while Evie was sleeping, her little face rested and so comforted, and I thought, how can I love both? I love Evie SO much, how do I have room for more? Mamas with multiples have any answers to grow a heart? 😅 . ethicalfashionrepresentationmatters ecofashion consciousstyle slowstyle shopconsciously explorejax thriftstorefinds thriftstoretreasures consciousfashion sustainablefashion sustainability ethicalfashion ethicalclothing slowfashion slowfashionmovement slowfashionstyle createtorenew wearrewear inspiringsimplicity capsulewardrobe 10x10friends pregnantmama

3 days ago

2019-03-15 🐛Taking a break from the capsule because I wanted to wear something a bit lighter and extra comfortable today because I’m just done with this week (daylight savings is the worst). I am glad that it’s getting a bit warmer out, even if it means my time remaining for sweater-swearing is waning 🐑 I‘m so happy the sweater collection I’ve built this past year. But it’ll be good to dust off all my t-shirts I think this outfit is fine (and looks better in person), although I would have liked it better with a black leather belt (alas these pants have no loops and tbh aren’t the right material to hold up to a belt anyway) and/or a slightly more substantial t-shirt to balance the heaviness of the docs. I really like the springy green and brown stripes of the top though 🌱 . I also think the culottes would work better with most of my shoes if they were about 2” shorter. I feel that unless I wear them with pointed toed boots they feel a bit too long. I actually had these hemmed already up from floor length but maybe it’s time for another cut Also tried a short toggle coat which wasn’t awful but also created a rectangle-divided-in-half silhouette that felt like it was engulfing me Jacket ASOS petite Top ? (Goodwill) Culottes Uniqlo (hemmed) Boots Dr Martens . 66/44F ☀️

4 days ago

🤔While I do some things right, there is always space to grow. Based on my research, I found that these additional steps are definitely actions that I can commit to. ⁣ ⁣ How about you, what steps are you taking to make the way you live fashion more sustainable? 🌍 👠⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ .⁣ liveconsciously ethicalstyle theartofslowliving ethicalshopping styleyourmind dowhatyoulove fashionlover slowfashion seekthesimplicity nonewclothes choosereused ethicalconsumer makedoandmend loveyourclothes wearyourcloset circularfashion thesuatainablefashionforum ethicallymade repurpose recycle zerowaste sustainableproduction wearrewear zerowastecommunity styledsustainable shopyourcloset leancloset upcycledfashion greenfashion

4 days ago

SUPER casual around here, so that calls for a canadiantuxedo kinda day! These are absolute staples for my weekends, which often includes lots of long walks with this sweet girl! This outfit is comprised of all “old” items that definitely have had 30pluswears. It’s ok to have fast fashion pieces just wear the heck out of them. Happy Friday everyone! ❤️

4 days ago

Yesterday I realized something I hadn't before, and I think it's because of elyseholladay 's fourth question in the 10x10 challenge : about how your mindset on clothes has changed since you were younger (Possible body image TW) When I read that, I realized that all my adult life, I'd thought about clothes as a tool to make me look a certain way. The way I thought I should look, or was taught to. The choices I made in my wardrobe were based on who I was trying to be instead of who I was Until I read Elyse's post and saw that I hadn't thought about clothes that way in some time Somewhere down this journey to shopping consciously, to choosing slower living and more intentional consumption, my body's relationship with clothes changed My clothes used to be a temporary tool to change or disguise my body. Now they're stories of the makers I've met, or the women who have handed them down to me. They're a source of joy every time I put them on and look at the stitching that doesn't unravel, or the buttons that don't fall off Because they're a well-made long-term relationship that's slowly teaching me I really CAN love everything about myself, because those pieces I've spent ages saving for actually mean something to me. Not for how they'll make my body look, but for how they make me feel. By how they bring out the person I actually am. By how they translate the fabric of my personality into matter It's about more than just buying new things - consuming more slowly means that I've treated my old $5 sweaters with the same respect and care, and they've become sources of just as much joy because they've been through so much life with me. 💛 . I want to thank everyone in this community for helping to open up these conversations. They're things I've always been afraid to say out loud, but you've all been so brave, so supportive and you're teaching me so much.

4 days ago

What are your shopping habits?⁣ We have all had that rush of wanting to buy everything when entering a shop. Guys, that's so bad! Im not saying stop shopping, and we should not feel ashamed of wanting to buy something new. But we need to slow down fashion. Now there are collections out every two weeks, which makes you want to buy everything and immediately. ⁣ ⁣ Alternative? Slow down, buy the things you really want, in good quality. Things that fit well with the rest of your closet. Think things through.⁣ ⁣ What do I do? I take a print screen and leave it there I find that the things I really want I come back to after some thinking and researching. I find that when I slow down, I buy what I really like and that item stays with me until it really has no more life. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ liveconsciously ethicalstyle theartofslowliving ethicalshopping styleyourmind dowhatyoulove fashionlover slowfashion seekthesimplicity nonewclothes choosereused ethicalconsumer makedoandmend loveyourclothes wearyourcloset circularfashion thesuatainablefashionforum ethicallymade repurpose recycle zerowaste sustainableproduction wearrewear zerowastecommunity styledsustainable shopyourcloset leancloset upcycledfashion greenfashion