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Partecipate ad una farsa collettiva simulando vite allegre e sorridenti Postando foto in rete per mostrarlo al mondo intero Il mostro quindi sono, sono ciò che appare vero Hanno tutti bisogno, di riempire Il vuoto intorno a sé per riempire il vuoto interno, per me L’inferno sono gli altri E per alcuni la mancanza degli altri è un inferno. Willie Peyote Accanimento terapeutico nature TagsForLikes sky sun summer beach beautiful pretty sunset sunrise blue flowers night tree twilight clouds beauty light cloudporn photooftheday love green skylovers dusk weather day red iphonesia mothernature

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Schöne Stadt mit schlechtem Fußballclub ⚽️☀️

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Tuesday’s got me like 🚴🏾‍♂️

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Lightning bolt and rain curtains on a high based storm west of Abilene this past weekend. I got to use a new Tamron 17-35 lens that I recently picked up and I am VERY impressed. It looks like the Canon 17-40 I've been using will be going away via eBay soon. Also this was the first time I've gotten to use my MIOPS trigger for lightning and it honestly did really well. I'm hoping to get some more chances to use it that way in the near future.

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'Cause I don't care when I'm with maricanavese8 🌄🍨👫💘

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Amo l’Italia 🍋🇮🇹❤️ italy summer sea 🛥

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장 보러 가는 길이 일케 예쁠 게 뭐람~ 🌲🌳 . 있어야 할 건 다 있고요 없을 건 없답니다, 였던 제주시 민속5일시장. 🍊🍉 . 혹시 수국이 피었을까, 제주시 쪽은 아직이라는데 밑져야 본전이지, 하며 갔던 남국사. 지금은 제주 곳곳에 만개했다지. 🌸🏵 . 날이 개는 듯하여 삼다수숲길을 찾아나섰건만, 온갖 내비와 지도를 동원해도 바로 앞 입구를 못 찾아 실패. 오름이나 갈까 했다가 급 다시 흐려져 폭망. ☁️🌧 . 한국 제주 / Jeju, Korea / 20190527 제주도 일상 같은 제주 여행 여행에미치다 여행스타그램 travel travelgram travelingram instatravel traveling traveltheworld travelstoke stayandwander traveller travelphoto travelpics bluesky skyporn skyline clouds rain rainyday mothernature naturelover weather daily happiness vacation holiday