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Kabar baik nih bagi yang suka utak-atik powerpoint atau book lovers yang ingin menambah skill seputar design powerpoint, kami ada give away lohhh Kuy menangkan 1 buah buku Amazing Slide Infographic karya Pakar Slide Dhony Firmansyah Periode : 25 Mei - 4 Juni 2019 Announce : 10 Juni 2019 Syaratnya mudah banget lho : 1. Follow akun kreasipresentasi 2. Repost foto give away di atas dan tag kreasipresentasi Like terbanyak dari repost Anda akan dinobatkan jadi pemenang yang beruntung (ceileh dinobatkan 😝) Good luck guys Join now SlidEx AmazingSlidePresentation AmazingSlideInfographic AmazingSlideVideographic GiveAwayContest instagood instadaily bestoftheday instagramhub follow igdaily webstagram instagramers art amazing awesome instalove igaddict

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В последнее время у нас наплыв 😁 и вы знаете! Аудитория поменялась совсем. Девушки приходят для души ❤️ для того, чтобы радовать своих родных и друзей. И у нас целая галлерея их отработок и куча прекрасных отзывов! А ведь 80% из них приходя говорили - я ничего не умею Это переполняет нас меня счастьем, друзья 🤗 ведь самая главная наша задача научить вас готовить без инструкции, экспериментировать 💪🏻😁 чудесного вечера воскресенья, ребята! До встречи на выходных 😘

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Busted as a surprise act, a never heard before song by All time low, waterparks and obviously everyone else. Slam sunk has been fucking amazing, being on next year

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All guests must use the front door.

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This is my film camera Nikon F80. I bought it couple weeks ago, and today I got my first roll of film back from a lab. Developed and scanned! As I promised earlier I gonna show you the images without any correction nofilter I can’t upload all of them in one post, so here is the best shots 😁 Shooting film has nothing to do with image quality, it’s all about process, film force you to slow yourself down, to build each shot. Very interesting experience 👌🏻 analogphotography

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WEAR THEM TOGETHER Our Black Matte Onyx Beaded Bracelet with a Shiny Black Onyx Bracelet .

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This stretch Bracelet features Genuine Lapis Lazuli Stones. The beads are mixed with Premium Hematite. Get yours 🖤

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